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October / November  2010                                                  
Legal Search Marketing
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Ian M. BardorfWelcome to the fall issue of Legal Search Marketing, the newsletter for attorneys looking for effective and affordable ways to market their services on the Internet.

This issue gives four key tips for making the most of an online business directory called Google Places. You know that having a good ranking on Google is an important part of connecting with potential clients. But did you know that one out of every five searches on Google is related to a user's location? That's right - local search is a growing practice, and very often people are looking for a local business like an attorney.
There may be hundreds or even thousands of attorneys in your geographic area. How can you be found online, differentiate your practice, and gain insight into online traffic? One way to gain a better position is to take advantage of free local programs on the big three search engines: Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local Listing Center.
Read on to learn more about an effective and affordable strategy to enhance your firm's online visibility and overall Internet marketing presence.


Ian M. Bardorf

Feature Article
Local Search: Four Tips for Google Places
Google Places is an online directory of businesses around the world. Having a current listing in this directory is essential for all types of businesses, but is especially important for attorneys and small law firms.
Why? Because most people seeking legal assistance start their search on Google by entering their location and the specialty they need. For example, someone looking for help with a will in a Boston suburb may type "Needham Attorney Wills."
Google then serves up relevant results based on that query. Frequently, businesses from Google Places are among the top ten listings on the critical first page of results.
Being listed in Google Places will help you be found online, differentiate yourself from the competition, and get insights about your clients. And best, of all, the listing is free.
There are four steps you can take to make sure your practice is among those top listings.
1. Claim your listing.
Each business listing on Google is composed of information from a variety of different places including Yellow Pages and other third-party providers. But Google values and trusts the information that you submit through Google Places the most. This means that it will appear instead of any basic information from anywhere else.
The first step to making the most of your free Google Places account is to claim your listing and verify that the basic information is accurate. Although the site lists almost 50 million businesses, only two million have claimed their listings in the U.S.
You can edit or update this information whenever you need to. You can add other information to your listing too - such as a description of your business, for example, as well as photos, reviews, or information about hours and parking costs - that will appear above similar information from other providers.
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