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November, 2010

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"People who think that time heals everything...haven't tried sitting it out in a doctor's waiting room!"
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Inspirational Quotes 

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

~ Unknown


"The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them."

~ Bernard M. Baruch


"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. "

~ Unknown


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 Tennessee Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about Knoxville this month.
1-Who was the mayor of Knoxville from 1952-1955 and what was his claim-to-fame?
2-How many lakes surround Knoxville? Do you know their names?

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A Good News Story
  Respectfully Submitted,
Terry Dembrowski
Arvada, CO

I have a "good news article" that I would like to submit to you for publication in either the Newletter or Wing World magazine. I have read many of these in Wing World magazine and been amazed at the generosity and helpfulness of the GWRRA group. Now I have my own personal experience that reinforces all those stories. 
While I was on a trip this past September that was taking me and my bike group through Vancouver, Washington, I had a non-bike accident that effectively ended my trip. We had started our bike trip in Denver, headed west and made the California coast at Moro Bay. We traveled up US 1, through California then the coastal road through Oregon, and were on our way home by way of the Columbia River Gorge when one of our other trip members had a late afternoon accident involving a car that made a left turn in front of him. He had to lay the bike down and hope for the best. At this point his trip was over as his bike was not driveable. We spent the night in Washougal, Washington to plan the rest of our trip and take care of our fallen comrade who luckily only sustained a broken toe.


The next morning I noticed I had a flat rear tire on my Wing and was preparing to put the bike on the center stand. As I was getting the bike on the center stand, my foot slipped and I had ruptured my achilles tendon on my right foot. I had to make travel arrangements back to the Denver area as soon as possible for surgery. Getting the Wing safe and secure was my priority at this point as we were nearly 1200 miles from home and the doctor told me my trip was over and I wasn't driving anywhere.
I thought of the Gold Book that I keep in the trunk and started making calls that afternoon. By late that afternoon I had no less than 3 offers of help to transport and safely store the bike in the local area. Did I say yet that the GWRRA Members are a great group of people? The next morning after my mishap my Wing was loaded into the trailer and taken to a friend's house in Oregon. Now I could concentrate on flying home and getting the surgery done to repair the tendon.
Now that I am on the mend, after a successful surgery, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those that offered assistance. Although I have already thanked each of those individuals personally, I also wanted to recognize them by writing one of those "Good News" stories that I have often read in the GWRAA magazine. There was Richard Howard of Portland, Oregon, and Dick Larsen of Vancouver, Washington, for their offers of assistance, and especially Dan and Marla Burgess of Washougal, Washington, who ultimately transported the Wing to its temporary home. I wish them well and hope that I can pass the good Karma on some day. Those that have used the Gold Book know that it can be a wonderful source of help from wonderful people or a great source of helpful travel information from those great folks who have been there and done that already and stand ready to help.

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GWRRA miCard
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The NHTSA projects more than 100,000 motorcycle injuries this year.  Even with statewide motorcycle safety campaigns, like GWRRA's Motorist Awareness Program, to help automobile drivers be more aware of motorcyclists, fatalities are increasing.


Are you prepared for an unanticipated medical emergency?


Critical decisions are made in the first few minutes of your emergency care. If you are unconscious or incapacitated, first responders have no knowledge of your existing medical conditions, current medications or other important details which could save your life in a medical emergency.


Paramedics are trained to search your wallet for information.  miCARD is the only physician-designed medical identification card that gives medical personnel immediate access to your current medical conditions, medications, allergies and more.


Whether on the road or off, carrying medical information can save your life.  With miCARD, your medical information goes wherever you go. 


GWRRA Members receive 10% off the $14.95 annual price ($13.45).  (Simply enter the promotional code "GWRRA" to receive your discount.) The sign-up process takes less than 10 minutes and you will receive your co-branded GWRRA miCARD in three weeks.


Ride For Kids 

Melissa Eason, Chief Operations Officer for GWRRA, was presented an Appreciation Plaque by Mark Muhlenfeld, Ride Manager, for the Ride For Kids.

Mark stated that for 2009, GWRRA had collected and presented to Ride For Kids, a total of $729,342 in all their motorcycle rides around the country.

Ride For Kids is the motorcycle fundraising 
aspect of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, a 501-c-3, founded by Mike & Diane Trainor. As many of you know, Mike passed a while back and was a great friend of GWRRA.

For those who visit the Home Office, the plaques and certificates GWRRA has received over the years, from the variety of organizations that have been honored by our Members' dedicated work and donations, are on view in our Conference Room for everyone to see. 

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Prescription Card


November....can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving already? Well, here in the USA anyway. I know our Canadian family celebrated their holiday a few weeks ago. I hope we all have a wonderful season of peace, joy and fellowship!

For me it will mean time with my new wife and family. Time to donate some extra time to my community, and time to see how I can make an extra effort to make a positive impact in this crazy world :)

Here at the Home Office, we are busy training on the new benefit programs, to better answer all your questions, as well as preparing for the new Gold Book. So, please make sure you have updated your records online or call us to make sure your codes, address and phone numbers are correct before we go to print the end of this month. Update your records online here or call us at 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in the Phoenix area.

Again, I am privileged to announce another new Member benefit this month. It is a medical information card called miCard. This program was developed by an emergency room physician, Dr. James Kelley, and his brother Michael. miCard is a physician-designed, emergency medical information card, that provides first reponders and treating medical personnel an immediate and essential snapshot of your vital medical information. Please see the information below about how to sign up for miCard and to receive your GWRRA discount. This benefit is valid anywhere in the world where English is understood. (Most hospitals and doctors in the world understand the coding that is on the miCard.)
Please check out the latest Member benefit programs, at 

I also want to personally thank all our Member Services Team, who have been working diligently to help you with the new Member benefit programs, as well as the latest changes in our computer system. Thank you Andrea, Jennifer, Matthew and Julie.

In this issue you will notice we have several riding articles, a new Travelog, a Rider Ed article, and more information about rides and, of course, the discount coupon at the very bottom.

Also, I want to remind folks about the GWRRA Wing Ding Page, www.wing-ding.org
As you know, Wing Ding will be in Knoxville, Tennessee from July 6-9, 2011. Remember to register for Wing Ding early to get your discount and see this page for all the information about this great event...schedule, vendors, sponsors, special events, etc.

Thank you to all the folks who have sent me their contributions. Please keep them coming. This is what makes the Wingin' It your e-Newsletter!

Ride safe, 
Ed Price
Marketing Director

"Friends for FUN, Safety & Knowledge"

A Chapter Story

Submitted by Joyce Engelhart
Member-Chapter VA-J


Three of our Members went cross-country this summer.  On their way back, one of the Members, Charles Blackman, was in a very bad accident in Amarillo, Texas.  Initially it was thought he would not make it.  I am happy to say that he is finally doing better, but has a very long road to travel.


When the accident happened, the two other members of the group, Butch and Don, felt they needed some help with the entire situation.  They contacted the Director of Topwings, Chapter A in Amarillo, Texas, Mr. Latta.  Within 30 minutes he was at the hospital doing what he could to help out.  The first 24 hours were the toughest and Mr. Latta was always with them.  He then brought them home to his house and gave them the use of his travel-trailer for as long as they were there, which I believe was about 10 days.  They were fed, clothes washed and just plain treated as family.


Marge Blackman could not be with her husband until the next day because of flights.  Mr. Latta went to the airport to pick her up and get her to the hospital.  In addition,  thereafter, Mr. Latta's entire chapter joined in and did everything they could to make Marge, Don and Butch comfortable.  They stayed with them at the hospital and then when Don and Butch had to go home, the Chapter took turns making sure that Marge was eating, made sure she had clean clothes and was there to just hold her hand or give her a hug when she needed it.


(Editor note: The Director's Award was presented to TX-A via Mike Stiger for their efforts in helping Chapter VA-J Members. Thank you Joyce for the story!)

Member Article:
Expect the Unexpected!

by  Michael Wise
GWRRA# 217528

I was in a group ride with about 15-20 bikes on a nice sun shiny day.  The local police were notified that we would be arriving at a specific time so that they could assist us in getting through an intersection.  We were heading East on a country two-lane road and would be approaching a four-lane intersection, two lanes heading north and south, controlled by a stoplight, and we would be making a left turn heading North.  
The assigned officer was stationed on the East side of the intersection as we approached the four-lane highway and the light was red.  The officer had his emergency lights flashing and he had the traffic stopped on the north-bound side of the road.  One car was stopped on the south-bound side of the road.  The officer motioned for us to come across the intersection against the red light. My being the lead rider, I did as instructed without looking to see if all the traffic was going to stop in the south-bound lanes, assuming that the south-bound traffic would see the officer on the far side of the highway directing us to come through the light.
Well, to my surprise, as I began to move across the intersection, a south-bound vehicle decided not to stop.  I slammed on the brakes; and as you can imagine, it was a ripple effect to the other bikes behind me.  One or two of the bikes behind me slightly bumped each other and I missed the south-bound vehicle that couldn't wait by only a couple of inches.  If it had been a couple of seconds earlier, I doubt very seriously if I would be here now writing about this experience.
I do believe that the officer made a slight error in that he should have had his vehicle parked in the middle of the intersection instead of on the far side of the four-lane highway.  But that wasn't my decision to make, was it?
So!  Even if you have a police escort, or any type of help at any intersection, don't take it for granted that it is safe to continue on.  Always expect the unexpected and look both ways before crossing.
Submitted by Don Rees
Chapter WA-O


Road Trip:


We made the turn off highway 16 to Purdy and I said to Merilee "we only need to ride another hour and we will have 4,000 miles for this trip".   Merilee promptly said "do you want to ride or get home to a cocktail on the deck?"  This was understandable since we had left Twin Falls, Idaho that morning, 624 miles ago. We chose home which is Lakebay, Washington and the end to our ride after 3942 miles.


Two weeks before, we left for an open-ended trip that eventually took us to nine states, eight National Parks, a couple of National Recreation areas and several wildlife preserves.  All on our trusty 2006 gold, Gold Wing.


Planning for the trip began when I got a call from my friend, Jim, who lives at Lake Tahoe.  He was house bound after pulling a calf muscle and wanted some company.  I checked the calendar and we had three empty weeks. No appointments, no family gatherings, nothing except the Chapter "O" monthly meeting which had been moved  because of Memorial Day.  I figured this was an acceptable reason to miss a gathering.  So, the next day we loaded the Wing and sent a couple e-mails letting the family know we were on the road.  With our National Park pass and directory, a couple of maps in hand, no hotel reservations and really no agenda past Lake Tahoe, we were off, Winging it.


We spent the first night with friends in Bend, Oregon where we were treated to an awesome barbeque and some adult beverages.  Early the next morning we headed to Lava Beds National Monument and Tule Lake Wildlife Preserve just south of Klamath Falls and the Oregon boarder. We did some cave exploring but climbing around underground in motorcycle gear is a quick way to a broken ankle so we cut that short and moved on to viewing the petroglyphs.  Tule Lake is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the US. The ancient ones left their drawings and carvings for us to figure out who the heck were these guys.


Staying off the freeways gave us a chance to meander our way to Tahoe through the gold country following CA 89.   We skirted Lassen NP, the main road across the park still closed from winter snow. We spent three days at Lake Tahoe, touring around the Lake in both directions.


Taking time to check out some really great roads, our travels took us down the eastern side of the Sierra Mountains on CA 89 and 395 and some side loop roads that crested 9,000 feet.  Stops at Yosemite, Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Devils Postpile and then into the desert and Stovepipe Wells, Furnace Creek and Death Valley Visitors Center.  We went from 55 degrees in the mountains  to 105 degrees at the Visitors Center in Death Valley, 190 feet below sea level.


(Wingin' It will run a 2-month series on this Travelog. Stay tuned next month for the final edition of this series. This is a reprint from the WA-O newsletter and was submitted by Don Rees.)

Rider Education Article
submitted by Gene Knutson 

International Director, Rider Education

Fall Is In The Air!

Even though we live in Florida, a hint of fall is greeting us in the mornings as we sip our first cup of coffee.  The air is crisper, and temperatures demand another layer to ward off those chills.  By mid-morning the sun has warmed our piece of earth causing us to appreciate the fact that the term chilly in Florida is relative.


Having grown up in Minnesota and Ohio, I can attest to the existence of real winter. I have vivid memories of not being able to find enough clothing to keep me warm while helping my father and brothers with the milking.  There seemed to be no place colder than a dairy barn in the dead of winter at 0400 in the morning. I shiver, just thinking of the memories, but warm at the thought that life was good and family was the real source of happiness.


Later in life, Betty and I had the privilege of being able to travel this wonderful land extensively, from sea to sea.  While there is beauty in every locale, we seem to be drawn to the water, whether it is the Great Lakes or Oceans.


Well, here we are, many years later.  While we have enjoyed a very prosperous and happy life, it got better when we found our GWRRA Family!   Our children have grown, and the grandkids are becoming young ladies with interests of their own. One thing that has been constant is the fun we have been having since walking into our first Chapter gathering many years ago.


Over the years of membership we have attended GWRRA events in 19 states, 7 Wing Dings, and held 8 different offices.  We started out on a 1992 Honda Gold Wing Trike with a California Sidecar. That Trike was totally destroyed by a drunk driver in 2005. (It was the drivers 6th DUI, and he had no license.)


Since then, Betty has now gone to riding a 2008 Gold Wing 1800 Lehman Trike, which has been enhanced with lots of "safety chrome" and LED's.


We have also discovered that I have never met a Honda Valkyrie that I did not want to own.  While I purchased a 2006 Black 1800, as well as a 2008 Titanium 1800, the Valkyries seem to keep coming.  Time to build a bigger garage!


Through all of the miles traveled, and toys purchased, the friends that we have made over the years are the nearest to our hearts. During the years, we have experienced tremendous happiness as we laughed with our GWRRA friends.  Unfortunately, we have also cried and mourned the passing of a GWRRA family member who left us far too soon.


Some of the toughest moments in life come when it is time to say Good-bye to someone that has touched your life so deeply.  In 2003, we were honored to witness our Chapter Director, Lanny Stewart receive the District Chapter Director of the Year award. Minutes later, myself and three others were administering CPR in an attempt to save his life, as he had suffered a heart attack. I have known many good people throughout my professional and personal life, but the loss of this great leader touched something inside of me, as well as Betty.


At first, Betty and I drifted slowly away from GWRRA, as we had returned to New Mexico to finish our careers and move into retirement.


Sitting on the porch in Albuquerque, looking east one day, we wondered aloud what Lanny would have wanted for us. We decided then to become a positive contributor to GWRRA and continue the work he had done.  That was to bring happiness and education to the family, and be the best Educators we could be.


For it was Lanny Stewart who asked me to become the Chapter Educator, and encouraged Betty and I to become Seminar Presenters.  We then attended one of the first Seminar Presenter certification courses held.


Today, when faced with a challenge, or difficult decision, one of the first things I do is ask myself, "what would Lanny want me to do?".  He always kept the Member's interest first and foremost in heart, and strived to do what was right for them.


I am certain that all of us have lost someone in the GWRRA Family that has touched our hearts, and they live within us today.  That is what family is all about!  

Making a difference, whether we know it or not, by being there to lend a shoulder or add to the smiles as we ride, laugh, and have fun.


This brings me to the discussion of  "Fall is in the Air."  All of us experience the change of seasons within our lives.  As children, we live in the springtime, full of potential, full of dreams, with hopes for a brilliant tomorrow.


Then comes summer, where, as adults, it is our time to shine.  The sky is the limit as we reach for success in both relationships and career.


Along comes fall, where our best health days may be behind us, but our hearts are still young.  As long as we continue to treat family with respect and understand that "perfect" does not exist, we will thrive as an Association.  Age is but a number, and when we smile it gives the heart strength, and when we share a smile, it doubles the pleasure.


By remaining active with our GWRRA family, and having FUN, this can be the most beautiful time of our lives.


Smiles are contagious, pass one on today! 


(Ed. note:  The photo is of Lanny Stewart, who is
mentioned in the article.  He was Chapter Director of the Year for Tennessee and passed of a heart attack moments after being named to the award.  To this day, he is beloved by many who benefited from knowing him.)

Member Travel Story:
by Scott Darkes
GWRRA #302625
Lebanon, PA 
GWRRA #302625

"It Was Just An Adventure" 


My wife and I were enjoying a mid- September trip thru Nova Scotia on our 2008 Gold Wing with Kompact Kamp trailer. 

During a morning trip along the coast toward Peggy's Cove, I realized I had a rear tire going down on me, and carefully worked the bike off the right side of the road (not much room).  A gentleman (John Campbell) that had been following us for a few miles by then immediately pulled off just ahead of us and offered his assistance.  Turns out he is a motorcycle owner and rider also, and thought he recognized my problem as he saw me pulling off the road. 

John unselfishly called the Honda dealership (Pro Cycle) in Dartmouth to see if they would be able to assist us and get us back on the road in a timely manner.  He then drove to his place to get his trailer which didn't work out so well, so he then went to another location where he had an enclosed trailer already set up for hauling bikes with a wheel chock mounted in it. 

In the meantime, he had also called his brother-in-law to meet us at our location roadside to assist.  After loading the cycle and trailer, Patrick drove us the one hour trip to Pro Cycle in Dartmouth where our repairs were completed in a very timely manner.  We were in there and back on the road in less than one hour.  We could not have planned something like this any better.  Fortunately for us, there are people like John, Patrick and Pro Cycle out there willing to assist when the need arises. 

Lesson learned for me:  Never forget the Gold Book.  I have always travelled with the book but for whatever reason I had not packed it on this trip!  What could have been a very bad and frustrating experience, turned out quite well.  Got to meet some nice people and had some wonderful conversation about Nova Scotia with local residents! As my wife stated, "It was just an adventure"!  So, if you ever get up to Nova Scotia and to Peggy's Cove, stop in at the gift shop and restaurant there, and say "Hello" to John Campbell and his sister.  They are the owners of this fine establishment.
Member Feedback:
Submitted by Rick Dickson  
Chapter TX-S2
I would like to let you know that my wife, Paula, and I wholeheartedly agree with the wearing of helmets as per Gene Knutson's article.

We were involved in a bad accident on Mother's Day May 9, 2010.  Had we not had our helmets on, my friends and relatives would have been attending our funeral instead of visiting us in the hospital.
We were on the way home from the Texas District Rally in Killeen, Texas and had almost made it back to Houston. We were still about 70 miles from home as we live on the Mainland just north of Galveston. The traffic had started to congest and the cars were playing lane change games in front of us, so I started backing out the throttle and braking to give me more maneuvering room. The vehicle three cars in front of me suddenly locked his brakes and turned sideways in the lane so I immediately started heading for the road shoulder.

I had nearly cleared this mishap when the vehicle immediately in front of me locked his brakes. I grabbed a handful of brake and tried to push the foot brake pedal to the ground. The problem was that I was towing a trailer and with my maneuvering to the left while inertia force was trying to take me straight ahead, physics took over and put the Gold Wing down on its right side. We were ejected from the bike and hit the pavement hard while the Gold Wing righted itself and rolled slowly over to the grass median before coming to a stop and falling over. I landed on my left shoulder, shattering my scapula (shoulder blade), breaking six ribs and puncturing my left lung. The left side of my helmet was ground away from the chin-strap to above my left ear.

My wife broke her left arm and thumb, requiring surgery to repair, and tore the ligaments and cartilage in her left knee, which also required surgery. Her helmet had three large chunks (thumbnail sized) knocked out of the back of it, directly above the brain stem.

We both contribute our survival to the helmets. We also learned a little more about safety clothing items and have adjusted our outfit appropriately. Denim jackets and jeans do not stop road rash. Light-weight nylon gloves provide very little hand protection. Good riding boots do, however, protect your feet.

It has been 4 months since the accident and we are finally able to take our first Chapter ride this weekend. We have taken our damaged clothing, helmets, boots, etc to several meetings and told people of our experience, hoping to change their riding habits and attitudes. It has really affected our Chapter, as we were considered very safe riders with 60,973 accident-free miles on this Gold Wing.

Everybody now knows that it can happen to you in a split second, when you least expect it. We also found out just how strong our GWRRA Family is. We had phone calls, cards and well wishes from people all over the Region that we had met at rallies. Our own Chapter Members pitched in and helped with transportation, meals, fellowship and support for these four months. Also, several of the Members from Chapter S2 and Z pitched in and basically rebuilt my Gold Wing since I couldn't do the work myself.
You have my permission to use this information as you see fit, in hopes that someone else will see the value of proper safety gear.

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                2-Seven lakes surround Knoxville: Cherokee, Douglas, Ft. Loudan, Melton Hill, Norris, Watts Bar and Tellico.                                           
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