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April, 2011

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Joke of the


question mark

 A man tried to sell his neighbor a new dog. "This is a talking dog," he said. "And you can have him for five dollars."


The neighbor said, "Who do you think you're kidding with this talking-dog stuff? There ain't no such animal."


Suddenly the dog looked up with tears in his eyes. "Please buy me, Sir," he pleaded. "This man is cruel. He never buys me a meal, never bathes me, never takes me for a walk. And I used to be the richest dog in America. I performed before kings. I was in the Army and was decorated ten times."


"Hey!" said the neighbor. "He can talk. Why do you want to sell him for just five dollars?"


"Because," said the seller, "I'm getting tired of all his lies!"


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 "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."

~ Tommy Lasorda



"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."


~ Ayn Rand



"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog."

 ~  Dwight D. Eisenhower


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Rider Ed


by Jim and Nan Hall


International Directors Motorist Awareness


A Simple Explanation of Rider Education Levels & Personal Choices

Hello Everyone!


As Nan and I continue to visit old friends and make new ones by visiting and participating at different Chapter gatherings, district & regional events we are continuing to hear the question what do all these levels mean? Most of us already know, however in order to keep the Rider Education Program growing we have to remember our new Members and remind our old Members as well.


So, "Just what is Level I", a new Member might ask. You might say, "It is just a commitment to ride safe." Or you could explain in a little more detail by saying, "Its purpose is to obtain and reward a conscious commitment on the part of the rider or co-rider to work toward enhancing their riding experience by striving for reduced risk and therefore creating a greater level of safety for all Members." You might go on to say, "We encourage all Members that ride with us to make this commitment."


So, just what is Level II? You might say, "It is Safety by Education." You could say, "It is a level to encourage the rider and the co-rider to get as much education as possible through formal education by attending Rider Education Seminars and Riding Courses." You should also explain where they can find these seminars & courses.


So now what is Level III? You might say, "It is Safety by Preparedness." And what does that mean? You say, "It is the level that prepares the rider and co-rider for the unexpected incident by training them in CPR and First Aid. You could even explain that Members can receive this training at the very low cost of only $20.00 which is four times cheaper if they were to take this same training outside our organization.


Now what is Level IV? What could be left? You could say, "It is Safety by Enhanced Commitment." Or you could say, "It is the Total Package which allows a Member to consciously decide to SET THE EXAMPLE for others by combining all the above with additionally wearing the Proper Riding Gear. Remember, we are not dressing for the ride but protecting ourselves and loved ones from what could happen. Do you really want to gamble on your life or a loved one's life?" There's an old saying among motorcyclists; "cover up

what you would like to keep!" Some say Experience is the Best Teacher. We hope that is one saying you'll never experience!


You may go on to explain they can purchase patches to wear on their vests to show their commitment to reducing risk in our chosen sport. You should also explain where they may get these patches.


They may even ask, 'What is the proper riding gear?" You could say, "It is a Personal Choice." However, if you really care about your Members you will say something like, "It consists of an approved DOT/Snell Helmet with proper chin strap." If you really care you will explain the different styles of helmets and which provides the best protection. Explain about the long sleeves, long pants, over the

ankle boots and gloves with fingers. Don't forget to talk about dressing in layers and different types and styles of jackets, pants and gloves.


Remember back to when you first started riding, did you have someone to show you the ropes or did you have to figure it all out on your own? Hopefully you were given some pointers. We understand that motorcyclists are independent people, set in their ways and many other things that we probably should not mention. Because riding is an extension of their individual freedom they tend to object, especially when it comes to telling them what to wear while riding.


As Educators and Members of this great organization, it is our responsibility to focus on educating and training as many as our Members as possible. We can do this by offering Seminars, Scheduling Riding Classes and offering CPR and First Aid at the Chapter and District level.


REMEMBER! If a Member is committed to reducing the risk and wants to ride safe they will wear the proper gear. If they choose not to, all we can do is offer the education and SET THE EXAMPLE.  Until next time, Ride Safe and Never Faster than your Guardian Angle Can Fly!


Knoxville & 
 Tennessee Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about Knoxville this month.
1-Who was the original voice and model for the Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty and where was she born?
2-What two rivers meet in Knoxville to form the Tennessee River? (Hint, one comes from Virginia and the other from North Carolina.)

(Answers to be found in the coupon block below.) 


Another GWRRA

Discount Program 

Beachers Lodge Hotel

A room for every reason

A suite for every season


People who vacation at Beacher's Lodge know what makes it so special, but for those who have never visited this charming Crescent Beach Condo-Hotel there are many reasons to make the trip to St. Augustine, Florida. Just as there are no two travelers alike, there are no two suites that are decorated exactly the same, yet all the ocean front suites share a great ocean view.  If you are stopping in for the night or you want to stay all week, the suites are equipped to make you feel at home. After a long day of riding, our ocean front heated pool awaits. Our conference room is a great spot for Chapter meetings or family gatherings.    


Every season has beach days; you just have to know how to make them.  Start with a suite at Beacher's Lodge, open the sliding glass door and step out onto your balcony and enjoy! Soak in every minute of sea side bliss as you listen to the ocean play just outside your door. The sunrise is enough to make you want to wake up and catch an early ride.   If you are up for adventure, then a trip into historic St. Augustine is only 10 miles away.  St. Augustine is a remembered spot, a historical spot, a place to make your own history.  Better yet, bring your ride seaside at Beacher's Lodge Oceanfront Suites, where there is a room for every reason, a suite for every season.


GWRRA Members receive 10% on a 1-2 night stay and a total of 25% off if they stay 3+ Nights. Just mention your GWRRA Membership number when you make your reservations and thank Beachers Lodge for their GWRRA Business Membership!

Beacher's Lodge Oceanfront Suites
6970 A1A South
St. Augustine, Fl. 32080

Your Opinion Matters!

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Over the next few months, we are going to be asking you questions about your riding style and your type of ride.


"When you ride, do you prefer to ride?"


>Shorter rides (<50 miles)


  >Longer rides (50-200 miles)


>Day trips (>200 miles)


>Overnight trips or longer


  We always have a current GWRRA topic. To let us know your opinion. Check it out!



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Tow Truck
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Gift certificates are valid for any products at the GWRRA Goodie Booth at WD33 or GWRRA Official Products and must be redeemed by 12/31/11. 

Home Office



Split Payment Plan


GWRRA offers a Split Payment Plan. Simply

stated, you can split the amount of your membership renewal into two payments, spread over two consecutive months.


The Split Payment Plan can be done over the phone with a credit card, or can be marked on the bottom of your renewal notice. (Your renewal must be done with a credit card, and the split payment box must be checked.)


It is great for any renewals, with or without Rescue Plus!




1 year Family membership with Rescue Plus $80.00 total; $40.00 paid on 12-1-10 and the remaining $40.00 will be automatically charged on the last business day of the following month.



3 year Individual membership $120.00 total; $60.00 paid on 12-15-10 and the remaining $60.00 will be automatically charged on the last business day of the following month.


So take advantage of GWRRA's Split Payment Plan and renew your membership today! Call Member Services at 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (Phoenix).


Please note: You will not receive your membership cards or Rescue Plus cards until the final payment has been processed.



Updating your

"Home Chapter"


 In GWRRA we assign zip codes to Chapters based on the areas and Members associated within those areas. It is true that any Member can attend any Chapter, or belong to multiple Chapters. In our reporting system we have the capability to track only one home Chapter that you will be associated with, and you will only show up on that Chapter's reporting system.


Initially, we assign Chapters pertaining to the zip code in which you currently live. If you would like to be assigned to a different Chapter, you can call Member Services and request the change. There are a few reasons you may wish to change your "Home Chapter". For example, your primary residence may be in one state, but you want to belong to a Chapter in a different state that you have a secondary residence, or you visit multiple Chapters, but would like to be assigned to one specific Chapter. 


Address changes can be a little trickier. If your address changes, your Chapter assignment will automatically change to reflect your new address unless you have given us a specific Chapter that you would like to belong. If that is the case, your Home Chapter will remain the same.  


Recently we were allowing Chapter MEC's to change Member Chapter assignments. This was due to a Chapter of the Year recruiting and retention contest, which ended on November 1st, 2010. Members will now need to call and change their own Chapter assignment with our friendly Member Services Team at 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (Phoenix).



Message Boards

Help:

There seems to be a bit of confusion with the  Message Boards, so hopefully this information will be helpful.



The website is

A pop-up box will come up when you get there stating:


 User name is your GWRRA Membership number (zero's included).


 Password is the numbers in your address and the expiration date of your membership (in most cases). (If you are Life Members, it will be your address and then the word life, ex. 1234life.)


Once you are in the Message Boards, if this is your first time, you need to go up to the right-hand corner and press "REGISTER". There you will fill out the information asked and create your own user name and password. Keep in mind, the user name you choose can't be changed and it is what everyone will see on the Boards when you are logged in, so choose carefully.  


Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your information. Please save this for future reference.  


You may be asked to login each time you go to the Board. The first set of logins will confirm your membership, the second logins will be what you created.


If you still have any questions on this process, please give us a call. It is easier to walk you through it over the phone.




It has been a busy month here at the Home Office. With two events, one International--Wing Ding and one National--Trikes & Bikes Rally, being promoted by GWRRA, the folks here have been busy getting Members and Guests registered for not only the events, but for all the tours, rider ed classes/courses, etc. 
Make sure you check out each website for all the updates on new information, schedule changes, new activities/tours/events, as well as the availability of our award-winning Rider Education offerings.
The Trikes & Bikes Rally has added their Welcome Party to the schedule, as well as many local tours and sight-seeing opportunities. Make sure you check it out!
As of this writing, we just hosted the folks from the 40-to-Phoenix Ride. For those of you who are not aware of this event, there were riders who started from North Carolina and picked up more Members all along the way on US 40 to Phoenix and visited with us at the Home Office. The final count was 90 bikes and 109 Members, compared to 27 bikes last year! They left us and headed West to California, with some even going into Mexico. This is the second year for this event and I will report more next month.
As we reported last month, the new Gold Wing information is out and I asked for your input. Here is a sampling of the responses I received...anonymously, of course!
Responses from Members:

"I feel there are pro's and con's regarding the new Goldwing design,


The pro's -


The upgrade to the GPS, the capability of pre-planning your trips on a computer and being allowed to just plug it in via a memory card is neat. I just hope that map upgrades are easier to obtain than with previous Garmin systems. The upgraded suspension bushings may well add to the firmer feel for the more sportier rider... Improved seating, how much comfier can these road sofa's become? Having the wheels clear coated is a nice touch. MP3 player hook-up is just ok . - nothing new here, these have been around for years..


The Con's -


I think that the designers have taken a step in reverse on this one, I feel that the once smooth lines and decor of the GL1800 has been replaced with what I feel is " stick on " pieces e.g. the silver fairing panels, More black panel pieces on the engine covers, saddlebags and in the licence plate area makes the appearance cheaper looking, Especially on the lighter coloured versions. The price of "dressing up " one of these editions I feel is going to be heavier on the pocket, and harder to perform. The introduction of the larger saddlebags, although nice for those who need more space has added more visual weight to the back of the bike. These have also taken away some of the side viewable rear lighting, making all but the top box lighting mono directional. So bigger is not always better.. In fact the shape of the rear section looks somewhat like the flat, boxy back of a "ZZ" trailer for a BMW.


Finally , the re-shaping of the engine cowling where driving/fog lamps are installed is a little odd. Round lights in semi-rectangular holes just does not sit well visually. Gone is the neat look unless a lamp to match the opening is created.


So in conclusion ... The mechanical, MP3 player and GPS "tweaks" may seem to be advantageous, But the bodywork changes I feel, leave something to be desired."

And another...
"Like the cosmetic changes but for the money no electric windshield, 6 speed or seat upgrade? AND then you add the CB and $3,000 worth of chrome to make it look good. Big disappointment. I will keep my 07 csc trike. Honda is making it increasingly easy to look at other brands. This comes from a 30 plus year wing rider.
And finally...
"I am glad to see that Honda is finally coming out with two-tone machines. H-D has it over Honda in this department big time. I like the wind swept look. And the tech features are right on!!"  
In other news, we have revamped our Business Membership program and have already signed up some new Business Members. Please support all our Business Members by checking out the site here. Road 2 Luxe, a Gold Wing rental company in France and Beachers Lodge, a hotel property in Florida, are our newest Business Members.
 I also want to let you know the results of last months poll. We asked, What you ride. We received over 1350 responses online and 66% rode Gold Wing m/c's, 20% rode Gold Wing trike conversions, 13% rode other brand m/c's and 1% rode other brand trike conversions.
GWRRA is looking forward to a great year and an eventful riding season, so get those bikes checked out, take that Rider Ed course to hone up your skills, and above safe and have fun! 

Ed Price

Marketing Director


Membership Enhancement Article


International Couples of the Year!


Ed and Linda Johnson
International Directors
Membership Enhancement Program

As Membership Enhancement Program Directors we have been working with Mike Stiger, International Director of GWRRA, Region Directors, Region Membership Enhancement Coordinators, District Directors, and District Membership Enhancement Coordinators with assigning Unassigned Zip Codes and the contacting of New and Prospective Members in GWRRA. We thank each of these Members for their hard work and for standing behind and supporting the Membership Enhancement Program. We are already seeing positive results from the work that has already been done. 

It is with great pride that we are able to announce for the first time we have 100% of the GWRRA Regions with a Membership Enhancement Coordinator on their Team. This is a great accomplishment and will be of assistance not only to the Regions, but to the Districts and Chapters. As we have stated before, it takes everyone working together to make our Association great for all Members of GWRRA. 

We have also been busy with the Membership Enhancement Program Events that you will be seeing at Wing Ding 33. We are very excited and know this is going to be one of the biggest and best Wing Dings ever. The April issue of Wing World Magazine featured a Preliminary Schedule of the events in which you will be able to participate in at Wing Ding 33. We are working with the Leadership Training Program Director and the Rider Education Program Director to give you a full array of Seminars you may attend. We suggest you take a close look at the schedule and make a list of the Events and Seminars you wish to attend. There are so many "FUN" Events and activities that we don't want you to look back and say, "Oh, I wish we had not missed that one". If you haven't made your plans to attend Wing Ding 33, please do so today. 

One of the "FUN" events at Wing Ding is the Selection of the "International Couple of the Year". The Selection Process will take place Tuesday, July 5th, at 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm. Come out and support your Region Couple and show them how proud you are that they are participating in the International Couple of the Year Selection. 

In this issue we are featuring three of the participating Region Couples and will continue featuring the Region Couples each month so you will have an opportunity to see their picture and get to know about each of the Couples before the Selection Process. 

Kirby and Sandy White
Region D
2010 - 2011

Couple of the Year

We are Kirby and Sandy White the Region D Couple of the Year 2010-11. We've been married for 36 years and have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Kirby is retired from Toledo Machining and Sandy is a homemaker.

Our journey with the Gold Wing Road Riders Association started in 1986. Since that time we have enjoyed being with different Chapter, District and Regional teams at different levels of participation. We have enjoyed our many adventures and plan on having many more.

The Region D convention was so much fun. There was a lot to do, and not enough time to do them all. It was so good to see some friends that we haven't seen in a while. The friends we have made on our journey are priceless. Without this great Association we would not have seen, traveled, or done the things we have. We hope and plan on doing a lot more of everything.

As your Region D Couple we are so proud and honored to be good cheerleaders for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and Region D. We are looking forward to more adventures. Be safe out there and enjoy the ride. Life Is Good.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." -John Lennon

Evan and Cindy Parton 
Region N
2010 - 2011
Couple of the Year 

Our home Chapter is Mooresville, NC, NC-L2, better known as the "Lake Norman Wings". We have been actively involved in GWRRA for nine years, serving our Chapter as Newsletter Editor, Assistant Director (twice), Rider Educator, Couple of the Year and Chapter Director. It was our pleasure to serve as the Region N Couple of the Year during 2010 - 2011. Once chosen to serve as Chapter Couple of the Year, we quickly realized how much of a "Passion" we have for this program. We have been actively involved as Region Couple, and not just "title holders". Our personal mandate is to work with leadership at all levels throughout the Region, spreading the word about the Couple of the Year Program and encouraging each Chapter to honor their special couple. Our message will be one of helping others to understand the procedure for "Selecting" their Chapter Couple, as set forth in the Couples Handbook. 

We firmly believe that those Chapters who have selected a couple will see them thrive. And, we sincerely hope that they have the opportunity to enjoy the same excitement that we have experienced in the program over the past three years. Cindy is presently recovering from hip replacement surgery, and looks forward to the first of the year when recovery should be complete, and she can once again continue the active visitation program for which we are known.

Rich & Doreen Lampe

Region B
2010 - 2011
Couple of the Year 

We are Rich & Doreen Lampe, Northeast Region B's Couple of the Year for 2010-2011. We have been married 30 years, and blessed with our children, Genevieve, Lauren and Bryan We have a beautiful granddaughter Kaleigh Rose who just turned 2. We purchased our very first Gold Wing, a GL1800 and then joined GWRRA in 2004. Our home chapter is New Jersey Chapter G. Our Chapter gatherings are the first Sunday of the month, held at The After, 195 Route 206, Flanders, NJ breakfast usually by 8:30AM. If you are in the area, come join us!

We have held several titles in GWRRA, such as Assistant Chapter Director, Chapter Director, and Treasurer, just to name a few, however, being Couple of the Year has been the most fun and rewarding. It's the easiest position to hold, and all that is required is for you to be yourself. Everywhere we go, we get treated like celebrities. We have had a blast visiting our state Chapters, participating in our NJ Visit-A-Chapter program and we look forward to visiting other Chapters in the Region as soon as we can.

We are excited to meet you and your Chapter while having fun along the way. Ride safe!

Member StoryRichard Bonesteel pic


Great return 
bottles offer

Published: Monday, August 02, 2010

By Katie Nowak The Record


Cliff Bonesteel with cans he

has collected for

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Mike McMahon         

  Clifford Bonesteel, GWRRA#180543


BRUNSWICK - Returning bottles and cans to the store can be a tedious task, but imagine returning close to 150,000 of them. Over the past year, Cliff Bonesteel did just that, collecting and returning 149,700 cans and bottles to net a deposit return of more than $7,400. But instead of pocketing the cash, Bonesteel, 63, decided to put it toward a greater cause. Along with his fellow members of the Gold Wing Road Riders, Bonesteel traveled from Utica to Old Forge on July 18 and presented the money to the National Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation at its annual Ride for Kids event. Bonesteel bought his motorcycle in 2003 after his wife passed away the previous year, and joined the Gold Wing Road Riders Association soon afterward. He has been collecting money for the PBTF since 2004 after meeting children at the Ride for Kids event who had survived their battle with cancer.

The first year, he picked up cans and bottles discarded along the side of the road near his home on McChesney Avenue Extension, and collected $1,250, which he donated to the charity. His NY GWRRA Chapter G participants and close friend Mary Phibbs, had put a bin outside her house to collect bottles and cans as well, and Bonesteel decided to follow suit. He put up a sign with the amount of money he had raised, along with a blue plastic barrel. "I figure, well, I put a barrel out front, maybe I can get the same amount, Bonesteel recalled of his decision to solicit donations at his house. "And it took off. The barrel wasn't big enough. I had to get (a) box and (a) cart.

Bonesteel attributes many of the donations to people not wanting to take the time to go to grocery stores and beverage centers themselves, and that they like the opportunity to help those in need. "Last year it was phenomenal, Bonesteel said of the most recent fund drive's success." (People) figured, this is a good cause. They knew to drop them off here. Bonesteel said he gets donations every day, and returned from a recent four-day vacation to find 29 cases of beer bottles stacked in his driveway. Another day he received 600 cans and bottles from a generous stranger. He also makes daily trips to various spots around the region to collect from those businesses and individuals who have pledged to give him their discarded beverage containers. Once collected, Bonesteel meticulously separates the different materials and brands - like Coke product cans, off-brand plastic bottles and water bottles, to name a few - into clear, 32-gallon trash bags, and logs each one on a handwritten spreadsheet. Bags are clipped to wooden frames, which he built to make the sorting process easier and stores in his garage each night. He makes his returns at the Wynantskill Beverage Mart about once a week, or whenever he can fill a trailer hitch, and usually returns between 2,000 and 3,200 bottles and cans per trip.

Richard Bonesteel picturePhibbs marveled at Bonesteel's dedication to the cause, saying that he pays for all the bags and other various supplies he needs to run his operation, in addition to personally picking up and returning every bottle and can. He's gained notoriety among the Gold Wing Road Riders friends for his passion for the project. It's a lot of money to just turn in, she said. "Cliff has really gone all out." But Bonesteel remains humble about his exploits, and says it's a rewarding experience to give back to others in need. Interacting with the children in Utica is what makes it all worthwhile. "It's a fantastic opportunity to see the survivors," he said. Last year he raised more than $4,000, an amount he trumped handily with his latest collection. He hopes to keep that number rising every year. "As long as I can do it, I'm able to do it; I'm going to keep doing it, he said. Those interested in donating their cans and bottles can drop them off at Bonesteel's home, 414 McChesney Ave. Ext, in Brunswick.


- - - - - Honda Motorcycle News - - - - -


1) Honda Announces All New Gold Wing


TORRANCE, USA, February 21, 2011 - Honda announced

the all-new 2012 Gold Wing, once again establishing a new and higher standard for what the good life should truly be at the cutting edge of long-distance two-wheeled motoring.


Full Story:


Photo Index (1 photo):


2) Honda Opens New Gold Wing Site


February 21, 2011 - To celebrate the announcement of the all-new 2012 Gold Wing, Honda has opened its comprehensive Gold Wing site, covering

concept, styling, engine and chassis features, specifications and



Gold Wing Site:

New Event...Trikes
Trikes & Bikes Rally
September 30-October 2,2011
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Welcome to Bowling Green, Kentucky!

Things to do...


Wonders of the World Come Alive

at Mammoth Cave!


What do eyeless fish, a World Heritage Site, and a Snowball Room have to do with the 2011 Trikes & Bikes Rally? They all can be found just 30 minutes north of Bowling Green, KY at the site of the longest known cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave National Park. With more than 365 miles of discovered passageways below and nearly 53,000 acres of protected land above, Mammoth Cave is a must-see attraction while in Southern Kentucky.


Besides its spectacular size, Mammoth Cave has an almost surreal beauty. Daylight disappears as you descend through one of several different entrances, but your eyes quickly adjust to the lit limestone playground. Most tours are designed for a mixed audience, and some are easy, others are strenuous, several are designed exclusively for children, and one is designed for people seeking a wild cave adventure off the beaten path.


First, how were the caves formed? Millions of years ago, the area was covered by a shallow sea and animal and plant deposits on the sea floor formed thick layers of limestone. Rainwater, mixed with carbon dioxide in the air and soil, formed a mild acid which slowly worked its way into cracks in the limestone and began to dissolve passages. Karst is a term used to describe such places where dissolved openings in the underlying bedrock allow a substantial amount of groundwater to move for long distances with relatively little filtration. Karst features include caves, sinkholes, springs and underground rivers.


To see the 350-million year-old rocks, stunning formations and fascinating animals that have adapted to life in the dark underground at Mammoth Cave, visitors select one of fourteen available tours. Introductory Tours such as the Mammoth Passage Tour, Discovery Tour (self-guided) and Frozen Niagara Tour take visitors to the most popular and easily accessible areas like one of the largest rooms in the cave, an early mining operation, or the Drapery Room.


If you are looking to learn a little more history and spend more substantial time exploring the underworld, choose from one of the General Tours. On the Historic Tour, follow in the footsteps of explorers who crossed Bottomless Pit and discover the role the cave played during the War of 1812. The New Entrance Tour takes visitors by bus to the entrance opened in the 1920s that provides a trek past impressive pits, domes and underground hills before passing through one of the most decorative areas of Mammoth.


Another General Tour is the Grand Avenue Tour, a 4 hour, 4-mile trip that unveils the complexity and size of the cave system. Learn the interwoven natural and cultural history of the cave as you journey through some of the cave's most dramatic passages and see twisting canyons, gypsum-encrusted halls, and tapestries of dripstone. The Snowball Tour is another popular trip that takes guests through the beautifully elliptical Cleaveland Avenue before ending in the Snowball Room, viewed by visitors since the 1840s.


Feeling adventurous? Then take one of four Specialty Cave Tours like the Violet City Lantern Tour or the Star Chamber Tour where guides use only lanterns to light the way. Follow the course of the water from ridge top to river bottom on the River Styx Cave Tour and witness the power that created this geologic marvel. Or get your cameras and tripods out on the Focus on Frozen Niagara Tour as you see many decorative formations in Rainbow Dome, Onyx Collonade and Shower Bath Springs.


For the truly brave at heart, Mammoth Cave offers up-close and personal Spelunking Tours like the Introduction to Caving and Wild Cave Tour where visitors can try out their caving skills and even face the darkness in 'wild' areas of the cave. The kids-only Trog Tour takes children 8-12 years old on an off-trail adventure to unlock the secrets of how animals of Mammoth Cave survive in the deep dark while hiking, crawling and belly-sliding through rarely visited passages.


One thing all of the guided tours have in common is the remarkable stories of human history that are told. From the early explorers risking their lives and those who exploited the saltpetre deposits of the cave to the doctors who thought it had healing powers and the families who sacrificed their land when the park was designated, many people's lives have been tangled with Mammoth Cave.


Designed with all visitors in mind, you'll find activities to suit all ages above ground, too. More than just the cave, the park offers more than 70 miles of trails to follow, 31 miles of ever-moving rivers to explore, animals to watch, fish to catch, special programs to attend, and places to build a fire and roast marshmallows. Outdoor recreational enthusiasts enjoy canoeing, fishing, hiking, mountain bike riding, horseback riding, and camping all year.


Above the cave systems and surrounding the Green River, is a rich forest ecosystem. The park's forests provide a refuge for trees such as American chestnut, elm, butternut, and hemlock. Numerous other common, threatened, and endangered species of plants and animals find shelter within the park's woods and remnant prairies. Deer and wild turkey are often seen feeding along the roadsides, another reason to slow down and take it all in.


Due to the area's exceptional natural features, its habitat for threatened and endangered species, and its association with events and persons of world historic and archeological significance, Mammoth Cave National Park was named a World Heritage Site in 1981. Then in 1990, it was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve being one of the world's most biologically diverse caves with approximately 130 species identified as using the cave. Mammoth Cave National Park has become a key area for international research on karst hydrology and cave ecosystems.


There are eight other caves open to the public in Kentucky's Cave Country region, including Lost River Cave & Valley located right in Bowling Green featuring the state's only underground boat tour. Discover how Native Americans, Civil War Soldiers, outlaws, and anti-prohibitionists have used the cave and valley throughout the past. Tour guides lead you down into the valley past blue holes, or karst windows, into the largest cave opening east of the Mississippi River. Other features to enjoy include a constructed wetland, a butterfly habitat, bird watching portholes, hiking trails and Nature's Gifts Store in the Visitor Center.


When the summer months heat up in Southern Kentucky, cave attendance also rises as visitors flock to the cool refuge offered by the underground labyrinths. While making your plans for the 2011 Trikes & Bikes Rally be sure to include one of the area's caves on your agenda.


Can't wait to learn more?  Then contact the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-326-7465 or go online to and get excited about Rolling to Bowling Green September 30-October 2, 2011. You can also call GWRRA at 800-843-9460 or in Phoenix at 623-581-2500 to get registered now!


Home Office ExperienceBarry & Eileen McMillan
by Barry McMillan

In November last year I received an email about the sale of the new GWRRA Custom Riding Jacket. The measurements for the sizes listed on-line seemed to run on the large size, so I was unsure of what size to order. I replied to the email and asked what would happen if I ordered a jacket and it did not fit. Matthew Tees, of Member Services, answered replying that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and that merchandise can be returned or exchanged at any time.

My wife and I were planning to head down to California and then over to Arizona in early January to visit with family, so I ordered a Medium jacket to be delivered to Los Angeles. When it arrived and I tried it on, it was a bit snug, but luckily it fit my wife perfectly. I phoned Home Office and asked if I could get a size large jacket. Unfortunately, the jackets were such top sellers that they were sold out of Large. However, Julie took my name and phone number and said that she would let me know if they happened to get any large jackets returned. I had barely hung up from that phone call when Julie called back to say that she had just checked with the shipper and there was a Large jacket available and she would set it aside for me.
On January 11th my wife and I drove to Phoenix and went to the GWRRA Home Office. Edward Price, Marketing Director, greeted us and gave us a tour of the Home Office. We found Julie and bought not just the large jacket but a t-shirt too. It was an interesting tour and we were treated nicely by everyone we met. I wish to thank Edward for the tour and Julie for saving the jacket for me. We look forward to returning to the Phoenix area on our motorcycle and trying out some of the roads around there, as for this trip we were in our truck.


Chapter Story:


Chapter "A" PEI Does Good


by Cornelia Pineau


District Director for PEI.


Region "L", Chapter "A" PEI had a presentation of Level 4 badges in November of 2010. We have a small but pretty active group. We only have one Chapter in our province with 70 some Members. 11 Members out of our 30 active Members received their level 4 badges. The Members receiving their Level 4's are (pictures not shown); our District Riders Educator, Brent Mackinnon receiving his Level 4 badges from District Director, Stephen Pineau. Then Brent went on to present everyone else with their badges. Chapter Directors, Monty & Corinne MacAusland; Susan Kearney accepting on behalf of herself and her husband Wayne; Dave Faithfull; Barry Pineau; District Director, Cornelia Pineau; District Director, Stephen Pineau;  Newly Appointed Assistant Chapter Director, Reagh Sherren and finally, Carl Wilson.


  Doing it the GWRRA way!

Travelog:(Part 1 of 2)
Jerry & Ann BikeRoad to Morocco


By Jerry and Ann Larsen,

Master Tour Riders 6872 & 6873


We started our second tour with IMT with two wonderful days in Seville, which is the most magnificent city we had ever been to. Of course Seville was once the center of the universe.


We load on our bikes and head to Algeciras where we prepare to cross the straits of Gibraltar, which is 8 miles across. The ride down was beautiful passing towns where all the houses were painted white. During the ride in the afternoon, it rained hard and continuously on us. The next morning we loaded onto the ferry to cross onto Ceuta, which is a Spanish enclave on the Africa continent.


Once we cleared the bikes into Morocco and immigration, we head for the town of Chefchaouen which is high in the Riff Mountains. As we cross over the plateau at the top of the mountains, it is cold with strong 40 mph winds. Most of the citizens in Chefchaouen wore long gowns with pointed hood covers. At night it was sort of eerie. At dinner that evening, it was the beginning of us eating couscous with every meal which was much better than what we get in the US. This area is known for the hashish farms, which we didn't partake of. The next morning we head for Fez with a stop at the Roman ruins at Volubilis which dates from the 3rd century BC.


The next day was like no other that we have ever seen. The Medina of Fez is a walled city within a city with madrasas, fondouks, mosques and palaces dating from Marinid rule in the 13th-for jackets, purses, shoes, ect. We go through a small dirty door into a three story room with millions of dollars of FEZ carpets. Yes, we did buy one. For lunch we walked through a small doorway into a beautiful restaurant for a great meal. At our evening dinner, we have a belly dancer perform and I had to get up and dance with her. At that period, Fez replaced Marrakesh as the capital of the kingdom. It has 13,000 unnamed narrow streets and alleyways with many tiny shops, people, donkeys, mules, and cats. We visited a mosaic tile factory and a leather factory, where the hide is dyed. Now it is on to Erfoud.


MarketplaceThis ride will take us a little over 250 miles through the city of Ifrane which is a mountain city and the skiing capital of Morocco, similar to the Swiss Alps. Now we head south through the Gorges du Ziz, which were formed by the Ziz River toward the desert. Erfoud was the last city to fall to the French in 1932 and is famous for its marble fossils. We are in the Sahara Desert now. The Sahara once was an ocean and many marine fossils are for sale. The next day we spent riding four wheelers in the sand dunes. As I was racing on the slope of a large sand dune, I was waved off and when I got to the top, I saw the basic structure of a sand dune. The other side was 85, 50 foot drop. The two riders had gone flying over this, but since this was sand no one was hurt. The Sahara is only around 30% sand. We had mint tea in a Bedouin tent. The beautiful hotel, in which we stayed, was made of mud. Now it is on to Zagora.


Passing through the desert we see large herds of wild camels. Zagora was the starting point for the caravans that crossed the desert in route to Timbuktu. It took 52 days crossing the dunes to arrive at this famous trading city.Desert
(Ed. Note: The second and final part of this Travelog will be presented next month.)
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