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Before I got married, I had six theories about bringing up children. Now, I have six children and no theories!


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Honda Dealer Program

GWRRA is pleased to announce the implementation of GWRRA's Honda Dealer Program.


This program is a mutually cooperative program between GWRRA's Home Office, our Chapters and the local Honda Dealers who wish to participate.

You can see a complete list of the Honda Dealers who have signed up already in this program by clicking here or going to
We want to thank all the dealers who have signed up for this program and encourage any Honda Dealer to check out the program and become involved.


We also want to thank our Officers and Chapters that support our local Honda Dealers! 



 "In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet."

Albert Schweitzer


"Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Gold Book Story

Davis Bowen #142156, 

NC-F2, Garner, NC


My favorite cousin's daughter got married on June 25, 2011, in New Orleans.  I had been planning to go for awhile and was hoping that a friend would be able to ride with me.  It turned out that he could not go.  So, I left Raleigh, NC, on Wednesday, June 22.  I ride a 1996, 1500 Aspencade with a Tow-Pac Trike Kit with 8" wheels.  After a couple of hours on the road, the bike suddenly started losing power.  The throttle did not work and when the speed limit reached about 30 mph, the speed began to start picking up again.  This happened two times on the way to New Orleans.


On Sunday, I left New Orleans about 7:00 am and started toward NC.  The same thing happened about four times that day.  After about 525 miles on North 85, the bike started losing power again and completely stopped.  I was one mile from Jefferson, GA.  I tried to start it several times, but it would not start.  After I looked at the map and got out my towing information, I decided to try one more time.  This time it started.  I took the next exit and spent the night in Jefferson, GA.


That night, I took out my Gold Book and called four Honda Shops and they were all closed on Mondays.  Then I called Gainesville MotorSports in Gainesville, GA, and, lo and behold, they were open on Mondays.  I was there before they opened and they took my bike into the service area as soon as they got there.  Billy the service guy that worked on my bike, showed me what he thought was wrong.  Under the bike seat, on the left hand side, there is a little box that has a couple of wires encased in a plastic sleeve, attached to it. The wires were loose and were not making good contact (bad contact with fuel pump wires is not a good thing).  Under two hours, I was out of there and riding toward Raleigh, NC.  I did not have any more slowing down incidents.  


These guys did a great job, had great attitudes, and treated me like a priority customer.  A great big "Thank You" to these Gainesville guys! 

Wing Ding Special Announcements


  GWRRA Logo

 Wing Ding 33 in Knoxville 

had 12,317 in attendance. 

This made it one of the top 

5 largest in GWRRA's history.

What was the ranking of 

Wing Ding 33?

(Answer in the coupon section below)


 Wing Ding 34, 2012 was announced to return to Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is the home to the largest Wing Ding ever in 2002. (Read the information below from the "Visit Fort Wayne" folks about making hotel reservations.)

Click here for the Official Press Release from GWRRA.


Join us in Fort Wayne,

Indiana for Wing Ding 2012!


July 4-7, 2012


To make room reservations and learn more, contact us at:



Wing Ding 35 location has also been announced. It will be held in Greenville, South Carolina. See you there in 2013!

Your Opinion Matters!

GWRRA logo

 Remember to check out GWRRA's Homepage at 

 to let us know your opinion of a variety of subjects in our polls. 


We'd like to give you the results of the last survey we have posted on the home page.


"Do you perform some of your own maintenance on your M/C or Trike?"

 (1205 responses)


  > Yes (89%)


 > No (11%)  


We always have a current GWRRA topic. To let us know your opinion. Check it out!   

A Members Story 

from Germany


Marianne Farrington, ACD, ADD, & Newsletter Editor, NV-E, Reno, NV



This article is written today by "your" foreign

correspondent from Germany. 


We are visiting with my German family and friends. We traveled across the various Autobahns at various speeds and we saw a lot of green, beautiful scenery. There was lots of traffic and every once in a while we did spot a single Gold Wing, mostly going in the opposite direction we were going, so no chance to catch up with them. We did, however, contact the people from the GWRRA Germany District. They are still a small group, but they are like all other Gold Wing friends we encountered before -- really nice people, willing to go out of their way to make us feel welcome. 


We met up with Jürgen Petri, Carroll and Lucia Randall and Walter and Peggy Lee at a nice Italian style Restaurant and shared a wonderful meal and excellent conversation. Jürgen was able to arrive on his purple 1500 Goldwing; the others arrived in their cars. The weather was a little uncertain and it rained on the way home. Thankfully Jürgen has a windshield wiper attached for just such occasions. We mentioned the need for a gas station and were directed towards a Shell station. Unfortunately, it was already closed for the night when we arrived, so we continued driving on the same street wondering where the next station might be. After a very short time my cell phone rang and I was wondering who might be calling so late at night. After all, it was after 10:00 pm. It was Lucia Randall -- she and her husband Carroll had been keeping an eye on us after we left the restaurant to ensure we would be able to acquire the needed fuel prior to leaving for my brother's house. After a brief conversation with Lucia, it was decided to find another service station that had a better chance of being open. We probably had enough fuel to make our destination; we simply didn't want to take the chance. We turned our rent-a-car around and met up with Lucia and Carroll near the closed gas station. With Lucia and Carroll in the lead, we made our way to another Shell Station that thankfully was still open. We fueled up and were able to drive home to my brother's house without any further incident.


Thanks Lucia and Carroll for all your assistance. Thanks to the hospitality and friendship shown by the members of the German District 


New Discount

Member Benefit


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  • VPI Pet Insurance         
     VPI Pet Insurance: 


    VPI Pet Insurance provides healthcare coverage for your dog, cat, bird, hamster or other exotic pet. As a member of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, you'll receive a 5% group discount on your VPI policy. 


    Plus, owners of multiple pets are entitled to receive additional discounts! With coverage from VPI, your pets are protected if they are injured or become ill. VPI policies are easy to use and reimburse you for eligible veterinary expenses related to surgeries, hospitalization,  
    X-rays, prescription medications and more. 


    Best of all, you're free to visit any veterinarian, anywhere in the world. Benefit only valid in the United States. For more information call 877-PETS-VPI or click here today!

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Tow Truck
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Home Office



Wing World



As many of you already know, in July there was an error in the address label, so our shipper sent a duplicate July Wing World to many of our Members.


This will NOT interfere with your delivery of your August and September issues of Wing World. Again, your August and September Wing Worlds will be delivered as normal!






It is time to update your Gold Book listing. Remember to make sure you have a current phone number listed on your Member listing, as well as the correct listing you wish to show in the Gold Book. (i.e., tools, phone calls, etc.) Also, remember if you select "Do not list me in the Gold Book" as one of your selections or have no codes marked, you will NOT show up in the Gold Book! 



Updating your

"Home Chapter"


 In GWRRA we assign zip codes to Chapters based on the areas and Members associated within those areas. It is true that any Member can attend any Chapter, or belong to multiple Chapters. In our reporting system we have the capability to track only one home Chapter that you will be associated with, and you will only show up on that Chapter's reporting system.


Initially, we assign Chapters pertaining to the zip code in which you currently live. If you would like to be assigned to a different Chapter, you can call Member Services and request the change. There are a few reasons you may wish to change your "Home Chapter". For example, your primary residence may be in one state, but you want to belong to a Chapter in a different state that you have a secondary residence, or you visit multiple Chapters, but would like to be assigned to one specific Chapter. 


Address changes can be a little trickier. If your address changes, your Chapter assignment will automatically change to reflect your new address unless you have given us a specific Chapter that you would like to belong. If that is the case, your Home Chapter will remain the same.  


Recently we were allowing Chapter MEC's to change Member Chapter assignments. This was due to a Chapter of the Year recruiting and retention contest, which ended on November 1st, 2010. Members will now need to call and change their own Chapter assignment with our friendly Member Services Team at 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (Phoenix).




Message Boards

Help:

There seems to be a bit of confusion with the  Message Boards, so hopefully this information will be helpful.


 The website is

A pop-up box will come up when you get there stating:


 User name is your GWRRA Membership number (zero's included).


 Password is the numbers in your address and the expiration date of your membership (in most cases). (If you are Life Members, it will be your address and then the word life, ex. 1234life.)


Once you are in the Message Boards, if this is your first time, you need to go up to the right-hand corner and press "REGISTER". There you will fill out the information asked and create your own user name and password. Keep in mind, the user name you choose can't be changed and it is what everyone will see on the Boards when you are logged in, so choose carefully.  


Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your information. Please save this for future reference.  


You may be asked to login each time you go to the Board. The first set of logins will confirm your membership, the second logins will be what you created.



If you still have any questions on this process, please give us a call. It is easier to walk you through it over the phone.




Another Wing Ding is over and in the record books. Wing Ding 33 in Knoxville turned out to be one of the top five conventions in GWRRA's history. You can see the ranking in the coupon section below. As many of you know, our Wing Ding is your associations only fundraiser of the year. This event goes a long way in making sure that your dues are kept low. Just to remind everyone, GWRRA has not had a dues increase since 1999. We want to thank all our Members and guests, Officers, sponsors, vendors, advertisers, and especially all the Volunteers who worked countless hours to make this event one of the best ever!

On a similar note, if you have not heard yet, Wing Ding 34 will be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, July 4-7, 2012.

And, in a first time ever announcement, GWRRA has announced their Wing Ding for 2013. We usually only announce one year at a time, but we wanted to give everyone time to plan, so Wing Ding 35 will be held in Greenville, South Carolina, July 3-6, 2013.

GWRRA is very excited to announce another new Member Discount Benefit Program. VPI Pet Insurance has been added to our long list of Member discount benefits. Please see the special column on the left side explaining the program with a link to GWRRA's special website.

On a sadder note, GWRRA has cancelled its Trikes & Bikes Rally. Please read the announcement below.

I want to take a moment to send a special Thank You to all our Rider Education Instructors who spend countless hours training our Members on riding their machines safer and increasing their skill levels. These folks put in hours and hours increasing their skill sets to only turn around and give their time, energy and sweat, to train us! As I have said in this column before, their training has literally, SAVED MY, THANK YOU.... for making such a difference in our lives!

And finally,  I do want to extend a very hearty "THANK YOU" to all those folks who have sent in articles to be published. Please keep sending me your articles. Your e-Newsletter needs your contributions.


Have a great riding season.
Have fun, 

Ed Price

Marketing Director


ANNOUNCEMENT: Trikes & Bikes Rally


Phoenix, Arizona-Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) announced today it will bring to an end its planning of the Trikes & Bikes Rally that was to be held in Bowling Green, Kentucky, September 30-October 2, 2011. This rally was to be a continuation of the five year history of trike rallies that have been held in great cities like Bardstown, Kentucky and Branson, Missouri.


These rallies focused on the emerging trike industry and were the first in the industry to be primarily geared toward trikes by GWRRA. GWRRA values its partners in the industry, namely the vendors, hotels, the CVB, facilities, all of our Members and guests and especially the Volunteers for supporting our efforts.


Given the economic conditions as they are for 2011 and the rallies already planned in this region, GWRRA will look to 2012 for a new venue and a way to make it a bigger and better rally for our Members and vendors. GWRRA wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to the many folks who have helped us over the years with the trike rallies and look forward to serving you better in the years to come. 

A "Priceless" Request:  
Clara Bolt, 081192-01, IOWA-Chapter I

Memory Ride -- A Son-in-laws Request


You never know what will be in the e-mail when you open up the file. To me it is like a "mini" Christmas every time, the wonder of who has been sending notes since the last logon.

 Clara Bolt

A couple of months ago one of those e-mails brought a forwarded note from Denis Tasker, Chapter I Team Director. Denis asked if we knew the people in the e-mail or if we knew anyone from the Chapter that might know them. The e-mail was from a man who had a special request. After looking at the e-mail the name was familiar, but we couldn't put a face with the name.


The e-mail request: "My wife's parents were in a Gold Wing Club many years ago, I don't know if it was your chapter or not. Their names are Chris and Mary Ann Bolhuis. Chris has been gone for quite some time now, around 20 years or so. There have been a few more deaths in the family recently and everyone is having a bit of a tough time lately. Every year when the weather starts turning nicer they always start talking fondly of Chris and his Gold Wing and all the memories of springtime rides with their Dad/Husband. I was just wondering if there may be someone in your group who might be willing to come over some afternoon or evening for an hour or two and give Mary Ann and my wife, Cindy, and her sister, Shirley, a literal ride down memory lane on a Gold Wing. I would be willing to pay whoever, whatever for their time or fuel. Please contact me either through this email address or my cell phone." 


My first thought was, WOW, what a great son-in-law. Second thought was of course we could do that, but have him pay us...NO WAY!!  Third thought, call some people who had been Chapter participants for over 20 years. First call was to Ed Moore, to see if he was willing to bring his trike. Willing, wasn't the word, I received a resounding, YES!! Let us know when and where.


Next step was to send an e-mail back to Rod Anderson (the son-in-law) with our answer. I told him I would announce the request at the next Chapter Gathering and would let him know how many bikes/trikes we would have arriving, but he could count on two for sure.


Now all Rod had to do was name the date, time and place. After several e-mails the date of June 7 at 2:00pm was set. June 7 would have been Chris Bolhuis' birthday, so to Rod this seemed a fitting date. Now, all that was left was for no rain that day (Iowa was having more rain days than non-rain days).


June 7th arrives, HOT, HOT, HOT (temperature gauge on the trike reads 99) and did I mention WINDY!!  Along with the weather, Fred, my husband, is sick and unable to ride. Now, we can't let this man down, he has planned and planned for this surprise. So, I decide to ride myself, I go to Ed's and meet him and Ginger (his companion) and the three of us are off to fulfill Rod's request. We arrive at the appointed location to "oh, look at the bikes", Mary Ann and Cindy still have no idea these trikes are for them. We stop, get off the trikes and Rod says "surprise" they are here to take you for a ride in memory of Chris! Rod had told us earlier that every time Cindy would see a Gold Wing and especially around her Dads birthday she would become a bit teary eyed and reminisce about her Dad. Mary Ann still stops by our Chapter Mall show every year to visit with us "old timers".  Mary Ann and Cindy took their first ride in many years, Mary Ann behind Ed on his trike and Cindy became my co-rider on our trike. After Mary Ann and Cindy finished their rides, we asked if anyone else in the family would like a ride...the answer, well, let's just say no one was without their first ride on a Gold Wing before the three of us left that afternoon.


The world would not have enough money to pay us for the thrill it was to be a part of this special request. The tears and smiles that afternoon from all the family members...PRICELESS! We spent about 2-1/2 hours giving rides and listening as we rode to stories of Chris and his Gold Wing. Before leaving we presented Mary Ann, Cindy and Shirley with "Forever Remembered" pins (Chapter I has pins that read "Forever Remembered...Our Deceased Members"). Mary Ann placed hers proudly on the GWRRA hat (Chris's) she was wearing and Cindy was going to put hers with her Dads' Gold Wing belt buckle. 


Now I have tears in my eyes as I think of what a special day we made for this family. Thank you Ed and Ginger for helping me make this special request from a very special son-in-law a reality.

A Member's M/C Story(Part 2-Stay tuned for a multiple part story from Jerry.)


Rockies Trip-National Parks Tour      

by Jerry Stevens #301755

Flower Mound, TX 

 Jerry Stevens

It was April 2008.  I was done with research without turning it into a government project.  I had to buy or die.  I had everything picked out, color, "essential" accessories, and priced with tax and title out the door.  I already had my protective riding gear in the spare closet.  I did not have the cash in my sock so I had to go the American way, finance it.  I still had a problem.  My wife had no idea what I was up to.  I tell her everything.  I can't hide a motorcycle!  I had not signed the papers yet.  So, I was safe.  I could always call it off.  How do you stop an avalanche after it starts?   My mind was made up!  When do I tell The Wife my plan, before or after the adoption of my new child, aka, motorcycle?  


Tonight is the night.  I want it this weekend, so, I must tell her.  I sat down across from her.  I told her I had something I needed to talk to her about.  I guess I seemed somber as she had a worried expression.  I went through the whole thing about retiring and almost 60 plus, the old man syndrome and I was not enjoying life. Also, how I needed some excitement in my life.  I may have mentioned the foiled motorcycle trip of 1982. Then, I told her I was buying a motorcycle on which to take a long road trip.  Remember, I said this time I have a good wife?  Her response shocked me!  She calmly said, "OK, just don't expect me to ride."  I went on babbling about the financial stuff such as offering to sell my show quality '72 Monte Carlo and all that manly BS before I realized what she had just said.  She said go for it.  Buy it!  She later said she was just relieved I wasn't telling her my oldest daughter was moving back in with us.  That thought scared me too!  The way I presented the subject, I think she thought I had a girlfriend.  Of course, as my Uncle said, "A motorcycle is like having another woman."        


After 26 years of not riding, I had studied up on motorcycles, motorcycle touring, motorcycle camping and I took the motorcycle safety course.  At age 59, I just bought a motorcycle that fit me, a new Honda 2007 VTX 1300R.  I was back in motorcycling.  Wow, it felt great!  Now the "training" for the big one, trip that is, shall begin.  I started riding every chance I got.  I had a rule, if I hit the starter, I must ride at least 100 miles.  I did not always keep the rule, but I'd make up for it with a 300, 400, or 500 mile one-day trip.  I tried to ride several times per week.       


I averaged 1000 non-commuting miles per month, along with a couple of short two and three day camping trips to New Mexico and Arkansas.  I also rode the IBA SS1000.  I surfed the net, at work of course, for all the information I could get for my adventure through the Mountain States.  I checked gasoline availability, camping, average temps, mileage, etc.  By September, I had made room reservations at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.  I have been to both camping, but I wanted a cabin this time.  I wanted and reserved a cabin at the Grand Canyon on the edge over looking The Canyon from the porch.  Keep this in mind for later. 


The date had arrived.  I knew I was as ready as I could be.  However, I was actually nervous about the trip once it was only a few days out.  The VTX had almost new tires, new battery and had been serviced.  I had packed my clothes, spare parts, tools, maps, travel aids, medications, food, water, electronics, camping equipment, knives, 357 and 9mm, etc.  I'm gone at about 07:00 a.m., July 23rd, only an hour late.  Jerry's Pics


We had a good spread of ages and motorcycles.  I am 60 riding the VTX, Randy is 49 with his year old 'Wing' and Randy's son-in-law Chad, late 20's, decided to go with us to take care of us old farts.  (He had a rope to tie me up at night, so I would not wander off.)  Also, some jumper cables to jump start Randy's heart were near by.  We all had some dirt bike experience in our early teen years.  Although, I have traveled and camped all over Europe, the US, and Canada, I never took a long motorcycle trip.  All of us have traveled and camped enough.  Chad actually back packed in Europe.  Randy started riding street motorcycles last year.  He raced ATVs (4-wheelers) several years ago.  Chad has owned his 650 V-Star for a longer time.    


Our plan was to camp some and stay in hotels/motels some, maybe a two to one ratio, see as much country as we could without having many long days, have fun, and most of all, be safe.  The beauty of our country is just overwhelming.  Prior to leaving, I realized I would visit at least 20 national parks, monuments, recreation areas, and battlefields.  The Iron Butt Association awards a certificate for visiting 50 national parks, etc. and 25 states while getting your National Parks Passport stamped from each one within a year.  Since I had already earned the Saddle Sore 1000 (1000 miles in 24 hours), I decided to get all of the stamps I could on this trip.  I ended up with 26 parks and 11 states to count towards the IBA certificate.  I will finish the rest by mid-July, 2010.  


I spent most of a year planning routes, reading, and buying stuff.  The early short trips helped to test some of my packing strategies.  I still had too much stuff.  I left from the Dallas area on my VTX riding to Weatherford, Oklahoma (west of Oklahoma City) the first day.  I met Randy and Chad at Randy's home in Weatherford the first night.  We awoke early the next morning to "Born to be Wild".  We had no plans to duplicate the misadventures of the "Wild Hogs".  I just thought this would be a good wake up call.   

Jerry's bike


Members Motorcycle Trip


Jeffrey J Eller GWRRA #266631


In September of 2007, my wife and I, Jeff &Jeff Eller picture Maureen Eller, GWRRA member # 266631, Indiana G-2, were on a ride from our home in southeast Indiana to Laguna Beach, CA. by way of US 50 west and then returning via Rt. 66, as much as possible. Much of Rt 66 has been usurped by US I-40, so there were extended periods on the expressway, which we were not happy about. One of those stretches was where we had a little problem.


Almost as much riding was done north to south as there was west and then east. We visited family and friends in sevaral parts of Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, California and Arizona. We stopped at almost every historic marker, public park, recreation site and Mom & Pop restaurant along the way. I think, due to the amount of walking we did every evening, we only gained about 10 pounds each.


We "motel camp" and do not pull a trailer. Each of us gets a saddlebag for our clothing and then toiletries go in a bag on the luggage rack. The trunk gets all the other things that are needed such as rain gear, heated clothing, additional maps and lap top computer, plus there is a tank bag for cell phone, camera, binoculars, 1st-aid kit, air compressor, tire plug kit, etc. We keep a running list of each compartment and what goes in it. This is updated after every trip so we can eliminate things we do not need and include things we find were lacking on the previous trip. We pack a days clothing in a 3 gallon zip lock bag and four of these fit in the luggage for each saddlebag. That gives us five days of clothing, including what we are wearing. If the weather is favorable we may get more than a day out of each set. So every fifth day or so laundry is done at a motel or nearby laundromat. This works well for us and continues to be our modus operandi on extended trips.


On this particular trip, everything was going great. We had a new set of after market tires, Avon, installed and all the fluids were updated, including oil and filter. The only problem we had on the way out was the intercom system seemed to be having problems as we neared Laguna Beach and it turned out to be a faulty cord on my wife's head set. New cord and good to go. So far no real problems.


After a side trip to San Diego to visit an old friend we returned to Laguna Beach for a couple days to visit with family there, then headed home.


We stopped in Phoenix to visit more family and spent the night there. We left bright and early the next day. The temperatures were fairly consistant through out the trip, with each days high being in the mid to upper 90's. The only break we had on the way out, was at Independence Pass, where there was snow falling, but later that day, it was back in the 90's. Of course Death Valley was the highest temps for us, only 116 degrees. But our stop at Panamint Springs was worth the ride across Death Valley.


Late in the day we were just west of Witchita Falls, TX when I noticed the bike responding strangely. We were on I-40 and the Witchita Falls exit was only about a half mile up the road. I pulled to the side, parked and looked at the rear tire. Not good, it was going flat as I watched. This was before I started carrying a compressor and plug kit. (added that to the list) My wife dismounted from her "barca lounger" and I proceeded to walk the bike to the exit and she made sure traffic was clear. Once at the exit, we pulled the bike well off the road and proceeded to discuss our possiblities.


At this point you are thinking unpleasant thoughts, it is near 100 degrees in the sun and no shade around. The clock tells me it is 4:50 PM. The next step is to get out the "Gold Book", worth it's weight in silver! I thumbed through it and found the listings for Witchita Falls. Not many listings. The first couple calls netted us no answer. The third call was answered but the individual was unable to give us a hand. However, he did tell us there was a dealer in the area. By now it is after 5:00. I looked in the dealer section and low and behold there was listed "Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles". Of course it was now past closing time. Out of desperation I tried the number and someone answered. I wish I had thought to get their names after it was all over. The person I talked to said they were closed but someone would be out to pick us up. About 20 minutes later a young fellow in a pickup truck pulling a trailer came into view. It was now probably over 100 degrees and we were thankful for the air conditioning in the pickup. I helped the young man load the Wing on the trailer. Then he took us to a hotel in the downtown area and waited while my wife and I unloaded our gear from the Wing and secured a room for the night. He then took me with him to the shop to help unload the Wing from the trailer. After helping him and giving him all the pertinent information, he took me back to the hotel.


The next morning, my wife and I went to breakfast near the hotel then walked to the Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles, even though they had offered to pick us up and take us to the shop. By the time we arrived at the shop, around 10:00 AM, the bike was ready to go with a new rear tire, the same model as the one we had on the Wing, which was not the standard replacement. They had actually had one in stock, which really surprised me. Not only had they replaced the tire, but had also done an oil and filter change which was due.


My wife and I were extremely happy with the quick service, putting us ahead of other jobs to get us back on the road. And, not only was it a timely replacment, but the cost was less than I originally paid for the tire. That is the only time we have had to use the "Gold Book". What a great benefit.


Now, that is what I call great service and wonderful public relations.Jeff Eller Bike


We made it home with no other problems and still talk over what a great trip that was.


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