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Northern Manhattan CARE Collaborative Hosts 3rd Community Meeting in Harlem


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Greetings from Harlem!
On Thursday, December 4, 2008 the Northern Manhattan CARE Collaborative held its 3rd community meeting in East Harlem to begin the 2-year process of identifying environmental health hazards in the 4 targeted communities of Northern Manhattan. Residents and collaborative members met at SCAN LaGuardia House in East Harlem to discuss environmental health hazards of concern.  The meeting was a fruitful beginning to the 2-year process during which a community-based environmental health assessment will be implemented. Highlights of the meeting included a presentation by a local 12-year-old girl which featured positive and negative environmental conditions within her neighborhood, identification of environmental issues of concern, and a brainstorming session on additional needs to address growing environmental degradation that leads to adverse public health outcomes for those living in urban communities.
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WE ACT for Environmental Justice and funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Northern Manhattan Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Collaborative is an inclusive group of community members and stakeholders in Northern Manhattan (East Harlem, Central Harlem, West Harlem and Washington Heights/Inwood) who are working to identify toxic exposures in this community in order to develop strategies for reducing the risks posed by environmental hazards. The Collaborative is a community-driven project which will culminate in a strategic plan for harm reduction in September 2009.
Please join us for our next community meeting in Washington Heights/Inwood on Thursday, December 11, 2008 at Columbia University's Hammer Auditorium, located at 701 West 168th Street and Ft. Washington Avenue, Room 301.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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