Since 2012 is GWRRA's 35th anniversary, many Chapters and Districts are celebrating milestones in their histories as part of GWRRA. I have been honored to have been contacted by the folks in Colorado to help them reconstruct their history as some of it appeared to be lost. It was fun to go back to the original days and remember the first Chapters we started and try and remember the names of the folks who helped us in the early days of GWRRA, before all the manuals and forms to get GWRRA started. The faces I still remember, it's the names that were the problem...Thanks to all those who wrote me to be a part of the Colorado history since 1980 and to those who were a part of GWRRA's early history, those Officers and Volunteers who got calls in the middle of the evening and nights from Paul Hildebrand and Regionals like Dave Goldy (CA) and Gene Wagner(TX), thank you for laying the groundwork for such a great organization! If you are like me, one of the old-timers, and were part of our early Chapters, let your DD or RD know and ask if they have your information, so we can keep GWRRA's history alive....AND, THANK YOU!!   


And one more thing, remember to bring your family and other young riders into this great organization to continue our legacy.  My two sons, Danny and David, grew up around GWRRA. They each got their first motorcycle rides on the back of a Gold Wing and each had memorable, separate cross-country rides with me on our Wing. These trips helped bond us and left me with memories I cherish to this day. We still talk about those days and I highly recommend doing the same with your family and others.   


And speaking of Thank You's, I really appreciate all those folks who sent in articles this month. You really came through with many articles to fill this months Wingin' It with interesting stuff to read. Everything from a really cool Rider Ed article to a technical article on Valkerie's. Plus, some excellent Member's stories. We also have the updated information on the 35th Anniversary Cruise. Please don't stop sending me articles; It is such a pleasure reading your articles and knowing we will be able to keep this fine e-Newsletter coming to you each month!

For those of you who have not checked out the new GWRRA website at, you are really missing a great site. GWRRA's website has become, not only a portal for all things GWRRA, but a great  motorcycling website! CHECK IT OUT!! 


Remember, 2012 is going by fast...get involved, be part of the FUN! By being a part of GWRRA at any level, by being a Volunteer, I can tell you from personal experience, you create a lifetime of memories that you will never forget, as well as lifetime FRIENDSHIPS that last a lifetime! You can never have enough Friends and by being involved with GWRRA, through a local Chapter, you can't help but meet like-minded folks who love the same things in life that you do...JOIN US! Check out the new website to find the Chapter closest to you!


Have a great year and FIND-A-FRIEND!



Ed Price


Editor, Wingin' It




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Joke of the


question mark
A traveling salesman was held up in the West by a storm and flood. He emailed his office in New York:

His boss emailed back:
**Honda Recall**
To read the recall information from Honda about Gold Wings, click here.



35th Anniversary logo
To help celebrate GWRRA's 35th Anniversary Year (1977-2012), we are going to be offering many activities, events, discounts and surprises throughout 2012.

This column will be our Trivia about GWRRA over the past 35 years. See how much you know about our history, organization, people and programs! 
Have FUN! 

1-What state started the first Chapter outside of Arizona? 

2-Where was the largest Wing Ding held and what year?

(answers in the coupon section below)


Looking for


Remember, we are looking for articles for YOUR e-Newsletter! 


Travelogues, Member

and Officer profiles, Chapter activities, your stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life, etc.


And don't forget those great Gold Book stories.


Please send your stories to me here .



"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
Vincent T. Lombardi 


 "It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."


GWRRA is on


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Touring Tips

Here is a NEW Feature as suggested


Bridwell Terhune

MSF Rider Coach #136275

GWRRA # 611040 



Instead of tent pegs, use 8" or 10 "

heavy type, screw drivers as your

new tent pegs. 2 of each type,

Phillips and Standard.

Now you have tire changing tools

and pry bar for whatever you

need, plus tent pegs that will not bend. To remove the new tent pegs, grab nice hand grip, twist and pull..

(Send in your suggested Touring Tips here) Thanks Bridwell!)


Norwegian Pearl  
Ports of Call:

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

George Town, Grand Cayman

Cozumel, Mexico

Rates start at $724 per person all fees included (port charges, fees, & pre-paid gratuities)


Join folks like GWRRA's Founder, Paul Hildebrand and his Wife Dottie; GWRRA's Co-Founder, Shirley Stephens-Garcia, and her husband, Benny, aboard to celebrate GWRRA's 35th Anniversary in a FUN,

exciting way!

here for more information and
to register.





Steve Fleming, SSGT(former)

Master Tour Rider 8140

United State Air Force 1969-73 Air National Guard 1973-77

Chapter Educator, Texas Chapter N2



More than Names on a Wall


On a recent visit to the Viet -Nam Memorial in Washington, DC, we found this note at the wall from a man remembering a fallen comrade. I could only imagine the anguish that moved Matt to write this note.


As I stood there at the wall, I was overcome with a flood of emotions while remembering the young men who were my classmates, teammates in Little League, family and friends that had given their all. I thought of the hopes and dreams they would never see come true. I thought of the loss of one of our nation's greatest asset, a large portion of the next generation. "More than Just a Name on the Wall" kept running through my mind. I was so moved that I knew I would never be able to put it all into words. This is but a pitiful attempt to do so. It is so many different things to so many different people. The depths of human emotions are a very hard thing to ponder due to the complexities involved... Read More



Member's Story: 


Capt. Bob Grant USN/MM/ret.                                                



Albuquerque, New Mexico 


"Black Diamond From The  Land Of The Rising Sun"


Many  years ago I remember listening to a chronologically- enhanced gentleman tell a group of new bikers, "Once you have ridden a 'Wing', you will never forget that first ride."


It  has been many years and several bikes since I heard that, no need to tell you that he was right. I have been blessed with a wife that enjoys riding as much, if not more, than I do. So, it's no wonder we both love "Wings". We have spent the past several years in France, where I moved about 250 ships a year, as a Merchant Marine Ship's Captain. Our plan was to find a used 'Wing' and tour Europe on my off time. We looked at a lot of 'Wings' but most were out of our budget so in the end we settled for a very nice Suzuki Savage 650 and did very much enjoy touring most of France, all the time thinking about the day when we would retire and return to the USA and find a Great Vintage Wing just waiting for us.  Read More 



submitted by

Jerry Meade

Member #342596


Chapter is T2 (Georgetown Texas), 


Sr. D.P.S.M. District 3B Austin / San Antonio Texas


Honda Auto Division / American Honda Motor Co.

Valkyrie common issue; the dreaded HYDROLOCK


As it was recently pointed out in one of our meetings, most of the Valkyrie models are now between 11-13 years old, and although Honda engineering means the engine, transmission and major components will still be reliably serving their owners, there are some issues that can be uniquely troublesome on the Valkyrie models.


The greatest of these is the dreaded "HYDROLOCK". Hydrolock occurs when the engine tries to compress a liquid (water or gasoline) rather than the normal air with fuel vapor mixture. Since it cannot compress a liquid, it will "lock" the engine crankshaft and cause damage to engine parts. As an example, if an automobile were to drive through very deep water after a serious downpour, the intake system could suck in water, thereby entering the engine combustion chamber where it cannot be compressed. In a running engine, it would likely bend a piston rod (very bad) or in severe cases, break the rod, destroying the engine... Read More

Submitted by
Anthony Van Schaick - International Rider Education Director

"A Fighter Pilot Approach to Motorcycle Riding"

Commentary by Col. Mark Mouw
12th Air Force Chief of Safety

3/6/2009 - KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFNS) -- "A man's got to know his limitations," said Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" character in the 1973 movie, "Magnum Force."

Those words I'm sure were in the back of Maverick's mind in "Top Gun" as he paused on his Kawasaki GPZ 900 Ninja by the runway at Miramar to watch the Tomcats takeoff. He should have taken a moment to reflect, given how often he put his aircraft out of control throughout that movie.

While flying a fighter and riding a motorcycle may have little in common, except both being a "hoot," the deliberate approach required in aviation, to do what needs to be done without bending metal, is also a smart way to approach a motorcycle ride before letting out the clutch. This commentary is written by a fighter pilot and a motorcycle enthusiast to blend the best of both worlds. We want all motorcycle riders to have a "hoot" for years and years come! Read More

Fort Wayne Updates

Wing Ding 34 logo


Coming to Wing Ding 34? Getting There is Half the Fun!



Headed to Wing Ding from the north or west? Make South Bend a stop along the way! It is home to the University of Notre Dame as well as many other attractions. South Bend is also home to the National Football Foundation's College Football Hall of Fame representing the highest level of achievement for players and coaches. Other attractions in the area include the Center for History, the Rum Village Nature Center, the Snite Museum of Art, the South Bend Museum of Art, and The Studebaker National Museum.


Its just one of the many great trips you can take - on your way to Wing Ding, the highlight of your summer! For more information call (800) 767-7752 or visit



We can't wait to host you in  

Fort Wayne. For visitor

information, please contact  

us at 1-800-767-7752 and

you can make your housing reservations at  


Or, visit us online at!


 Ft. Wayne Logo 

Featured Associate of the Month


Hello, my name is Kris Gaj and I am the one who is responsible for hiding "Wingy" in each issue of Wing World magazine.


I am the Art Director/Graphic Designer for Wing World magazine and have been doing graphics work and design/production of all Gold Wing Road Riders Association collateral materials for the past fourteen years.


Originally from Poland, I emigrated to this country in 1978. I had to learn a new language from scratch and re-qualify myself a few times in order to succeed.In the end, after my most recent schooling, intensive practice, and some God-given capabilities, I became a Commercial Graphic Designer. I was lucky enough to land a job in GWRRA, hired by nobody other than GWRRA's Founder, Paul Hildebrand, after a pretty scary interview.


I am looking forward to producing many more issues and hiding many more "Wingys" for all GWRRA Members to enjoy!


In my personal life I have been married to my wonderful wife Janina for the past 32 years, and we have three children. Two of our sons are pursuing their graduate degrees and our daughter is in process of applying to graduate schools right now; she will graduate from University of Arizona in May. We're looking forward to finally being released from parenting responsibilities and devoting more time to travel and personal leisure. I think I will end this now before I bore all those who are still reading. I wish you all luck in finding next issue's "Wingy", and be on the safe side of biking!

Featured Member Benefits of the Month



*Wyndham Hotels - (20% discount at eleven different Wyndham chains including Days Inn, Ramada, Super 8 and more) GWRRA Members save 20% on the best available rates at all Wyndham Hotels worldwide, including Ramada, Wingate, Hawthorne Suites, Days Inn and many more. Click HERE to reserve your room today, and don't forget to write down your GWRRA promotion code for when you're on the road and need a hotel! To ensure you receive the discount, please call in advance or reserve online. Use Corporate Code 1000008705 by calling  1-877-670-7088 , or book online today!

*VPI Pet Insurance: VPI Pet Insurance provides healthcare coverage for your dog, cat, bird, hamster or other exotic pet. As a member of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, you'll receive a 5% group discount on your VPI policy. Plus, owners of multiple pets are entitled to receive additional discounts! With coverage from VPI, your pets are protected if they are injured or become ill. VPI policies are easy to use and reimburse you for eligible veterinary expenses related to urgeries, hospitalization, X-rays, prescription medications and more. Best of all, you're free to visit any veterinarian, anywhere in the world. Benefit only valid in the United States. For more information call 1-877-PETS-VPI or click here today!






Phoenix, AZ (December 1, 2011)-Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) announces a change to their long-standing Find-A-Friend Program. This Recruitment Program, for the Members of the Association, has always been a popular program, but now, GWRRA has added a new twist. *Members who recruit just five (5) new memberships (households) into GWRRA will receive a gift certificate worth $55! Essentially, they NEVER HAVE TO PAY DUES AGAIN! The program will begin January 1, 2012**. It will be open to all Members of GWRRA. This program is just part of GWRRA's way to help celebrate their 35th anniversary (1977-2012).


To explain the Find-A-Friend Program and the NEVER PAY DUES AGAIN twist, for every five (5) new memberships (households) you recruit, you will receive a gift certificate with the equivalent value of a Family Membership- $55. You must recruit new Members only, not renewals. Each membership (household) counts as "ONE" regardless of the number of family members in the membership. (They will however, count under the Find-A-Friend pin and T-shirt program.) Gift Certificates are non-transferable and will have a one year expiration date. Read More > 

Home Office


 Updating your

"Home Chapter"


 In GWRRA we assign zip codes to Chapters based on the areas and Members associated within those areas. It is true that any Member can attend any Chapter, or belong to multiple Chapters. In our reporting system we have the capability to track only one home Chapter that you will be associated with, and you will only show up on that Chapter's reporting system. Read More > 

GWRRA Member Benefit Discounts!

Rescue Plus Reminder  

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Trivia Answers:

1-The first Chapter outside of Arizona was in Texas, TX-A.


2-The largest Wing Ding was held in 2002 in Fort Wayne, Indiana with 12,721 in attendance! 

Offer Expires: 3/31--mention March Wingin' It


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