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Legal Search Marketing
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Ian M. BardorfWelcome to the winter issue of Legal Search Marketing, the newsletter for attorneys looking for effective and affordable ways to market their services on the Internet.

A recent article in the American Bar Association's magazine called Marketing and Networking Without Spending a Dime describes how to take advantage of the recent up tick in the economy to build the kind of business you want.

The authors stress the importance of defining your ideal client and give great suggestions for how to find and attract them. One of the most effective ways to do that these days is by using the Internet to build a social network.

A social network is an effective and affordable strategy that helps attorneys connect with current clients and prospects online by leveraging social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Avvo, Justia and LinkedIn. Read on to learn more about the benefits of building an online social network to reach new clients and grow your practice.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2011!

Ian M. Bardorf

Feature Article
Building an Online Social Network
Most attorneys are fantastic natural networkers, connecting with current clients and prospects through colleagues, peers in other professions, trade and bar associations, and networking events. They know it's a necessary part of generating leads and growing their practice.

Only a few attorneys have chosen to use this ability to attract and retain clients via the Internet. These early adopters are using Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, Avvo, Justia and other social media to gain a competitive advantage online. And they are reaping the benefits.

Taking advantage of social media to build a network can help you improve online visibility, outrank your competition, get the most out of your digital assets, retain loyal customers, and generate leads efficiently and cost-effectively.

Improve online visibility.
The goal of an online social network is to allow you to use your arsenal of digital assets - online profiles, videos, blog posts, podcasts, articles, media coverage, client testimonials and legal documents -- to get as much visibility online as possible.

By completing a profile on mainstream and legal social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Places, Avvo, and Justia and optimizing properly you will have a much better opportunity to dominate the search engine results pages and make it easier for potential clients to find you.

Outrank the competition.
When someone needs legal representation, the first place most turn is Google. They typically search by geographic location and practice specialty. For example, "Massachusetts real estate attorney." If that describes your firm, terrific! If you've optimized your site properly, you'll appear in the search engine results.

But what about all the other attorneys who match those terms? They'll be right there beside you, unless you can claim more of that critical first page. One way to do it is by creating content that Google can serve up like videos, online profiles, blog posts, or podcasts. You'll be listed more frequently and bump your competition lower in the results.

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Client Spotlight

Attorney Alan Segal
Attorney Alan H. Segal

Providing real estate law, business law, and estate planning for over 30 years.

Attorney Segal uses short videos on targeted subjects to connect with prospects and clients.

Got A Question?

Q: I'm getting a lot of spam email. How can I tell which ones are real?

A: Our email inboxes fill up quickly these days, often with unwanted junk mail, solicitations, ads and special offers. Although most email providers are working diligently to filter out this spam, some get through and it's not always easy to identify a legitimate inquiry. Attorneys are especially prone to receiving this type of email.

Here are some strong signals, usually in combination, that can help you identify and filter out spam quickly.


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