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*WE ACT for Environmental Justice is funded by the Ford Foundation to support the activities of NYSTEA
NYSTEA is pleased to announce that along with our national allies, the Transit Riders for Public Transportation, we are now gearing up to advance a transportation civil rights proposal.
Under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Congress, prevented discrimination by government agencies that receive federal funding.
Check out this Vimeo Link for More Info on Title VI
 Unfortunately a series of Supreme Court decisions have weakened this landmark civil rights legislation, leaving communities of color and low-income more vulnerable to discrimination and disparate impact.
Transportation policy has a history of disproportionately burdening communities of color and low-income populations. Examples include highways that divide neighborhoods such as Syracuse's I-81 and the South Bronx's Sheridan Expressway, the siting of polluting facilities like bus depots, and funding favoritism for transportation projects that benefit cars instead of transit, walking and biking.
Our work in the coming weeks and months will educate communities about the importance of re-establishing our Private Right of Action as a tool to redress existing transportation disparities while ensuring inclusive treatment and equitable outcomes in future investments.
For more background on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 please take a look at the above video. To learn how your organization can get more involved in this specific campaign please contact: info@nystea.net
NYSTEA Steering Committee: Empire State Future, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, UPROSE,  WE ACT for Environmental Justice
   NYSTEA Members in Long Island
Earlier this month, NYSTEA steering committee members met with a few of our Long Island allies - Asthma Coalition of Long Island, Sustainable Long Island and Vision Long Island - for a working lunch to discuss our current federal transportation bill priorities and campaign activities. 
linysteaThese groups and many others are working tirelessly to transform their Long Island communities into more sustainable, equitable and healthy suburbs. We look forward to advancing our transportation equity agenda at the federal and state levels with them.
In late September, NYSTEA will be having a similar meeting in Albany. For more information contact : yating@tstc.org