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Federal Transportation Bill Update
NYSTEA Participates in D.C. 'Health Fly-In"
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NYSTEA has been advocating for federal policies that address critical equity concerns:

-Affordable Transit Options

-Transportation Jobs for All
-Public Health Outcomes
-Environmental Protection/Air

For information on policies that would help remedy such problems, please read our summary of three specific bills we endorse. In addition, here is a great blog from Tri-State Transportation Campaign with further information on the t-bill and other transportation- related pieces of legislation.

Please contact your local elected official and tell them you support these policies.

To find your local Congressperson go here:http://www.votesmart.org/

Thanks for your support. Please keep us posted on the results.
Recent NYSTEA Partners
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-Abyssinian Development 
-Adirondack Council

-Asthma Free School Zone
 Clean NY
-Long Island Progressive 

-NeighborWorks Rochester
 Healthy Blocks Initiative

-New York State Apollo

-Sustainable Flatbush
-Syracuse First
-West Harlem Group

-Youth Ministries for Peace
 and Justice

Transportation Events:

-DOT-HUD-EPA Sustainable Communities Webcast  
Monday, Nov. 9th, 2009
12pm - 2:30pm    
Register Here:
*There is no fee to view the webcast


-Rights of Way: A New Politics of Movement in New York City
Thursday, Nov. 12th, 2009
Barnard College
The James Room
4th Floor Barnard Hall
Broadway at West 117th 
New York, New York
More info: Here


Congress recently voted to extend the federal transportation bill for six more weeks. Although we might not see a new transportation bill until sometime in 2010, it is essential that we use this opportunity to build momentum for our transportation equity provisions.
Currently, NYSTEA has 43 supporting organizations from all across NY State. One easy way to help support this effort is to forward this email to your contacts so we can continue to expand our coalition. 
Another way to get involved is to contact your local Congressmember and tell them to support the NYSTEA platform. Take a look at the specific policies we are supporting. 
Shortly, we hope to meet with all our partners to further discuss our coalition and the campaign. In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach to us if you have any questions.

Thanks again for your support,

Cecil, James, Kate, Katie, Peter, Soledad, Veronica, and Ya-Ting
Transportation Bill Stalled Again
Next T-bill 2010?

Congress extended the current transportation policies on Thursday, October 29th. SAFETEA-LU, the previous federal transportation bill expired on Sept. 30th, 2009, and since then the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, chaired by Congressman James Oberstar (D-MN) has been battling the Senate and the Obama administration on the timeline to pass new legislation.
The White House and Senate want a clean (no policy change) 18- month extension while the House is aggressively advocating for immediate transportation reform. 
The extension just passed by Congress lasts until December 18th, 2009 and was part of a continuing resolution. A continuing resolution is a type of legislation used to fund government agencies if a formal appropriations bill has not been signed into law by the end of the Congressional fiscal year. The legislation provides funding for existing federal programs at current or reduced levels. 
As Congress continues to debate the timeline of the next transportation bill, it is critical we use this time to advocate for a transformative transportation bill that provides accessible, affordable, and clean transportation options for all New Yorkers.
NYSTEA Returns to D.C.
T4America's Health "Fly-In"
On Thursday, October 15th, members of NYSTEA joined organizations across the country in Washington D.C. for Transportation for America's Health "Fly-In."

Transportation policies have a significant impact on public health, and it is most often communities of color and low-income communities who are most impacted.

Advocates and health specialists educated over 35 Congressional offices about a range of health issues, notably, obesity rates, diabetes, asthma and other quality of life measures.

NYSTEA and participating organizations presented policy-makers with specific policy recommendations in the transportation bill that can dramatically improve public health outcomes.

For more information on health and transportation please read, "The Transportation Rx", by PolicyLink.

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