I must admit, it was a great thrill for me to see one of my best friends in GWRRA write an article about himself and his involvement in GWRRA in the May issue of Wing World.  Roger Losornio and I go back to 1991 when I became your Executive Director and he was your National Operations Director (NOD). He is one of the only people I know in our Association who has held almost every Operations position in GWRRA (from Area Rep{CD} to NOD), plus many other positions from the Volunteer head of our Events Team to many special project management positions he has been asked to do over the years. Thank you Roger for all your years of service to our Members and for teaching me what GWRRA and the Officer corps are really all about!!


It was also a great pleasure to see John Lazzeroni and Melinda Carevich with J&M Corporation featured in the May issue, as well. I met them at the first Wing Ding in 1979 and knew they were special people. They are the only vendors of GWRRA who have been to ALL Wing Dings!! Thank you John & Melinda for all your years of supporting GWRRA!


I am thrilled that Sharon and Wing World is taking space to remember GWRRA's roots and the people who have made GWRRA "THE Greatest Motorcycle Organization in the World!" It is very important that we not forget our past and especially all the people who helped us get where we are today. People like Pete Woodruff, the Father of GWRRA's Rider Ed Program, and all the other people who have furthered this Life-Saving Program, like Bob Lorenz, Bob Berry, Charlie Davenport (deceased), Tony Van Schaick, Gene Knudtson, and I could go on for pages, who deserve our thanks and appreciation! The point is that GWRRA has always, due to Paul Hildebrand's emphasis on saving lives since the beginning of GWRRA, had devoted professionals who Volunteer their time and skills to help our Members enhance their motorcycling skills.


Many other people along our way have come forward to help GWRRA build the many programs that we are currently using and have used in the Volunteers! And they ALL are to be remembered and THANKED! So, I am grateful to Sharon and Wing World for devoting space and energy to do this. If you are one of these people, especially from GWRRA's early years, let us hear from you...with your stories. Send them to me or Sharon and THANK YOU! 


As everyone knows, it is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and we just want to remind you to spread the word...EVERYWHERE! GWRRA and the Rider Education Program has developed many programs to help with this process and we encourage you, if you are not involved to get involved. If you are get others involved :)


May is also the month of Memorial Day....LET US NEVER FORGET! Thank a Veteran and do something nice for a Military family!


We have a few great messages from several of our International Officers. Please read the first article from our Director, Mike Stiger, about a great program he has developed. And secondly, please read the article from our Global Affairs Director, Dan Sanderovich further down in your e-news. 


I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Wing Ding in Fort Wayne. GWRRA and the City of Fort Wayne are planning a great event. There are many new activities that will make your trip memorable! Register now and check out the information below, and especially the website for some awesome specials!


Speaking of awesome events, do not forget the GWRRA's 35th anniversary cruise in November! See the information on the left side below and get registered to hold your cabin NOW! See you on-board!


For those of you who have not checked out the new GWRRA website at, you are really missing a great site. GWRRA's website has become, not only a portal for all things GWRRA, but a great  motorcycling website! CHECK IT OUT!! 


Have a great year and FIND-A-FRIEND!




Ed Price


Editor, Wingin' It




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A man stepped out of the shower, standing in front of a full length mirror drying off. His wife was behind him putting on her make-up. He said " look at me, my legs are skinny and bowed, my belly is fat, my arms are thin, I have hair where I don't want hair and no hair where I want hair. 

Honey, is there anything you can say to encourage me? His wife said...
"Your eye sight is perfect".

Sent by;
Guy O. Thomas GWRRA # 147814
Evansville, Wyoming

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Dear GWRRA Overseas Members,

Gold Wing Road Rider Association (GWRRA) is the largest organization of Gold Wing riders. It is proud that in addition to tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians belonging to the Association, hundreds of Members from many other countries are also part of GWRRA. Read More

2012 GWred
Events Calendar 
These events have been submitted to us from Officers about future functions.

To have your
listed here, send all the appropriate information here.

Ohio Buckeye Rally/Convention

Rally theme:  MASH "Mobile Army SurgicalHospital"

Location: Green County Fairgrounds in Beautiful Xenia, Ohio

Date:  June 14-16, 2012


Contact for more info: Robert G. Williams at or call Cell Phone 330/802-2429



35th Anniversary logo
To help celebrate GWRRA's 35th Anniversary Year (1977-2012), we are going to be offering many activities, events, discounts and surprises throughout 2012.

This column will be our Trivia about GWRRA over the past 35 years. See how much you know about our history, organization, people and programs! 
Have FUN! 

1-What was the first Official GWRRA Product, "Goodie," sold back in 1977 in the Wing News? 

2-How many Members and vendors were at the first Wing Ding in Phoenix in 1979?

(answers in the coupon section below, and Thanks to Manny Moreno for the Trivia this month)


Looking for


Remember, we are looking for articles for YOUR e-Newsletter! 


Travelogues, Member

and Officer profiles, Chapter activities, your stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life, etc.


And don't forget those great Gold Book stories.


Please send your stories to me here .




 "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly."
St. Francis De Sales


"When you hire people who are smarter than you are, you prove you are smarter than they are."       

     R.H. Grant     


GWRRA is on


Facbook logo
Check out GWRRA's Facebook page and sign up to follow us! It is easy!!




Norwegian Pearl  
Ports of Call:

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

George Town, Grand Cayman

Cozumel, Mexico

Rates start at $724 per person all fees included (port charges, fees, & pre-paid gratuities)


Join folks like GWRRA's Founder, Paul Hildebrand and his Wife Dottie; GWRRA's Co-Founder, Shirley Stephens-Garcia, and her husband, Benny, aboard to celebrate GWRRA's 35th Anniversary in a FUN,

exciting way!

here for more information and
to register.


Rescue Plus Reminder  

Tow Truck
 Remember to sign up for Rescue PLUS! It will add more miles and more vehicles to your standard FREE
Rescue towing package from GWRRA. PLUS, it only costs $25 per year to upgrade the entire family!!

Sign up NOW by calling



And remember, non-members can purchase Rescue PLUS for only $50 with all the same benefits!

Call NOW!
Chapter Training



Chapter X of Stillwater, Oklahoma, is fortunate enough to have four Certified Leadership Instructors in their group. In order to help their growing Chapter membership learn more about GWRRA, the instructors are providing several classes at a time at different sessions.

Several of the Chapters of Oklahoma are also competing in the Chapter of the Year program (as are many chapters in GWRRA), and need these classes in order to gain points to win this wonderful "bragging right". Even though Chapter X is in friendly competition, they have extended invitations to all the Chapters in Oklahoma because they believe it is important to have the knowledge of GWRRA spread to all as easily as possible. 


In this photo, thirty four people from Chapters X, B of Shawnee, and K of Ponca City, attended the four hour session. This was the second time in two months that Chapter X has sponsored a Leadership Training Session. Even Rex, our mascot attended. (If you ever want a story on a wonderful mascot, be sure to check with us. His story of how he came to "X" is awesome!


Check our website  


Chapter X is very proud to promote GWRRA and their Leadership Training Program.

Linda Oberholzer #333338-01

Newsletter Editor

Chapter X, OK District

Region H



John Irons, Chapter Director

Steve Cotton, Region H Leadership Trainer

Carolyn Cotton, Region H Leadership Trainer

Jack Wagner, OK District Leadership Trainer


Director's Announcement:     

submitted by:

Mike Stiger-Director, GWRRA


 I have attached a picture of Lonny and Karen Hunter, 2011 Director of the Yeardebrand chocolate recipients from Indiana, Chapter E. I would like to see the Hunter's picture displayed and the award mentioned in Region and District Newsletters, along with Wingin' It, Wing Ding Newsletter and any other publication available to us. As of yet, I have not received any letters of nomination for this year's Merit/Director of the Year selection. This is most likely due to the fact that it is a new award and we're not getting the word out as effectively as we can. I would really appreciate your assistance with this. Also, I would like to see letters of nominations from all Region Directors for one or more of their outstanding senior Directors. Remember, any merit award winner from last year, that is still in Office, is eligible for this year's selection. This is something we need to put on the front burner and get done. 


Recognition from this award includes...

The couple brought up on stage at this year's Wing Ding opening ceremony and presented the award.

The couple's picture proudly displayed at the Home Office and in Wing World.

Unique Director of the Year medallions to proudly wear.

A "Director of the Year" ribbon patch to accompany their Director Award Senior patch.

Following year Wing Ding package for two that includes: 

  • 5 night hotel stay
  • Free registration  
  • Free tickets to evening entertainment night & meal
  •  Two free Wing Ding shirts
 Congratulations again to our Directors of the Year for 2011, Lonny & Karen Hunter. 



Submitted by 

      Ron and Karen Knudtson

GWRRA members 79100&79122-01

Former Chapter, District, & Region Directors  


Then and Now 


If we could choose only one word to describe riding through the country on a trike, it would be passionate. There is not much that can describe enjoying a weekend get-a-way with our families, or embarking on a month-long journey to experience America by way of its highways and byways. Read More 


Submitted by
Joe and Gracie Mazza
Motorist Awareness Program Director 

Rider Training

I would like to address a myth some riders have about rider training courses. There are many riders who believe that since they have been riding for many years, it is not necessary to take any of the numerous training courses available to them. They feel that experience is the best teacher and there is nothing new to be learned to become an even safer rider. Read More

Fort Wayne Updates

Wing Ding 34 logo

  Wing Ding Welcome Party! 


We are kicking off the week with a Welcome Party In the Amish Town of Grabill, Indiana featuring vendors, antiques shops, buggy rides, homemade ice cream and much more hosted by Visit Fort Wayne! Here is a really cool link to Grabill, so Members can go to this web page.  


debrand chocolate 


On Your Way to Fort Wayne for Wing Ding? Half the Fun is Getting Here!


The CVB has put together some awesome rides to Fort Wayne which also might be helpful! Click Here!  


To make your hotel reservations, simply call 1-800-753-3823 or visit us online at


To request a Visitors Guide or receive additional Visitor Information, please give us a call at 1-800-767-7752 or visit us online at


  We can't wait to host you in  

Fort Wayne. For visitor

information, please contact  

us at 1-800-767-7752 and

you can make your housing reservations at  


Or, visit us online at!


 Ft. Wayne Logo 

Officer Appointment:

announced by:debrand chocolate


Tony & Michelle Van Schaick  

GWRRA Rider Education International Directors


Appointment of new International Director, Motorist Awareness Program (a.k.a.: MAD) 


GWRRA International Directors of Rider Education, Tony and Michelle Van Schaick, and Mike Stiger, Director of GWRRA, are pleased to announce the appointment of former Assistants, Joe and Jan Mazza, to International Director, Motorist Awareness Program (MAP). They are replacing former International MAP Directors, Jim & Nan Hall, who have served as volunteers for many years in GWRRA. Joe, Senior Master Tour Rider #4924 and Jan, Senior Master Tour Co-Rider #4923 continue in the MAP with an extensive background in education; Both were high school teachers. Jan has 25 years as a teacher and a librarian. She holds two Masters degrees, one in reading and one in library science. Joe has 32 years teaching experience and holds a Masters degree in administration and supervision. One of the subjects he taught was driver education, which dovetails perfectly with GWRRA's MAP. Since moving to Florida, the Mazzas have held positions of Chapter Educator, Assistant District Educator, District Educator, Assistant District Director and Assistant International Director of Motorist Awareness. Having experienced first-hand the havoc that an inattentive motorist can wreak on motorcyclists, they are fierce advocates of a strong MAP in GWRRA. They intend to keep a continuous flow of communication and information between the MAP Directors and the Membership via the Region, District, and Chapter Representatives. Joe has completed the GWRRA Officer Certification Program (OCP) and is a strong supporter of this training.

Joe and Jan Mazza's contact information is:
4465 W. Horseshoe Drive
Beverly Hills, FL 34465

Rescue International
Towbusters International is strictly a reimbursement program and does not provide dispatch services outside of the United States or Canada.

In the event that a Member's motorcycle becomes disabled, the Member should arrange for towing or emergency roadside assistance from a local dealer or other repair facility. In order to obtain reimbursement, the original receipt for the towing or emergency roadside assistance needs to be submitted to Nation Safe Drivers (NSD), 1108 E. Newport Center Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, U.S.A within 60 days of the incident.

NSD shall reimburse the Member up to the amount of this certificate. Maximum amount is $50 U.S. funds per disablement with a limit of two claims per year.

Mechanical First Aid
Any service requiring a minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable the disabled covered motorcycle to proceed under its own power qualifies for reimbursement under this program.

Tire Service: Towing motorcycle to a dealer/garage under the conditions outlined above.
Battery Service: Attempting to start the motorcycle with a booster battery.
Delivery Service: Delivery of an emergency supply of gasoline, oil, water or other accessories or supplies as may be required is available to the covered motorcycle. The Member shall pay for cost of materials delivered. Coverage is strictly limited to $50 U.S. funds per disablement. Cost of storage, parts or repair labor will be at the member's expense.
Locksmith Service: Coverage limit is $25 U.S. per occurrence.

Auto Rental Reimbursement
Member will be reimbursed for automobile rental expense incurred in the event a covered motorcycle is in a collision with another vehicle (excluding bicycles) and when repair work to member's covered motorcycle is necessitated.

Emergency Trip Interruption
In the event a covered motorcycle is in a collision with another vehicle (excluding bicycles) and when repair work to Member's covered motorcycle is necessitated at the location of the disablement, NSD will reimburse Member for emergency living expenses for up to three (3) days for the cost of local lodging and meals, not to exceed $50 U. S. per day.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Travel Benefit
Named listed Member is protected twenty-four (24) hours in the amount of $1,000 U.S. for business and pleasure travel benefit. Maximum aggregate limit of $2,000 U.S. per household.

   Here is a link >>>


Home Office




GWRRA WEBSITE: New Feature! 



Hello GWRRA Members,


I wanted to let you know about a new, exciting feature through our website. You can now chat with a Member Services agent live! Shortly after visiting our home page, a box will appear asking if you would like to chat with one of us here at the home office. It is easy to use, especially if you just have a quick question, need some information, or need guidance around our website.


When the box pops up just click on it, fill out 3 pieces of information: your name, membership number, if applicable, and for faster results, your email address, then click Start Chat. You will then be able to type in your questions and a Member Services agent will write back.


We want you to check it out and stop by and say "Hi" just to see how it works; we look forward to hearing from you!


debrand chocolateThank You,

Andrea Lowe


GWRRA Member Services 



Featured Member Benefits of the Month



  • * Wyndham Hotels - (20% discount at eleven different Wyndham chains including Days Inn, Ramada, Super 8 and more) GWRRA Members save 20% on the best available rates at all Wyndham Hotels worldwide, including Ramada, Wingate, Hawthorne Suites, Days Inn and many more. 

    Click HERE to reserve your room today, and don't forget to write down your GWRRA promotion code for when you're on the road and need a hotel! To ensure you receive the discount, please call in advance or reserve online. Use Corporate Code 1000008705 by calling  

    1-877-670-7088, or book online today!  

  • Avis Car Rental- You can save up to 25% off your next car rental while experiencing the comfort and reliability that come with renting from Avis. With 4,800 locations in over 140 countries, there's always an Avis nearby to help you with your car rental needs. To rent a car, visit  Avis or call toll free at 1-800-331-1212 and remember to use your GWRRA Avis Discount number: B291029 to enjoy these special savings! 


  • Budget Car Rental- Make your budget go further by getting a great deal on a great car from Budget. As a GWRRA member, you'll get an amazing deal every time you rent - up to 25% off Budget's great rates. To book your car, visit Budget Car Rental or call toll free 1-800-527-0700 and mention the GWRRA BCD number: R198129 to receive your discount. Make the smart choice, rent Budget and start saving today!
Member's First Motorcycle Story 
debrand chocolate 



BY Sherry Forrest (TWOFOOT)


In March of 2007, I decided I wasn't getting any younger....or smarter, so I decided to buy a motorcycle, even though I had never ridden one. I bought it, kissed it goodbye and had it shipped to on three trikes to have it converted to three wheels. While that was happening, I signed up to take a riding course, passed, then took it across the United States two months later.


I had taken 10 cross country road trips before, but always in a jeep, so I had the protection of doors, windows, could nap in it and have room for all my stuff. Read More


2012 GWred 

Your Opinion Matters!

 Remember to check out GWRRA's Homepage at 

 to let us know your opinion of a variety of subjects in our polls. 


We'd like to give you the results of the last survey we have posted on the home page.

 "Who do you most frequently ride with"    


Spouse/partner.............................54% (574) 

Alone.............................................19% (211) 

GWRRA Chapter Members........15% (167) 

Friends..........................................12% (129) 

Immediate Family...........................1%   (15) 

Extended Family.............................0%    (2)


 Total Votes....................................(1098)


We always have a current GWRRA topic. To let us know your opinion,  

Check it out!

GWRRA Member Benefit Discounts!
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Regular price: $14.99

GWRRA long sleeve black shirt. 100% cotton long sleeve shirt. Image of a bike in silhouette.


Available in small-2xl.









  debrand chocolate


Special price for May--$10.99   




Trivia Answers:

1-The first Official GWRRA belt buckle was offered in the typewritten Wing News!


2-At the first Wing Ding in Phoenix, there were 647 Members and 19 vendors from from 34 states and Canada! 

Offer Expires: 5/31--mention May Wingin' It


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