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April, 2010

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Executive Article 
Melissa Eason
Executive Director 
Spring is coming, spring is coming. I know we all can't wait. After all the controversy and difficult situations this past winter, the time to ride and just enjoy is coming.

I want to thank all of you for your support and endurance through these times of change. We have had nothing but positives from those that have participated in the Officer Certification Program. We have had some great feedback for some constructive changes to the program that will be implemented.
The first 40-to- Phoenix ride put on by Greg McKinney came through Phoenix on March 16, 2010.
It was a great day. Seeing those that came through here was exciting for all of us!
 There is nothing better than being able to visit with and get to know the Members in this great Association. This was a first-time experience for many of our Customer Service team to meet so many of our Members at once. Seeing our parking lot filled with bikes was an amazing sight.
Thank you Greg and everybody that helped make this event wonderful.

I can't wait for Wing Ding to get to see more of our Gold Wing Family. If you can attend, make sure to say "Hi!" Visiting with all of you is the best part of the job.
Enjoy your bikes, the wonderful roads ahead, and the great friends we get to ride with. 
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Joke of the Month
This joke came from: 
Michael Fitzpatrick
Home Office 
Phoenix, AZ
What do you
when you cross some money with a pair of shoes? 
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"Did You Know?" 
"Did You Know?"
Check your GWRRA history knowledge and see if you know the answers to these questions?
 1-Which Region has the most Members?  
2-What city hosted the western most Wing Ding and what year was it??
(Answers in coupon block below.) 
Member Comments & Suggestions
We are taking other suggestions and creating a "Member Comment & Suggestion" section in this e-newsletter based on your recommendations. So, feel free to send in your suggestions and comments. Please forward yours to me here
Hello Ed: Thanks for the message. Yes, you could do something for me. I have been asking for a few years that GWRRA start up some kind a Personal Site. I have tried before by putting my name in the magazine with no luck. Males and females would like to see their pictures and pictures of other people they are talking to. Is this possible?
Thanks for your time Ed. Take care 

(Ed...Let us know if you agree with Doug.)
Des Moines & Iowa Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about IOWA TRIVIA this month.
1-What is the name of Iowa's longest natural lake and how long is it?
2-What company is the largest cereal company in the world and where is it located?
(Answers to be found in the coupon block below.) 
 Former Officers
 GWRRA is very proud to announce a new program geared to its former operations Officers. The program goals are four-fold by recapturing all the knowledge, experience and history of GWRRA's biggest resource, its previous Officers:

>To capture the history and legacy of GWRRA
>To provide Mentors to current Officers
> To provide new Officers to GWRRA
>To establish a sub-organization to GWRRA to utilize all their talents, resources and experiences
This program, which will kick off at Wing Ding 32, in Des Moines, Iowa, is being offered to all previous operations Officers who have served in the Operations capacity of a Chapter, District, Region or National position and have been out of office for at least a year.
If you are interested in becoming active in GWRRA again and would
like to serve in one or more of the above-mentioned areas, please RSVP to the e-mail address here [email protected], and let us know. We will have a "Meet & Greet" at Wing Ding 32 on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.
The location will be announced once we know how many folks will be there. A one-hour program has been set up to tell you what we have
planned and how you can participate with your Former Officers and us.

It is time GWRRA got you back involved with your fellow Former Officers, with a genuine purpose, to assist GWRRA with several needs. We need your help and know with all your training, experiences, knowledge and history with GWRRA, GWRRA and its Members can benefit from your expertise.

Please RSVP now to [email protected], with your name, address, e-mail, phone, member #, and former position.
I look forward to hosting this event and seeing you there.
Ed Price
Former Area Rep
Former State Director
Former Executive Director
GWRRA Marketing Director
40-2-Phoenix Ride
 The Home Office enjoyed the riders of the 40-2-Phoenix group. There were 37 riders and 33 bikes.
They rode through every imaginable type of weather, but all arrived well and in the best of spirits. We had a great morning together...There were riders from as far away as New Hampshire, Michigan, Kansas, California and Mexico.
The group was led by Greg and Tina McKinney....Thanks to these two people for coming up with the idea and leading the ride.
They rode off to a variety of places from here. Some to California, some to the Grand Canyon and some back home. A great success for the first year! It will be repeated, and we look forward to next year.....Thanks Greg and Tina!
Home Office Reminders
Reminders from Member Services:
Message Boards
Sign In Help:
There seems to be a bit of confusion with the new Message Boards so hopefully this information will be helpful.
The new website is www.gwrrabbs.org 
A pop-up box will come up when you get there stating:
User name is your GWRRA Membership number (zero's included)
Password is the numbers in your address and the expiration date of your membership (in most cases) (If you are Life Members, it will be your address and then the word "life" i.e. 1234life.)
Once you are in the message boards, if this is your first time, you need to go up to the right-hand corner and hit "REGISTER". There you will fill out the information asked and create your own user name and password. Keep in mind the user name you choose can't be changed and it is what everyone will see on the boards when you are logged in, so chose carefully.
Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your information. Please save this for future reference.
You may be asked to log in each time you go to the board. The first set of logins will confirm your membership, the second logins will be what you created.
If you still have any questions on this process, please give us a call. It is easier to walk you through it over the phone 800-843-9460.
Golden Dealers
Have you received outstanding service on your motorcycle from a Honda repair shop or other motorcycle repair shop? If so, we'd like to recognize them in a future issue of Wing World. The "Golden Dealers" listing is Member-written letters saluting excellent service. Please send your letter to [email protected] and put "Golden Dealer" in the subject line. In addition, try to keep the word count to 500 words if possible.

Acts of Kindness
If you have a short story you'd like to share with Members containing an "Act of Kindness" a Member of GWRRA has shown you, we'd like to hear from you as well. Please send your entry to [email protected] and place "Acts of Kindness" in the subject line. Please try to keep the word count to 500 words if possible.

Gold Wing Repair Shops
Have you had your Gold Wing serviced at a shop that has provided you with excellent service? If you would like to recommend this shop to other Members, send your recommendation to [email protected] Be sure to include the name, address, state, and phone number of the shop along with your name and Member number.
NOW, for the first time, when you register for Wing Ding 32, you can also pick the day and specific Rider Ed class you wish to take. (Based on availability.) So register early for your preferences.
Register here for Wing Ding 32 in Des Moines, Iowa!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Join Our Mailing List

March had been an exciting month here at the Home Office. We just said goodbye to 33 bikes (32 Gold Wings and a Stallion) with 37 riders who were part of the 40-2-Phoenix Ride. For this ride, that Greg and Tina McKinney put together out of an "idea," they left North Carolina and rode through every type of weather imaginable to get to Phoenix.
There were riders from as far away as New Hampshire, Michigan, Kansas, California and even Mexico! It was a great adventure and a full story will appear in a future issue of Wing World and here in Wingin' It, complete with pictures!
Other things happening in GWRRA this month are all related to Member inputs we have received and are turning into action items based on feedback from you, our Members.
Thanks to Brian Roundtree of Woodstock, Georgia, GWRRA is implementing a High Mileage Contest. Read about the details in this issue. Also in this issue; we are going to be working with our Former Officers to develop a variety of programs; from developing the history of GWRRA to mentor programs for current  Officers to creating new resources for all of us in GWRRA. We do not want to waste this valuable pool of talent that has served all of us for so long!
And, we have taken another suggestion from Dave Williams from Garrett, Indiana, about participating in the "No Phone Zone" program as sponsored by Oprah. This program will be handled through GWRRA's Rider Education, Motorist Awareness Division and Charles Mallett. We hope to get as many people, both inside and outside GWRRA, to sign a pledge to NOT text while driving, as well as not use their cell phones while driving or at least use a hands-free device. And before you write me and remind me that we are riding motorcycles and "none of us" that do would ever text while riding :), this program will focus on those of us, including family and friends, who also drive cars and trucks. Stay tuned for more details.
I am still looking for more Member articles for this e-Newsletter. I can use Officer profiles, travelogs, Member stories "How GWRRA has positively effected my life", and clean, funny, jokes. Please send them to me here.
As I said in the beginning, I am so excited that GWRRA is still moving to be more Member driven, and I am anxious to see many of you at Wing Ding this year. It is going to be a great event in a great city. If you have not registered yet, please do so here...especially if you have not been to a Wing Ding!

Ed Price
Marketing Director, GWRRA

Featured Associate at Home Office
Deena Pic
Michael Fitzpatrick
Information Systems Technician
Hello, my name is Michael Fitzpatrick. I am the newest employee here at GWRRA. I am very excited to be here and enjoy my job duties very much.

I am married to a beautiful woman, and we have an 18-month old son. When I'm not here, I enjoy spending time with my family up north where the temperature is always 30 degrees under what Phoenix is.

I handle everything that deals with our computers here at the Home Office. My current tasks include re-architecting our servers and implementing a sturdy backup system for our database and employees information. Thus far I have been busy making sure all of our systems are up-to-date and are running efficiently with as little interference as possible.
How to Keep Chapters Alive
Carolyn Overcash,
Chapter Educator, NC-V

As a life member of the American Motorcyclists Association, as a current member of GWRRA's Dogwood Wings of Statesville, NC (NC-V), as a current member of SCRC here in NC, as a past member of Motor Maids, Retreads, the CBA, and Miles of NC-- here are a few observations gathered (ahem) from a few more
years of life experience that I'll admit to having:
Be friendly ALL the time to everyone you meet.
Ride for fun. Riding for fund-raisers is well and good-- but, if that's all you're doing--- it gets old, expensive, and you Will Lose your base riding group.
Don't cancel a ride because only a few or none of your riders show up....I have showed up for posted rides that didn't happen, 'cause even the leaders didn't show up, and I had no idea of where the end junction was located. Show up early, not just on time, and be gassed up ready to ride.
Do give out route plans, scheduled stops, regrouping points, etc. for group rides.
Ride safely.
[NOTE TO Lead Riders: DO NOT SPEED. (The Rear rider is riding Faster than the lead rider because of the "rubber band or yo-yo effect."), STOP AT All STOP SIGNS and STOP LIGHTS, DO NOT Make a Right on RED at a stop light when leading regular group rides.]
Limit your organization's fund-raising events to one or maybe two that you put on...Support other GWRRA chapter events if money, time, etcetera permit.
Groups get NETWORKING; you're not in the running if you don't get the word OUT!
Support your organization's fund-raising effort... if you can't be there...door prizes, donations, passing out flyers, ad gathering...you get the drift... Just because you don't have the time or money to participate in the actual event doesn't mean that you can't be involved in the background.
Don't air differences with other Members in the group in public meetings--KEEP it Private and don't try to garner support for your side or position--most of the time it is your side, their side and the actual truth which is somewhere in the middle.
Get out of your comfort zones in meetings and larger gatherings...don't form a clique--all active base Members sitting at the same table, talking to only your special friends...catching up on old dirt, gossip--you get the drift.

New prospects or Members feel uncomfortable walking into a meeting...the tables are full with the exception of an empty table that they must sit down at and then they are ignored...NOT A GOOD way to gather active participation or new Members. Make it a point to spread the active group out in the room. Involve new faces in conversation.
Do make up a phone tree and an email list. It makes it easier to find biker buddies in case of spur of the moment riding plans.
I suggest mixing up meetings/gatherings on different days of the weeks. Some Members work mixed schedules, making Saturday and Sunday only events impossible to attend. Work schedules may conflict.
Don't cancel a regular scheduled meeting. OK, the restaurant is going to be closed... Meet there and ride somewhere else close by--Post the new place directions on the door for late arrivals or have an alternate site already picked out and posted to Members. Death or illness... your second, third, other interested Members can pick up the slack. If you are canceling meetings or events, especially repeatedly, it KILLS group participation.
If you, as a leader, are constantly Not showing up at meetings, you need to get your act together. If you can't put your groups' activities to the front burner, why should your Members?
RSVP, yea or nay, when requested. If a Member is interested enough to ask you or the Members of your group to their home, etc...IT IS Polite to give a reply.
Do carry a motorcycle Member support (business) card. Pass them out. You never know when you'll make a new friend.
Leaders: Check your e-mails daily. Respond to your Members. Apathy on your part kills participation.
Building and maintaining a Chapter takes a lot of work, so, members: Don't be part of the 90 per cent who don't do anything to build up your chapter.

It's pretty much a given that 10 per cent of the Members do most of the work in any given group. Volunteer to help (be sure to pick something you enjoy doing) and follow through on all your promises.
Remember: Helpful, active Members make the load lighter for all involved.
Be Active, Be Positive, Be a Friend.
Oh, and share a smile, it won't hurt you to smile, and (don't forget) you can give it away for FREE!
How GWRRA Positively Affected My Life! 

Art & Linda Charles--Life Members
I just want to let you know that Linda and I know that you are "Right On". We both started riding cycles at age 12 and have ridden ever since, I am now 72.  We are Life Members (#'s 15156 & 15156-1) with over 29 years in GWRRA.  We have ridden our Gold Wings in all of the lower 48 States and most of Canada.  We have gone to all the Wing Dings except the first 3 and the one in 2009.  We were registered for 2009 but had to cancel because of both of our medical problems. 
When the 25th Anniversary party was scheduled at Phoenix, we immediately registered.  We were disappointed in the attendance; but I have to say it really turned out great, and we got to know the National Officers much better than at any of the other rallies. We even made friends with a couple from England.   It was a great time.  We helped start the Space Coast Chapter N here in Florida and were active in all the events of the Chapter for over 8 years.  Then we were Members of the Rockford, Illinois Chapter for several years.  After that we were in two different Chapters in Southern Indiana (Unfortunately one folded) for a few years.  Finally, in 2006, we returned to Florida and attended Chapter FL2-N (which is the same Chapter we helped start in the early 80s and still has some of the original Members in it).  We also try to attend FL2-D and Titusville Chapter events and many others around the state.  Now, I just have to get my nerve damage improved from the Shingles almost a year ago so we can take the 2007 Gold Wing Trike out of the garage.

So, bottom-line, GWRRA is one of the finest organizations we have had the pleasure of being a part of.  We have met thousands of Members nationwide and all, except a very few complainers, have been just super.  And, I say to those few, if you have a complaint, let it be known and then take the next step and do something positive, to make it better for not only yourself but also for GWRRA.  And, if you can't do something positive, then maybe you should go elsewhere.  Nobody made you join GWRRA.
How GWRRA Positively Affected My Life and My Son's! 

Emma Wood--Life Member
& Grand Master Tour Rider 
GWRRA has made a large positive difference in my life... My husband died in 1989 leaving me with a 6-year old son to raise by myself. GWRRA became our family [my other family is hundreds of miles away in PA]. My son grew up as my passenger on my Wing. I never stopped to see if people were going to accept a single woman in their group [that's another story].
I first became an ACD for the North Ft. Myers Chapter FL2-G, Yellow Jackets, prior to chartering a Chapter in Punta Gorda FL2-F, Gulf Coast Wings, and serving as CD until I had to relocate due to my job. My son served as Chapter Rider Educator by recommendation of the National Director for Rider Education, at the time, Ed Brennan, after Ed watched him in action at Wing Ding in Springfield, MO. At age 16 he had memorized all the levels and got many people to sign up at the Rider Ed table where we were volunteering for FL. All I had to do was sign the forms. He served 2 years in our Chapter prior to my/our relocation.
Both my son and I are Life Members of GWRRA. My son is an Eagle Scout and was into earning pins and patches and was very good in convincing people they should participate in safe riding. He also grew up serving as range aide for numerous ERC's that I taught in Ft. Myers over the years.
He is now in the Army [since 2003] and has not been able to participate [I sold his bike], and it seems GWRRA has forgotten about him. His address and mine are still the same, although he is gone, living wherever they place him. He has not forgotten and is not forgotten by the "old" people.
I had many CPR classes in my home because my employer allowed me to bring the "dummies" home and provided cards free of charge for community members [namely my GW friends] My son became CPR certified at the age of 10 with the Boy Scouts because it just looked better than getting certified by his mother <grin>. However, he was no stranger to CPR prior to being old enough to become certified.
I did what I did because I enjoyed doing it. I never looked for anyone to tell me how wonderful I was for doing it. However, it was kind of nice in 2004 when Mike Wright, then Executive Director, decided to present me a Presidential Award for all my service to the GWRRA family. After all I could never be Couple of the Year <grin>.
My son has been deployed to Iraq twice and most recently to Afghanistan. He is presently in the US, actually in FL, but is awaiting new orders. I try not to tell him I live in fear of where he will be going next. He will have his 27th birthday this month, in the US [at home] I hope...
(Ed...GWRRA is honoring George and his Mom with George's own Life membership due to his long service to GWRRA and his country.)
Travelog    (final in the series)
by Deborah Nielsen

Traveling to the AMA Women and Motorcycling Conference, August 19-22, 2009 at Keystone Resort, Colorado.

I rode my Suzuki Bandit 1250S on this trip.
The day before I left home I installed a new taller windscreen. The installation did not go according to plan because I lost one of the screws. The windscreen was held securely in that the screw I lost was one of eight, but I did have a slight vibration at speed. I figured out why they say not to install new accessories right before a trip. I had the missing screw replaced at the dealership when I took the bike in for service a couple of weeks later.

As far as luggage, I used a pair of RKA soft saddlebags, a Tour Master Cortech tank bag and two Roadgear duffle-type tail bags. My clothing went in the saddlebags; digital camera equipment, my "repair" bag with tire repair and first aid kits, a couple of pairs of shoes, a fleece jacket, spare face shield, a couple of books and a notebook went in the two tail bags. In the tank bag went a microfiber towel to clean my face shield, windscreen, and headlights while on the road, a water bottle, lip balm, sunscreen, small LED flashlight, pen, small notepad, extra pair of riding gloves and a pair of lightweight glove liners. A current map went in the map window.
I wore a Tour Master textile waterproof jacket and First Gear waterproof overpants so did not take additional rain gear.
Keystone Resort is about 170 miles from Cheyenne by interstate (I-25 south to I-70 at Denver) but about 50 miles further than that if you go through the mountains. I opted for the mountain route.
I did take I-80 west to Laramie, as my favorite route to Laramie (Hwy 210/Happy Jack) was undergoing construction and motorcycle travel was not advised. At Laramie, I left the interstate and took Hwy 230 southwest to the Colorado state line where the road designation changes to Hwy 127. Nine miles into Colorado the highway forks and I took Hwy 125 to Walden. From Walden I took Hwy 14 towards Steamboat Springs. Where Hwy 14 meets Hwy 40, I turned south on Hwy 40 to Kremmling. At Kremmling I took Hwy 9 to Silverthorne/Dillon.

Running along Green Mountain Reservoir, I ran into a thunderstorm with some gusty, unpredictable winds. Going around one set of curves where the road ran between rock faces on both sides, the wind gusts really buffeted the bike and peppered me with stinging pebbles, kind of like sleet only harder. To keep the bike in the lane of traffic I really had to push on the handlebars and use a little leg pressure and focus on the road ahead and not on the rock sleet. With oncoming traffic letting the wind push the bike around was not an option. Things got a little puckery there for a couple of minutes. A few miles further on where the road straightened out a bit I thought I could relax a little when I saw a semi in my mirrors that was quickly gaining on me. Not wanting to run faster than the semi on wet roads, I pulled over on the shoulder which was very wide and let him go. Behind him was a long string of traffic so I fell in at the end and followed them into Silverthorne.
By the time I rolled into Silverthorne the road was dry and the sun was shining. So I continued on, crossed under I-70 to Dillon and took Hwy 6 to Keystone Resort.

During the conference, I attended several seminars on solo travel, riding tips and techniques, self-defense, and mentoring new riders, among others. I also took a half-day dirt bike school. That was fun. We finished the class by going on a nine-mile trail ride. I've never ridden a dirt bike and wanted to learn how to handle a bike in the dirt so I can take advantage of the capabilities of my Suzuki V-Strom. I met other women riders and one lady from Japan who I had corresponded with by e-mail before the conference. I also ran into a couple from the Dallas area that I know who are also members of GWRRA. The array of motorcycles in the parking lots ran the gamut from small cruisers to Gold Wings to a couple of sidecar rigs. Ages ran from a couple of young teenagers riding with their Moms to women well into their 60's.

I bought a pair of custom-made silicon ear plugs at the conference. What a difference they made. Even with a full-face helmet, the reduction in wind noise is amazing. After a day's ride, I don't have ringing in my ears and I'm not nearly as tired. Wish I would have gotten a pair of these a long time ago.

The morning after the conference was over, I retraced my route as far as Kremmling. At Kremmling, I turned east on Hwy 40 towards Granby. Just before reaching Granby, I turned north onto Hwy 125 towards Walden and ran into 14 miles of construction, half of which was behind a pilot car. At Walden, I took Hwy 14 over Cameron Pass and through Poudre Canyon to Fort Collins. Coming into Fort Collins, I turned north onto Hwy 1 to Wellington where I caught I-25 to Cheyenne. 
High Mileage Contest -- New Program
goldwing back
GWRRA is very proud to announce a new Member-suggested Contest! This contest was sent to us by Brian Roundtree from Woodstock, Georgia, and will begin April 1, 2010, and will run through October 31, 2010. It is just as it sounds. The Member who has driven the most number of miles on his or her motorcycle or trike between these dates will be honored as the winner of the first GWRRA High Mileage Contest.
It is an honor program, meaning that you are taken at your word, and you provide the mileage in the database. This database is a website that will be accessed from GWRRA's Home Page at www.gwrra.org. There you will find a link to list your name, Member number and mileage driven for each month.
The data will automatically update and put each rider in order of the highest mileage first, second, etc. The winner of the GWRRA High Mileage Contest will receive recognition on this website, GWRRA's Home Page, and in an article in Wingin' It, our electronic newsletter, as well as a special certificate from the Home Office.
Some of the simple rules as mentioned previously are:
>Open to current GWRRA Members only
>Beginning and ending mileage must be given on your entries into the database
>Mileage is to be calculated on a single bike or trike and not cumulative from multiple vehicles (no commercial vehicles are allowed)

This contest is for the pure fun and enjoyment of riding. It has seen very much success in other organizations, so let's have fun with it and, remember, we are all on the honor system.

Rescue Plus! 
Remember to sign up for Rescue PLUS! It will add more miles and more vehicles to your standard FREE Rescue towing package from GWRRA. PLUS, it only costs $25 per year to upgrade the entire family!!
And also remember, even non-Members, like your family members who live out of your household (kids, brothers, sisters, parents, friends, etc.) can join Rescue Plus for only $50. 
Sign up now by calling 800-843-9460.
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Here are links to some GWRRA Discount Programs.
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If these Discount Programs may be of interest to you, just click on the link or call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (in Phoenix) for more information.
Reminder-Recruiting Program 
Just a reminder, in case you haven't heard the news, RECRUIT two (2) new households and you will receive a $5 gift certificate from GWRRA.
The $5 gift certificate can be used for anything from Official Products to Membership Renewals to Wing Ding Registrations.
For more information, call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix.
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Answers to "Did You Know?"
                 1-Region A, over 11,000 Members  
                 2-Wing Ding VIII, Santa Clara, California...1986
Answers to "IOWA Trivia"----
                1-East Okoboji Lake at 16 miles
                2-Quaker Oats, Cedar Rapids, Iowa                                            
Offer Expires: 4/30/10. Mention code  "April e-news"
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