I want to thank all the folks who sent me their stories about how GWRRA has affected their lives. Some of their stories are below. It is so wonderful to know that GWRRA has so positively affected so many people over the years. This organization, or World's Largest Motorcycle Family, really is a second family to many of us. Not only have we made friendships through GWRRA, but we have affected many communities and other organizations, like Charities through all our efforts as well as each other.   


Now not being one to shy away from the tough questions, I have one for you? Given the fact that GWRRA just celebrated its 35th anniversary, the state of the world and its economy (not saying it's good or be the judge), and considering your own view of your social life, how important are the GWRRA Chapters to you now and in the future? To put it another way, do you participate in Chapter life? If not why not? Please write me here with your thoughts.   


GWRRA's concept of bringing Members together through its Chapter concept was the best benefit we had to offer in the beginning. It was the social life for the organization, especially for the Members, and provided a means for our motto, "Friends for FUN, Safety and Knowledge!" The Chapter is the place where Members gathered to get to know others of similar interests, share FUN activities, learn about their bikes and common likes, and get training about riding safely. In many cases the Chapters become our second families. Is this your situation? If you do not participate in a Chapter please tell me why you belong to GWRRA. Is it the benefits, (Wing World, Gold Book, discounts, events, etc.), web-based information and resources, programs (Rider Ed, etc.) or other reasons. Please write me here and explain. 


I know GWRRA has spent 35 years training our Volunteer Officers to lead our Chapters properly. Those years as a Chapter Director were some of the most FUN times I can remember in GWRRA. In some of the letters I received this month, and as you can read below, we have many Chapters who have been with us over 30 years. Congratulations and THANK YOU to all our Officers and Chapters for serving our Members all these years!  


So, my question to you is: If you are involved in a Chapter, what's the best thing about it? If you are not, why not and what can GWRRA do to make that concept more attractive to you? We really want your feedback, so write us, please! 


Below you will also find an update on some activities in Germany, the upcoming 35th Anniversary Cruise in November and some great Member stories, as well as a continuation of our Member's travelogue.  


I know when you get this issue, many, many of you will be on your way to Wing Ding. Have a great ride, enjoy the world's biggest Gold Wing convention and have FUN! Sorry I could not be there, but as I write this I am in Brazil with my wife, celebrating the birth of her first granddaughter!  


And, don't forget to check out GWRRA's Home Page, for all the latest and greatest news, events, and Member benefits at GWRRA's benefit page.  


We hope everyone is enjoying your FREE e-newsletter, Wingin' It, as another benefit of GWRRA; we are always looking to make it better. If you have any suggestions on how to improve your e-newsletter, please write me and let me know. I am still in need of more articles to make each issue interesting to our Members. So, if you have an interesting story about your Chapter and any of it's activities or a great ride you took, or some great Gold Book story, please write me here. And don't worry if you are not a great writer, we have wonderful editors here to make any article sound great!   




Ride safe and FIND-A-FRIEND!




Ed Price


Editor, Wingin' It
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Joke of the


question mark
A couple who had been married for a long time and had 11 children were asked how they managed to stay together for so long with all the
pressures of earning a living for a large family and all the stresses
that come with such a family.

They explained that when they got married they made a deal. The first one who decided to leave the marriage had to take all the kids. That
was enough to keep them together.

Sent by:

John Totten
Washington, Utah

Remember, send me your best, clean jokes here
I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.  We had a front-tire
failure last Monday and needed a tow in Laurel MD.  Although it took a
long time for the tow truck to arrive, I was very impressed with your
customer service and follow-through.

The tow operator was very careful with my bike and double checked the
straps after loading the bike and before getting on the highway.  I
was very glad we invested in Rescue Plus!

Thank You,

John R. Howman


Looking for


Remember, we are looking for articles for YOUR e-Newsletter! 


Travelogues, Member

and Officer profiles, Chapter activities, your stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life, etc.


And don't forget those great Gold Book stories.


Please send your stories to me here .



"Those that will give up freedom for safety
  will have neither freedom nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin


(Sent in by Chuck Brost, celebrating his birthday the same day as GWRRA!) 


"Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling." 

Margaret Lee Runbeck 





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GWRRA's 35th

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Rescue Plus Reminder  

Tow Truck
 Remember to sign up for Rescue PLUS! It will add more miles and more vehicles to your standard FREE
Rescue towing package from GWRRA. PLUS, it only costs $25 per year to upgrade the entire family!!

Sign up NOW by calling



And remember, non-members can purchase Rescue PLUS for only $50 with all the same benefits!

Call NOW!


Submitted by 

Richard Mc Murry, CD, IN-Z 
Member #28350



I'm not much of a writer, but I like reading the articles that appear in the Wing World and online. Many of the Member  experiences are usually happy ones and they work on me as an attitude adjustment tool. You see, I retired from a Police Department in my hometown after 25 years on the job. I worked in Narcotics for ten years of that 25 and you soon get to believe that no one can do anything right. You don't have time to associate yourself with anything but the criminal element. If you don't take control, you can hate many people that you pass on the street everyday... Read More 

This is a video of Chapter B running with the Patriot Guard in Kansas City to honor Pfc. Cale C Miller who was killed in action. I thought I would post a video of what it is like to ride one of these rides and see the support from the people in the community for our sons or daughters who give the ultimate sacrifice for our country.



Enjoy the riding year and be safe, see everyone in a few weeks at WING DING!!!!


Bill and Donna

Kansas District GWRRA 

Another Member's Story
by Larraine Best, Member #348389

Almost 10 years ago I was paralyzed in a diving accident. I have since learned to walk with the aid of crutches but I have no feeling in my legs or feet.


My life was pretty limited due to lack of mobility and I had to do something to get me out and going again.


I have always loved traveling and motorcycles, but I have not ridden for over 30 years. I decided a bike would make me mobile and independent. I started looking at trikes on E-bay - after 6 months of looking, I bought a 2002, 1800 Gold Wing trike in September, 2011. Read More 


On May 27, 1997 Members from Chapter PA-N were in our wedding.  Twenty-four bikes and their riders were lined up so my wife to-be walked between them like walking down the aisle.

It was an outdoor wedding and a very hot day.  We are both seventy-six now and we still like to ride as much as possible.

Needless to say GWRRA, and Chapter PA-N helped make our Golden years much more Golden.  There was a write up in Wing World a few months later about our wedding. 

Thanks GWRRA for 15 years of fun, safety and knowledge.

Fred and Alice McIntire
submitted by Tracy and Sharon Dunn, Chapter Directors

Happy Anniversary to Florida Chapter FL1-M for 30 years of Fun, Safety and Knowledge. On June 1, 1982 a Charter was issued and a new GWRRA Chapter was formed.


We currently still have 2 active original Charter Members, Curtis and Kim Palmore. A lot of memories have been created over the 30 years, including 2011 Florida District and 2011 Region A Chapter of the Year. Also, first runner-up for 2011 International Chapter of the Year.


Ed. Note:


We received a note that IA-A, Des Moines, Iowa celebrated its 30th anniversary on June 1st also. Congratulations to all our Chapters who celebrated such awesome milestones!! 

Dear European GWRRA fellows,
Warm greetings from the middle of Europe. My name is Juergen Petri and I am the District Director Germany of GWRRA.

I would like to inform you about two events we currently are working on and I would like to invite you to join both activities if possible.

I am rather sure that this information might be of specific interest only to those European Members who live close to the center of Europe.

Nevertheless, I want to let every European Member know what we plan to do in August, 2012. By coincidence, some of you from the very far north or the south will be on vacation and touring our area in August and would like to join us if they know about the following two events.  Read More 

Home Office Reminders 

 GWRRA WEBSITE: New Feature! 


Hello GWRRA Members,


I wanted to let you know about a new, exciting feature through our website. You can now chat with a Member Services agent live! Shortly after visiting our home page, a box will appear asking if you would like to chat with one of us here at the Home Office. It is easy to use, especially if you just have a quick question, need some information, or need guidance around our website.


When the box pops up just click on it, fill out three pieces of information: your name, membership number, if applicable and for faster results, your email address, then click "Start Chat". You will then be able to type in your questions and a Member Services agent will write back.


We want you to check it out and stop by and say "Hi" just to see how it works; we look forward to hearing from you!


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Thank You,

Andrea Lowe


GWRRA Member Services 



Featured Member Benefits of the Month



  • *Wyndham Hotels - (20% discount at eleven different Wyndham chains including Days Inn, Ramada, Super 8 and more) GWRRA Members save 20% on the best available rates at all Wyndham Hotels worldwide, including Ramada, Wingate, Hawthorne Suites, Days Inn and many more.

    CLICK HERE to reserve your room today, and don't forget to write down your GWRRA promotion code for when you're on the road and need a hotel! To ensure you receive the discount, please call in advance or reserve online. Use Corporate Code 1000008705 by calling

    1-877-670-7088, or book online today!


  • Avis Car Rental- You can save up to 25% off your next car rental while experiencing the comfort and reliability that come with renting from Avis. With 4,800 locations in over 140 countries, there's always an Avis nearby to help you with your car rental needs. To rent a car, visit Avis or call toll free at 1-800-331-1212 and remember to use your GWRRA Avis Discount number: B291029 to enjoy these special savings!     



* Budget Car Rental- Make your budget go further by getting a great deal on a great car from Budget. As a GWRRA Member, you'll get an amazing deal every time you rent - up to 25% off Budget's great rates. To book your car, visit Budget Car Rental or call toll free 1-800-527-0700 and mention the GWRRA BCD number: R198129 to receive your discount. Make the smart choice, rent Budget and start saving today! 

Member's Travelogue: "Bucket Trip" (Part 2) 
by:Gerald & Marsha Goudie
GWRRA Member #140724 & 140724-01

7-03-2011:  We departed Wisconsin Dells at 7:50 am heading for Massillon, Ohio to visit with another "division" of Marsha's family. We exited I-90 on to Southbound I-39. After several hours and a ride through half the length of Illinois, we left I-39 and headed east on US-24 at El Paso, Illinois. It amazes me that there are so many Texas towns in Illinois and Indiana. After a lunch break we continued east on US-24 until we arrived in Montecello, Indiana. Being another hot afternoon, we started looking for a friendly motel. No rooms to be found. It seems that in Montecello they celebrate July 4th on the 3rd. Oh goody. We looked so pathetic and beat up from the heat that they offered us the conference room for the night. Good deal. It had all the amenities including a bathroom, shower, big screen TV and two hide-a-bed sofas. Of course there was this huge conference table in the middle of the room, but that proved to be an asset as it gave us an oversized desk to write on. READ MORE

2012 GWred 

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