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Legal Search Marketing
March 2010                                                            
Legal Search Marketing
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In this month's edition of Legal Search Marketing, I review the value of search engine rankings and offer perspective on how attorneys should view their own website's rank.

Quite often we do edits and modifications to our website that inevitably affect how, when, and where Google and Yahoo! present our site. Just knowing the value of our current rankings would certainly help determine if "tweaking" your site is necessary or simply self-destructive.


Ian M. Bardorf

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The Value of Search Engine Rankings 
Legal Search Marketing
Generally speaking, people who are in business are not inclined to give their company's strategic assets away to the competition. However, many attorneys and law firms do exactly this and they don't even realize it!

When it comes to online marketing, what many attorneys fail to realize is the actual value of their online presence.

All too often, "beach front property" in the form of a top website ranking on any search engine, is simply given away to a competitor because of what may be good, yet ill-conceived intentions. A typical scenario is when someone at the firm takes the initiative to update or re-write some content on the firm's website. Without realizing it, their modifications have dropped the website from the search engines rankings, leaving the vacancy for Google to fill with a competitors website instead.

An even worse case scenario that happens quite a bit, is when a firm decides a sleek new website is in order and proceeds to simply replace the old site without consideration of how established that site has become with the search engines, losing every ranking they've ever achieved. Ouch!

To put things in perspective and to illustrate the value of a top search engine ranking, let's take the following example. Imagine your firm's website ranks among the first five results on Google for a very common search phrase like, "Boston divorce lawyers". According to Google's keyword search volume, this particular phrase is searched over 1,500 times per month. That averages more than 18,000 searches per year.

Statistically, the top 5 results will get more clicks than any other result on the page. So let's conservatively assume 20% of the people searching this phrase click one of the top five results. This one search term drives 3,600 visitors to your website every year. This is not a ranking you want to lose!

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