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Click above to hear President Barack Obama's Jobs Speech:

Tuesday December 8, 2009 at the Brookings Institution
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Congress again has decided to extend the federal transportation bill, this time until the end of February 2010. 
Last week the Senate and House passed a series of infrastructure spending measures that will continue to fund the nation's transportation network through the:
-H.R. 2847, the Jobs for Main Street Act of 2010
-Continuing Resolution under Defense Appropriations bill

Congress and the Obama administration (see video below) will be pushing for legislation in 2010 that will create jobs and expand our transportation infrastructure. 
In the New Year we will be working with our partners and the New York Congressional delegation towards policies that reflect the goals of our alliance and the communities across the state we represent.
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Public Transportation in Jeopardy
Urge our Senators in D.C. to Support Transit Operations


Due to a severe budget shortfall the MTA board recently voted to cut service. These changes will significantly impact vulnerable communities who rely on our mass transportation system, notably:

-The Disabled Community
-Low-Income Residents


Please read the recent blog by Tri-State Transportation Campaign to learn more about this crisis. 

One way to prevent the cuts will be for the US Congress to include federal dollars for transit operations in the upcoming jobs bill. 

In addition, investment in transit operations is an excellent job creator. Every $1 billion spent on transit operations supports over 41,000 jobs. NYSTEA will be reaching out to Senators Gillibrand and Schumer in early January to discuss the next jobs bill and the need for such flexibility.


For more information about the jobs bill and to sign-on to our letter to elected officials please contact:

Ya-Ting,  yating@tstc.org, 212-268-7474