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Happy Holidays!

December, 2010

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Joke of the Month
"An elderly gentleman wasn't feeling well, and became irritated with his doctor because he wasn't getting better after five visits.

"Look!" said the doctor. "I'm doing all I can to help you. I can't make you younger."

"I wasn't particularly interested in getting younger", said the old man. "I just want to continue growing older."
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Inspirational Quotes 

"There's only one thing that can guarantee our failure, and that's if we quit."

~ Unknown


"You're never a loser until you quit trying."

~ Mike Ditka


"Losers quit when they're tired.  Winners quit when they've won."

~ Unknown

Happy Holidays

Thanks to all Members of GWRRA

 by Ed & Linda Johnson

International Directors

Member Enhancement Program

There is something in the air during the holiday season that brings a sense of appreciation and gratefulness to those lives we have touched during the year.  As Directors of Membership Enhancement, we would like to take this special opportunity to say a very special "Thank You" to all the Members of GWRRA. 

We thank you for allowing us to be your Membership Enhancement Directors for another year.   But mostly we "Thank You" for being there and being Members of GWRRA. 

Without you, the Members, we would not be needed.  You have continually been supportive to us with new ideas, suggestions and food for thought.  The most precious of all is your friendship. 

Your smiles, your hugs, the funny stories of your travels, updates on your families, and there is so much more.   Now you are beginning to sense that appreciation and gratefulness that we mentioned before.   

We would like for you to have an extra serving of Friendship, if you have attended a Gathering, District Convention, Region Convention, or Recruited a new Member.  You get an extra big serving if you have talked to some Prospective New Member regarding the benefits of GWRRA. 

As Members of GWRRA, it takes all of us doing our part to help the Membership Enhancement Program, recruit, participate and have lots of "FUN".  In doing this we will increase the "FUN" and show other Motorcycle owners (riders) that we believe in our great Association.  This is only the beginning, if they become a Member of GWRRA, they can take advantage of the Leadership Training Programs and Rider Education Program, which includes Medic First Aid and Motorist Awareness.  GWRRA has so much to offer, but to keep our Association going strong we need to keep "FUN" at the Chapter Gatherings and Events, Recruit New Members, and take care of the GWRRA family we so love.  Remember "Every Member Matters".

Many have already said, "It's hard to believe", but it's true, 2010 is winding down.  It is hard to believe, but what a great year we've had.  "Thank You" and may all of you have the Merriest Christmas and the greatest New Year in 2011.

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High Mileage Program Winner 

The winner of GWRRA's High Mileage Contest is....LEO CASPER #062253 from Lancaster, WI. His total mileage driven from April 1st to October 31st, 2010 was 44,843 miles.


Congratulations Leo! 

New Appointment

Region N Director 

Ed and Mary Grazier
Frank and Kathy Albert have decided to announce their retirement as Region N Directors. We want to show our gratitude and give our sincere thanks to Frank and Kathy for their outstanding service as Region N Directors. Frank and Kathy are exemplary leaders and we know they will continue their service to the Members of GWRRA in other capacities.
The International Team and I are pleased to announce the appointment of Ed and Mary Grazier as the Region N Directors. The appointment will be effective November 1, 2010. They are an outstanding couple and we know their exemplary service to GWRRA will be continued as Region N Directors. The following is a brief history of Ed and Mary's distinguished service to the Membership of GWRRA.
Ed and Mary Grazier
Region N Directors
Home Phone #:  (615) 459-4499
Email:  edgrazier@comcast.net
Volunteer Positions:
Chapter Member Enhancement; Chapter Newsletter Editor, Assistant Chapter Director; Leadership Training Development Instructor; Rider Education Seminar Presenter; Parking Lot Facilitator; Certified TRC Instructor; Chapter Director; Region N Member Enhancement Coordinators
Honored as Couple of the Year for Chapter, TN District and Region N (2007-2008)
Both are Hall of Honor Members:  Ed recruited 37, Mary Ann recruited 29
Please join us in congratulating the Graziers as the new Region N Directors and thanking the Alberts for their service as the former Region N Directors.
Mike Stiger
Director of GWRRA
Knoxville & 
 Tennessee Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about Knoxville this month.
1-Name two Country Music Hall of Famers who got their start in Knoxville?
2-Where did current NFL star and 2006 Super Bowl champion, Peyton Manning, play his college football?

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Your Opinion Matters! 
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This month we want to know why you joined GWRRA?


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40 to Phoenix


Hello Everyone.. Some of you may have already heard from me and then some of you have not. I'm Brian McCallum and I am the Coordinator for the 2nd Annual 40 to Phoenix, Coast to Coast International Ride.... the name pretty much describes the ride, however, here is a little more information on what we have going on. 
On March 10, 2011, we are meeting in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, where NC-Q is hosting a dinner/send off at Carolina BBQ, (great food). I had the pleasure of meeting Gene, the CD, along with several other great people over the weekend
On March 11, 2011, (Friday) we will meet at the Town Hall in Wrightsville Beach and have a photo taken of ALL the riders that are heading out to Phoenix, Arizona to tour the GWRRA Home Office. We will be stopping at the following locations, where we hope to have a local Chapter meet us upon arrival, and have a social gathering: Dandridge, Tennessee; Memphis, Tennessee; El Reno, Oklahoma; Albuquerque, New Mexico; then into Phoenix, where National and the local Chapter will welcome nearly 50 to 75, or more bikes. We will spend a day in Phoenix, then we head off to San Diego on the 17th, where we will be escorted by the San Diego Chapter back to California for the night. On the 18th we will ride down into Mexico along the coast and have breakfast at a 5-star resort, and travel down the coast to Ensenada and back, through the wine country.
Attached is a flyer of the ride, we have our own link on GWRRA FaceBook, it is mentioned in the back for upcoming events, and our web site address is http://40tophoenix.org/News.htm
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me. I would love to hear from you. 
Thank you...  
Brian McCallum
Home Office Reminders

Split Payment Plan


 The holidays are fast approaching and we want you to know that your renewal with GWRRA shouldn't be a burden to you.


GWRRA now offers a Split Payment Plan. Simply stated, you can split the amount of your membership renewal into two payments, spread over two consecutive months.


The Split Payment Plan can be done over the phone with a credit card, or can be marked on the bottom of your renewal notice. (your renewal must be done with a credit card, and the split payment box must be checked)


It is great for any renewals with or without Rescue Plus!




1 year Family membership with Rescue Plus $80.00 total; $40.00 paid on 12-1-10 and the remaining $40.00 will be automatically charged on the last business day of the following month.


3 year Individual membership $120.00 total; $60.00 paid on 12-15-10 and the remaining $60.00 will be automatically charged on the last business day of the following month.


So take advantage of GWRRA's Split Payment Plan and renew your membership today! Call Member Services at 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (Phoenix).


Please note: You will not receive your membership cards or Rescue Plus cards until the final payment has been processed.


Updating your "Home Chapter"


In GWRRA we assign zip codes to Chapters based on the areas and Members associated within those areas. It is true that any Member can attend any Chapter, or belong to multiple Chapters. In our reporting system we have the capability to track only one home Chapter that you will be associated with, and you will only show up on that Chapter's reporting system.


Initially, we assign Chapters pertaining to the zip code in which you currently live. If you would like to be assigned to a different Chapter, you can call Member Services and request the change. There are a few reasons you may wish to change your "Home Chapter". For example, your primary residence may be in one state, but you want to belong to a Chapter in a different state that you have a secondary residence, or you visit multiple Chapters, but would like to be assigned to one specific Chapter.


Address changes can be a little trickier. If your address changes, your Chapter assignment will automatically change to reflect your new address unless you have given us a specific Chapter that you would like to belong; if that is the case, your Home Chapter will remain the same.


Recently we were allowing Chapter MEC's to change Member Chapter assignments. This was due to a Chapter of the Year recruiting and retention contest, which ended on November 1st, 2010. Members will now need to call and change their own Chapter assignment with our friendly Member Services Team at 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (Phoenix).



Message Boards 
Help:
There seems to be a bit of confusion with the  Message Boards, so hopefully this information will be helpful.
The website is www.gwrrabbs.org 
A pop-up box will come up when you get there stating:
User name is your GWRRA Membership number (zero's included).
Password is the numbers in your address and the expiration date of your membership (in most cases). (If you are Life Members, it will be your address and then the word life, ex. 1234life.)
Once you are in the Message Boards, if this is your first time, you need to go up to the right-hand corner and press "REGISTER". There you will fill out the information asked and create your own user name and password. Keep in mind, the user name you choose can't be changed and it is what everyone will see on the Boards when you are logged in, so choose carefully.
Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your information. Please save this for future reference.
You may be asked to login each time you go to the Board. The first set of logins will confirm your membership, the second logins will be what you created.
If you still have any questions on this process, please give us a call. It is easier to walk you through it over the phone.

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 date we have 2,250 pledge forms signed.
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Help us get more pledges signed by taking pledges to your community events and having all your non-motorcycling friends sign up now!

Thank you!

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It is just prior to Thanksgiving, as I sit at my desk writing my article for this issue of Wingin' It. My thoughts race to gratitude...Gratitude to so many people!

First, of course is my family. My wife, her family, my sons and their families, then my brother and sister and their families. Paul & Shirley for starting this great organization back in 1977! I can't put into words, how much GWRRA has changed my life...professionally and personally...by all the lifetime friends I have made. Not too mention the fact that it SAVED MY LIFE through its rider education program, literally!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of YOU, our loyal Members, for being part of this huge Family! And, all our incredible Officers, both past and present, who volunteer to do so much for all of us. And, of course, all of our past Executive Directors, and current and past Board Members who have also left their mark on this Association.

And "Thank You" to the thousands for Volunteering from the Chapter, District, Region and National levels and their respective programs. I certainly don't want to forget all the vendors and advertisers who have supported GWRRA over these many years. I would be remiss if I did not send out a big "THANKS" to all our staff who contibute so much to your experience with GWRRA. They help in incredible ways to help keep the doors open here at the Home Office.

But again, the bottom line is, we "THANK YOU" our Members, who are the lifeblood of GWRRA and we appreciate you very much. May your Holiday Season be filled with health, peace and joy!

Ride safe, 
Ed Price
Marketing Director

"Friends for FUN, Safety & Knowledge"

Officer Article:
New Appointment-
Couple Of The Year Coordinators

by Ed & Linda Johnson, International Directors
Member Enhancement Program
Steven & Tammy Hollingsworth---
Steven and I are from Rocket City, USA also known as Huntsville, Alabama. We reside in a community just outside of Huntsville called Meridianville. We've been happily married for 14 wonderful, blissful years and have a loveable 22 year old son, Zachary, along with 2 dogs, 2 birds and a cat. Our first date was an ATV ride in the mountains; it was obvious in the very beginning that we both enjoyed the great outdoors. One day in 2005, I discovered a new profound love, Gold Wings and Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), through a friend at work. I twisted Steven's arm (well not really) to get a Gold Wing and immediately we joined GWRRA. We joined to deter ourselves from becoming couch potatoes and to also find new FRIENDS. We jumped right in and have not slowed down; our enthusiasm merely thrives. We really enjoy being a part of the GWRRA life so much so, it has literally become a way of life for us, and we infuse it into our lives daily. We savor every moment, and for what we've gained out of this experience, there's no way we could ever give back enough in return. In the meantime, as we try to give back, we hope that we can affect people in the most positive ways and do what we can to help others enjoy and experience GWRRA.

We both have 2006 Titanium Gold Wings; however, mine is a Trike. We have matching purple snakeskin Wing Bling and Steven has gotten used to buying two of everything that will fit both Wings. With the joy of riding and meeting new people, we did not realize we were going to have even more fun -- that is -- when we were announced as the 2008 Couple of the Year for our Chapter; then from there, serving as the 2009 Alabama District Couple of the Year, and following as 2009-2010 Region A's Couple of the Year. From our humble beginning as Chapter Couple, our journey began in the Couple of the Year Program. Respectively, we've served on Chapter, District and Region Team and encountered and enjoyed many aspects of the GWRRA life. Steven always says the more you participate, the more FUN you have. While we are having FUN, we try to keep focused on the SAFETY aspects of being Gold Wing riders. Proudly and safely riding as Level IV Master Tour Riders, we want to compel others to strive for safety and KNOWLEDGE. We are Leadership Training Program Instructors / Rider Education Seminar Presenters as well as ARC/TRC Rider Coaches. Naturally, I'm only a TRC Rider Coach but Steven is certified in both. We diligently encourage participation & embody the motto, Friends for FUN, Safety, and Knowledge. Gold Wing Road Riders Association is wonderful in the way that it offers so many great opportunities to learn and develop skills, not only mental, but physical skills for riding. Being part of the Couple of the Year Program, we realized there are other skills that we needed to hone. What better way to hone them, than to help others along the way, through our knowledge and experience. We are always more than willing to try to return the gift of mentoring that we received by slipping into the practice of becoming mentors to other Couples across the nation in the program. As I've always said, knowledge is no good unless you share it.

We have a passion for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, but the one thing that is really near and dear to our hearts, is the Couple of the Year Program. It has been a major catalyst in our decisions to gain more skills and knowledge. The benefits are too many to list and it can go on and on. For each couple, they may get something different out of the program, but what is shared among all of the couples is the sense of pride, respect, camaraderie, and the love of other individuals not based on anything other than their shared pastime of riding motorcycles. We always say (like a good friend told us once), it's the motorcycle that brought us to GWRRA, but it's the people that keep us here. Steven and I have become closer now more than ever; not only are we best friends and marriage partners, but we are a TEAM. Our feelings for the Couple of the Year Program are that it is one of the key essentials that drives the enthusiasm in the Association. Couples start to promote enthusiasm in their Chapters, and it carries over throughout the Districts, Regions, and across the world. This is part of the excitement that makes Gold Wing Road Riders Association special. Steven and I are very proud and honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization and are fortunate to have been part of the Couple of the Year Program.  After serving in our roles and as the end neared, we were quite sad and emotional. In turn, we made a pact to continue mentoring wherever needed, and just do what we could to continue promoting it, as we love it so. Much to our surprise, when we were asked to be the International Couple of the Year Coordinators, we felt like we had just hit the jackpot!! So, now we have this task at hand, to continue assisting in the program, but from a different perspective. We intend to do the very best that we can to make it an enjoyable experience, a memorable experience, and most of all, an inspiring experience.

We feel that every couple is worthy of benefiting as much as possible from this opportunity and we hope that we can truly be an asset in promoting the Couple of the Year Program. 
Travelog (part 2)
Submitted by Don Rees
Chapter WA-O


Road Trip:


One of the nice benefits of an open- ended plan is that it lets us stop at any interesting site.  One of those almost slipped by us, Manzanar Historic site.  Marked only by a small sign along 395, Manzanar is the site of one of ten war relocation centers for Japanese Americans.  A total of 10,046 Japanese Americans, (2/3 were American citizens by birth)  were housed in this 500-acre camp.  The Interpretive Center documents the war years and the hardship these folks had to endure along with the campaign to recognize the injustice.  In 1988, the U.S. Civil Liberties Act granted a $20,000 payment and an apology to 82,000 former internees.


Wanting to skip Las Vegas, our travels took us to Shoshone then Baker, and then south to Kingman Arizona, where we picked up one of the last sections of the mother road, "Route 66".  Tourist traps and all, it was fun to be part of an American legend.

Next stop, the biggest hole in the ground you ever want to see, the Grand Canyon South rim.


Giving ourselves a bonus, we got a room in the Powell Cabin part of Bright Angel Lodge, right next to the South rim.  We took our wine on the rim trail and sat and watched the sunset change the colors of the canyon from brown, to red, to almost blue.  As the sun began to fade, up from deep in the valley, a pair of rare California Condors rose on the air currents right in front of us!  Coffee the next morning was from the same spot, watching the sunrise.  We exited the park along Desert View Drive to the east, stopping at the famous lookout tower.


Monument Valley and the Four Corners were the goals the next day .  It was really great to see some of the landscape that you could recognize from the John Wayne movies.  You can almost imagine a stagecoach with Andy Devine driving, and the Duke riding shotgun,  rolling by.  The Navajo  reservation covers both Monument Valley and Four Corners, so there is a small charge to stand on four states at once, but it was worth it.


Heading north and toward home, Canyonlands National Park was our next stopping point.  Canyonlands is really three parks in one;  Needles in the south, with the potholes, arches, spires and mushroom shaped rocks. Then, Island in the Sky has the deep valleys and  majestic views, and The Maze, that is the most rugged and wildest, can only be seen from four-wheel drive, hiking, or by floating the Green or Colorado rivers.  We didn't do it justice as we did our drive-through tour, but with Merilee taking photos from her perch in the passenger saddle, we can look back and be awed again and again.


Not to be left out, is Arches National Park.  With a rain storm looming, we rode the 24-mile route (48 round trip) through the park viewing the rock formations with names like Broken Arch, Sand Dune Arch, Delicate Arch, Devils Garden, Double O Arch, and Fiery Furnace.  Each with a unique look of the red rock, sandstone and salt beds.


After a quick tour of Central Utah University dinosaur museum, home of one of the most complete mammoth skeletons ever recovered, we headed northwest.  Outside of Provo, we detoured to visit Robert Redford's ski area, Sundance.  As luck would have it, it also butts up to 11,000-foot Mt. Timpanogos.  There is a 16-mile scenic drive on a one lane road that crosses over the Wasatch Range to the west side of the mountains, and the Timpanogos Cave National Monument.  We worked our way up to 8800 feet, through the Aspen trees and views around every bend in the road.  Lookout for the bicyclists, they think they own the road here, too.


That night, Twin Falls Idaho, oh hey, this is where the story  began.   


Rider Education Article
submitted & written by

Joe and Judy Pirillo

Region E Educators


The Rider Education Program (REP) Levels program has been around for many years, however not all riders aspire to achieve all four Levels.  There are two facts which cannot be denied.  #1, we are all getting older each day.  #2, motorcycle crashes are on the increase throughout the nation.  These two facts have nothing to do with helmets, but I sure hope I have one on my head when I need it.   


There are Four Levels in the REP.  Level I is Safety by Commitment, Level II is Safety by Education, Level III is Safety by Preparedness, and Level IV is Safety by Enhanced Commitment & Preparedness.  The level you achieve is up to you.  Yes, Level IV requires the commitment of the wearing of a helmet.  Even if you do not wish to become a Level IV we should ALL adhere to the first three levels.


Occasionally, we may have witnessed that some Level IVs do not always wear their helmet.  Remember, we are not the GWRRA Police.  It is true the Level Fours have made a pledge, but have you considered that when you go ONE MILE OVER the speed limit, you are breaking the law, which is a lot worse than breaking a pledge.  We are all responsible for ourselves.  Let's keep the peer pressure at home.  We can ALL try to lead by example and wear all our safety equipment and let people know the potential benefits, but let's not drive Members away by our insistence or pressure.


It would be a worthwhile challenge for your Chapter not to have any motorcycle crashes in the coming new year.  This can start with our recommitment to the REP Levels Program and getting as many involved with the Levels Program as we can.  This can be an ongoing goal to reduce the number of crashes.  This movement should start today by getting to any riding enhancement course we can take, which will help us obtain this two-pronged goal.


Schedule and take an Advanced Rider Course (ARC), a Trike Rider Course (TRC), a Trailering Course (TC), or at the very least, a Parking Lot Practice (PLP) with a GWRRA Certified PLP Facilitator.  Let's not forget the Co-Riders who have the awesome responsibility of helping the Rider.  Don't forget a good First Aid refresher course, just in case you need it.


...Let's get trained, reduce crashes and move GWRRA to Higher Levels.


 This article was obtained from the GIMME 5 of the Rider Educators Toolbox.   


Member Travel Story:
by Mikel & Belinda Murray
GWRRA #231045
Rising Sun, IN 
"Murray Family vacation with their Honda 1500 Trike and 1500 Sidecar" 



July 4

We left Rising Sun, Indiana around 3:30 p.m. and headed for a night's stay in Mansfield, Ohio.  I think that we hit every stoplight on US 42.  Finally, around Columbus, Ohio, we got I-71 and things were going fine until Belinda said that her bike was losing power.  We stopped and it was still running, so we headed out again and things were fine.  At 10:00 p.m. we stopped at Cheryl and Reynold Swanson's house to visit.  Cheryl graduated with Belinda and me.  We headed to the motel around midnight.

July 5

We had breakfast with Cheryl and Reynold at Cracker Barrel before heading out again.  Things were going fine until we got east of Sharon, Pennsylvania and Belinda said that her bike was acting up again.  We stopped, let it rest, and we were off again for about 50 more miles, when it quit again.  More rest and we made it another 25 miles and then another 15, and in East Hickory, Pennsylvania, we called a tow truck to take us to the motel since it was getting dark and we did not want to be stranded in God's country Pennsylvania after dark.  The tow truck got us to Warren, Pennsylvania around 10 p.m. to spend the night.

July 6

At 8 a.m. I got out my Gold Wing Gold Book and called Carl Cromwell, who lives in Warren, Pennsylvania.  He said that it sounded like a fuel filter and that he would bring one and be right over.  He came over with a new filter and tools and had the cycle running again in about 20 minutes.  All he asked was for us to pay for the filter.  By 9:30 a.m. we are on the road again.  The rides yesterday, and this morning along the Allegheny River, were very nice.  By early afternoon, we had had enough and stopped at Keuka Lake just north of Bath, New York and went for a swim.  The water was colder than we like, but it felt good, and the kids loved it.  We traveled on to Seneca Falls, New York, before calling it a day.

July 7

Today we headed north and east toward our first main stop, at the sidecar rally in Burlington, Vermont.  The weather is hot and humid with above-average temps according to the people who live around this area.  By early afternoon we had had enough and stopped at Inlet, New York and went for a swim in the Fulton Chain Lakes.  The water was colder than the water yesterday, but clearer, and the kids loved it, like always.  After a couple of hours and feeling refreshed, we headed into the Adirondack Mountains and made it to Long Lake, New York, before finding a room for the night.  The room had no AC, but the breeze coming off the lake was cool and we slept just fine.

July 8

Off again, and we went through Lake Placid, but did not stop as it looked crowded.  Maybe we will stop the next time through and watch some of the training events that they hold there.  We did stop at the Ausable Chasm.  It is a very narrow gorge: we hiked to the bottom of the Gorge and then took a raft ride while the guide explained the rock formations.  The raft was very much needed after the hike.  We were then off to catch the ferry from Port Kent, New York to Burlington, Vermont, across Lake Champlain.  We arrived at the ferry, a little over an hour early, and the money guy said that we could park the cycles and go swimming at the beach if we liked.  We changed and went to the beach, but the water was numbing.  The kids went right on in, and Belinda and I got to our knees.  45 minutes later, Belinda took the plunge, but not me.  So we loaded the cycles on the ferry, and went on to the Essex Junction, Vermont fairground, to the rally.  We were too late to check in, but we checked out some other cycles and then went to the motel to do laundry and rest.

July 9

It had rained over night and we were in no hurry to get moving this morning.  We headed to the fairgrounds again to check out the many sidecar combinations that were there.  We hardly ever see another sidecar when traveling, so when you see 125 or so in one place, it is an amazing site.  At about 1 p.m., about 50+ cycles were headed to Colbyville, Vermont to take a tour of the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory.  As everyone knows, everything tasted great.  Then we went to Wal-Mart for some supplies, and then back to the fairground before calling it a day.

July 10 

We are headed to the rally to enjoy the cycle completion for the best looking rig.  We did not enter but a Gold Wing like ours did win the top award.  In the afternoon, it was time for the sidecar games.  The first game was for the driver to be blind-folded and for the passenger in the sidecar to give directions through the obstacle course.  We made it without hitting anything, but did not have the fastest time.  Next, I drove and Belinda had to place tennis balls on top of orange cones.  We did well, but still not fast enough.  The next game, I was blind-folded and then drove until I thought I was close to the finish line where I needed to stop without crossing the line.  I did not go far enough to win.  The last game was to see how far you can go with the sidecar off the ground.  I did not try.  Erica and Tyson were too busy playing to get in on the games.  Later we had a great meal, a short meeting, and the awards.  Eric Adams and his wife and kids then led us to another ice cream shop before we parted and headed to the motel.

(The Murray family vacation will be a three-part Travelog in Wingin' It. Stay tuned for the next two issues to see where their travels take them!)


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SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) - miCARD® and Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), the world's largest social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles, have partnered to provide a co-branded, medical information card that prepares Association Members for an unanticipated medical emergency.


"One of the highest priorities at GWRRA is to ensure the health and safety of our 72,000+ Members," says Ed Price, Marketing Director at GWRRA. "We are pleased to join forces with miCARD to ensure our Association Members are prepared for any kind of a medical event. No matter where our Members go, we know that the lifesaving medical information on miCARD will be with them. As I travel extensively, I personally carry miCARD in my wallet all the time."


miCARD® is the only medical information card and online Personal Health Record(PHR) designed by an emergency physician. In less than one minute, miCARD gives medical personnel a readable summary of a Member's vital medical information. This includes: current medical conditions, critical medications, emergency contacts, allergies and more. miCARD's wallet card is further supported by an online PHR which stores additional member information such as: advance directives, physician contacts, EKG's, lab results, and current medications. All personal medical information is stored securely online and viewable at the miCARD® website 24/7 by treating medical providers worldwide.


"Critical decisions about your health are made in the first few minutes of your emergency care," says Dr. James Kelley, a practicing ER physician and Co-Founder of miCARD®.  "If you are unconscious or incapacitated, I have no knowledge of your existing medical conditions, critical medications or other important details which could impact and improve your care."


About miCARD®

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, miCARD® is a physician-designed, medical information card and online personal health record designed to optimize emergency medical care. miCARD®'s, proprietary solution improves the flow of critical care information and ensures medical personnel have immediate and secure access to a user's vital medical information, 24/7 worldwide. miCARD® is registered with the USPTO under patent & trademark protection. For more information about miCARD®, please visit www.miCARD®.com or contact us at (866).596.2956.


About Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Founded in 1977, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is the world's largest single-marque social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles. Dedicated to our motto, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA Members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization with more than 800 active chapters, serving nearly 72,000 U.S., Canadian and International Members in 53 foreign countries.


Contact: Edward Price

eprice@gwrra.org  800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (Phx.) 

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