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Beat the Heat: Taking Precautions Against Heat-Related Illneses

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Did the last few days get really hot all of a sudden? WE ACT offers some tips for staying cool.
Beat the Heat
During the summer months everyone wants to have a little fun in the sun. Beach trips, picnics, sports, and other activities can be enjoyable if you and your family take the proper precautions to beat the summer heat. Even activities that are not recreational but leave you in the heat (both indoor and outdoor) for any period of time put you at risk for succumbing to a heat-related illness. In our recently published Northern Manhattan CARE Collaborative Newsletter, WE ACT offers some tips for staying cool (on page 4).
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
P.S. Long-term solutions to the rising temperatures could come when you Support the New York State Global Warming Pollution Control Act. For more information, please contact Sharonda Williams at (347) 465-0958, or via email at Sharonda@weact.org.