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Building Healthy Communities: 
 WE ACT Participates in EPA Meetings to Fight Climate Change and
Partners with Researchers to End Toxic Exposures in the Home
 Power Plants and Oil Refineries
Power plants and oil refineries are a great source of greenhouse gas emissions.



WE ACT for Environmental Justice

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We are pleased to bring you two recent online media hits that feature some aspects of our work here at WE ACT.

Since 2007, WE ACT has taken a front row seat in the national movement to bring an environmental justice perspective to the debates surrounding climate change. Recently, that work led us and several other environmental groups to participate in a series of meetings organized by the Environmental Protection Agency, where we continued to oppose the adoption of cap-and-trade as a viable solution to the problem of climate change. (For a full statement of WE ACT's position on this subject, please click here.)

Also, for the past 11 years WE ACT has served as the lead community partner for the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Our role is to communicate the Center's research results to local residents, community organizations, health care providers, public interest groups, and policymakers so they can take action to protect children from the threats of air pollutants and other endocrine disrupting chemicals. Center researchers have now published preliminary findings demonstrating a link between delayed mental development of young children and a common insect repellant (pyrethroid insecticides) used in homes.

, we need your financial support to help us work with our partners to address these pressing problems. 


Your gift of $200 supports 1 hour of advocacy to combat climate change at the federal level. Your gift of $100 supports the training of 1 community resident to become an advocate for healthy indoor environments in her neighborhood. 


Thank you for helping us make our communities healthier places to live and work in, for ALL people.  

Have a nice weekend, and a happy Presidents Day!