As hard as it is to believe, for me, I am now "officially RETIRED" and writing my article from home. I want to thank all of you who have written me to wish me well and played a part in this momentous occasion. It is a little surreal not waking up at 5:00 am to get ready for work and drive each day to the office. And, I must admit, I do miss all my co-workers, but don't tell them! For those of you who are retired, you understand the loss of that social interaction, but I don't regret the daily grind that "work" requires.


Anyway, getting back to the updates about GWRRA and all the latest and greatest! I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying the new GWRRA website at Everyone at the Home Office put a lot of time and effort in making the new website as innovative and interactive as possible, especially our webmaster, Michael Fitzpatrick! Way to go Michael! If you have not visited the new site, please do so and browse the many new features that are there, including a new interactive way for you to chat with our Member Services Team On Line! 


I also want to thank our graphics arts department, with helping us with the new look for Wingin' It! We have received many nice comments on the header changes, as well as the shortened formatting of the articles. 


Make sure you read the first article about the NEW coupon book program...This is a great new program that is again...FREE for Members of GWRRA! And don't forget about the NEW, Revised Find-A-Friend program. See the article below to get all the information on how you can "Never Pay Dues Again"! Just by recruiting 5 new memberships and receive a gift certificate for $55...enough to pay for your renewal or anything you want to do with the certificate. See website for details.


Coming up quickly is the 3rd Annual 40-to-Phoenix Ride in March 2012. See the article below to sign up or get more information. There are links to a new flyer or to their website. 


I do have a request for everyone reading this newsletter. Each month we are receiving less and less contributions, articles, jokes, traveloques, etc. This is your e-newsletter and it depends on your articles to make it viable. If I do not get any stories, articles, jokes, traveloques, Chapter or Officer information/stories or events, etc., then I am not sure how long this newsletter will continue to keep coming to you. This in one of your benefits as a Member of GWRRA and is FREE to you. The only thing we ask is that you send us your stories to share with your fellow Members. Every month, over 28,000 Members get this newsletter, so let's make it the best one possible. Please send me your stories of your travels, Chapter events, etc. I love reading them and I know others do too!



Thank you in advance for your help...



This is going to be a great year in GWRRA, so get involved. You can never have enough Friends and by being involved with GWRRA, through a local Chapter, you can't help but meet like-minded folks who love the same things in life that you do...JOIN US! Check out the new website to find the Chapter closest to you!


Have a great year and FIND-A-FRIEND!



Ed Price


Editor, Wingin' It




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A young college student wrote home to his family: "Dear Mom and Dad, I haven't heard from you in over a month.  Please send a check so I know you are all right."
**Honda Recall**
To read the recall information from Honda about Gold Wings, click here.



35th Anniversary logo
To help celebrate GWRRA's 35th Anniversary Year (1977-2012), we are going to be offering many activities, events, discounts and surprises throughout 2012.

This column will be our Trivia about GWRRA over the past 35 years. See how much you know about our history, organization, people and programs! 
Have FUN! 

1-Who was known as the "father" of GWRRA's Rider Education Program? 

2-What year and where was the first Wing Ding held?

(answers in the coupon section below)



Featured Associate

of the Month

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Hello, I am Jodi Lipson an advertising executive at Wing World Magazine. I am the woman who brings you all those Gold Wing Goodies each month.I have been with Wing World Magazine for 8 years. I shall be celebrating my 9th year with the company this March. I enjoy bringing you each month great companies that have wonderful products for you and your Gold Wing. A fun part of my job is giving the Members that stop by the office a tour. It has been a wonderful experience to meet you all. It is fun to learn why you joined, why you stay and what you like about the organization.

I love traveling and am always on the go. I met my wonderful husband on a singles cruise that docked in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Denmark. He lived in Arizona and I lived in New York. For a year we had a bi-coastal relationship. This year we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We have an amazing 5 year old son and our super sweet cairn terrier Butch rounds out our little family. I love to spend time with my family whether in Phoenix , New York or anywhere in the world.

Happy 35th Anniversary GWRRA!

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and Officer profiles, Chapter activities, your stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life, etc.


And don't forget those great Gold Book stories.


Please send your stories to me here .



"Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves."
Lao Tzu


 "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
John Quincy Adams   


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Now available, for new Officers and anyone interested in becoming a GWRRA Officer, our OCP is now ONLINE.

Check out this new opportunity or if you are interested, you can order a DVD of the entire OCP by contacting your Region Trainer. Or go ONLINE and take the Program in the comfort of your own home.

Check with you Region Trainer for the information needed to access the "OCP Online" website here.  





Phoenix, AZ (January 9, 2012)- Truly exciting things are happening with Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) in 2012 and we would like to invite you to participate. We will be giving free loyalty saving coupons to new Members & existing Members who renew in 2012. These loyalty saving coupons, which are valued in the hundreds, will help you save money and are brought to you by some of our valued advertisers from Wing World:


Read full Press release here

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By Karen Knudtson  


On September 11, 2011 we, Ron and Karen Knudtson, rode our Gold Wing 1800 California Side Car Trike from our home in Mason City, Iowa to the town of Greenfield (1800 residents) to join GWRRA Nebraska Chapter "O" for a ride to the The Freedom Rock. It was amazing to glance in the rearview mirror and see all 30 bikes of many different colors descending upon this 90-ton painted rock which honors all the young Iowans who fought worlds removed from bright, beautiful September days in Iowa, sacrificing their lives when their country needed it most. Read More 






John & Lena Bryant

Membership Enhancement Program

Region H Membership Enhancement Coordinators



It is that time of year for Chapter Directors and your Core Team to take a look at your membership and select your 2012 Chapter Couple of the Year. As you do so, consider the following:  Read More 

by Tanya White, MEC & Craig White,
Rider Educator 
Chapter W of Adrian, MI.

     This is the story of how Craig and I got to Memphis, TN this past July 9, 10, & 11th for a ServiceMaster Convention.  We had decided to ride the bike and take the trailer instead of the car, so off we went.  To start things off on the wrong track, Craig forgot to pick up his wallet when we left, so thanks to his daughter Stefanie and Sherrie Greiwahn, we only had to come back-track from Defiance as far as Wauseon. A short 2 hour delay and off we were, thanks again to Stef and Sherrie.  We rode from Wauseon to Napoleon and took the new State Route 24.  Wow is that nice.  Then on to I-69 to Indianapolis where we caught St. Rt. 70, in Effingham, IL we took St. Rt. 57 south.   We had taken this route a few weeks before in Lebanon, MO and found the road was a good road, so we went as far as Mt. Vernon, IL the first day. Read More 


 By:Joe Mazza


  Joe's Picture


Winter Riding  


When it comes to riding weather, Jan and I are lucky to live in Florida where we have a virtual year-round riding season. However, when the mercury dips below the comfort level, we have to make some adjustments to our riding clothing.

My first ever night ride of over an hour in length, ironically occurred the night of my first ERC. I was a neophyte to cold weather riding and paid the price for riding without the proper cold weather gear. When I finally pulled into my driveway, I had no doubt I was suffering from first stage hypothermia. A warm shower solved the problem that night and taught me a valuable lesson.

There is a National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart that can be found at the "Wind Chill-Wikipedia" website. At the site, you can click on the "External Links" section titled "The National Weather Service Wind Chill Temperature Index, Table of Wind Chill Temperatures" to find what kind of temperatures you are actually experiencing despite what the temperature gauge reads. For instance: if the temperature reads 40 degrees and you are riding at 50 mph, your body is actually being exposed to 26 degree weather, etc.

The reason I chose 40 degrees as my example is that this was the temperature at the beginning of that first cold night ride previously mentioned. Since that night, Jan and I have purchased thermal riding gear. Thermal underwear and socks help keep our upper bodies, lower extremities and toes cozy and warm.There are any number of winter gloves for your hands, mufflers for your neck and chin and, of course, a face shield firmly snapped in place to help keep the wind off your face. A well designed winter riding suit made especially for motorcycling is bulky, but a very welcome addition to any riders wardrobe.

We have added an electric liner and heated grips to our repertoire of cold weather riding gear. There is a whole different world of riding in the winter and we can enjoy it to its fullest if we dress properly.


Ride Safe, Have Fun, Stay Warm...  



Hello, we are the Beeman's, Bruce & Barb from the great state of Minnesota. We grew up in Austin, MN and are high school sweethearts. After high school, I joined the Navy and spent the next four years sailing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Barb & I were married shortly before I was discharged from the Navy and moved back to Austin. We have two children and three grand-daughters.


My first experience with a motorcycle was due to a friend that had a bad accident (unrelated to motorcycling) and broke his back. Well, he had this 750 Honda that he couldn't ride for at least three years and offered it to me to ride while he was laid up, what could I say? After that it's like most; small kids, job, little money and it's not something the whole family can do, soooo no bike. Instead campers, boats, you know family things that everyone can be part of (DC during children) and we had a blast. THEN, they grew up and left the nest and the phone stopped ringing, and the door bell stopped ringing the radio was even on. The boat sat in the driveway and one day Barb said sell it or I'll plant flowers in it, I sold it. Read More 




Phoenix, AZ (December 1, 2011)-Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) announces a change to their long-standing Find-A-Friend Program. This Recruitment Program, for the Members of the Association, has always been a popular program, but now, GWRRA has added a new twist. *Members who recruit just five (5) new memberships (households) into GWRRA will receive a gift certificate worth $55! Essentially, they NEVER HAVE TO PAY DUES AGAIN! The program will begin January 1, 2012**. It will be open to all Members of GWRRA. This program is just part of GWRRA's way to help celebrate their 35th anniversary (1977-2012).


To explain the Find-A-Friend Program and the NEVER PAY DUES AGAIN twist, for every five (5) new memberships (households) you recruit, you will receive a gift certificate with the equivalent value of a Family Membership- $55. You must recruit new Members only, not renewals. Each membership (household) counts as "ONE" regardless of the number of family members in the membership. (They will however, count under the Find-A-Friend pin and T-shirt program.) Gift Certificates are non-transferable and will have a one year expiration date. Read More > 

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We'd like to give you the results of the last survey we have posted on the home page.


"When you have contacted Member Services by phone or email, how would you rate the resolution of your issues?"

Completely satisfied.............78%
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Total Responses.........................241




We always have a current GWRRA topic. To let us know your opinion,  

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Fort Wayne Updates

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NEW in 2012 is an authentic Amish experience for you to enjoy. After just a short, scenic drive through the Amish countryside to Grabill, Indiana, Wing Dingers can enjoy a homespun opening party centered around this special Amish community - complete with foods, crafts and experiences unique to the area.


We can't wait to host you in  

Fort Wayne. For visitor

information, please contact  

us at 1-800-767-7752 and

you can make your housing reservations at  


Or, visit us online at!


 Ft. Wayne Logo 

Featured Member Benefits of the Month


*Long Term Care Insurance:
How will you spend the years ahead?
That may depend on the long-term care insurance you choose today. Like most people, you probably recognize the need for long-term care insurance. It's not simply "nursing home" coverage, but insurance that helps assure you of continued independence as you age - without depleting the personal assets you've worked hard to acquire. But choosing the right protection from the many plans available can be a daunting task. 

Long Term Care Resources has partnered with the Gold Wing Road Riders Association to offer a comprehensive Long Term Care Program. GWRRA Members are entitled to a special discount on certain LTC plans available through this program. Call Long Term Care Resources today to receive a FREE GWRRA Long Term Care Planning Kit. To speak with an authorized LTC Specialist in your area, please contact LTCR Toll Free at  
(800) 616-8759
or visit!

*TransAmerica Medicare Supplement Insurance:
 Don't wait to find out what Medicare doesn't cover, take the time to look at your Medicare supplement insurance options. This private insurance helps fill the gap between health care costs and Medicare coverage. Medicare supplement insurance is available to you through the GWRRA Members' Insurance Program and is designed to go hand-in-hand with your regular Medicare coverage.

Click here or call 1-800-556-7614 for details!



GWRRA's National Ride

Prepare yourself to join the Third Annual 40-To-Phoenix. This year's ride will be led by last year's leader, Brian McCallum. The ride last year broke the record from the previous year and we fully expect this year will do the same.

Check out the 40-to-Phoenix website here.  

Also, check out the 40-to-Phoenix flyer here!
This year's ride will leave Wrights Beach, NC and arrive in Phoenix, AZ at the Home Office on
March 15, 2012.
Contact Brian here for all the details and be a part of GWRRA history!

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"Home Chapter"


 In GWRRA we assign zip codes to Chapters based on the areas and Members associated within those areas. It is true that any Member can attend any Chapter, or belong to multiple Chapters. In our reporting system we have the capability to track only one home Chapter that you will be associated with, and you will only show up on that Chapter's reporting system. Read More > 

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Trivia Answers:

1-Robert "Pete" Woodruff, Member #30162 & Master Tour Rider #1, Marietta, Ga,is known as the "Father" of GWRRA's Rider Education Program.


2-The first WING DING of GWRRA was held in 1979 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Point Hilton Hotel.  Rooms were $25 and included a full breakfast! 

Offer Expires: 2/29--mention February Wingin' It


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