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March, 2010

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Betty Fisher
WI-I - Darlington, WI
Why don't anteaters ever get sick?
Because they are full of "antibodies!"
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"Did You Know?"
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Member Letter 
I've been a member since 2002 when I purchased my Wing.  I have been to several events, and each brings on its own concept of what an organization is about.  I have been approached by only those in my local Chapter. 
I have NEVER been approached by ANYONE from another Chapter or someone from outside of our organization.  With that said, it isn't all what it's cracked up to be, but I simply keep on keeping on.  I know how it feels to not be greeted initially.  That is why I do my absolute best to greet those whom I've never met before.  When I go to a gathering, I look at it as an opportunity to meet new people. 
I'm not too much a people person.  I'm a US Marine by trade and have been for the past 29 years.  With that being said, I'm very approachable, but I'm not all that enthused at approaching people.  It's something that I work on daily and I do my best to approach people, but by nature, I'm skeptical of all people.  I continue to make those feel at home, as I know what it's like to feel as if "one doesn't belong." 
I'm also the only African American at any event that I've attended.  My Chapter along with other Chapters of Wing owners have none.  I would think it would be easy for everyone to welcome me with open arms and remember who I am, but I find it more difficult.  I continue to try as I may though.
Enough on that.  I do continue my membership, because I do believe that one person can make a difference.  My wife (who is not African American by the way), notices that I am treated much differently than the others.  I take it with a grain of salt and continue to do what I must to spread the word, make friends, and enjoy my time however short it may be, with the other Members of said event.
I'm not disgruntled or anything of the sort, but people haven't changed.  Does it hurt?  Darn right it does, but it doesn't get the best of me.  I simply keep on keeping on!  So, I know how the others feel when they go through it too.
Semper Fi,
Des Moines & Iowa Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about IOWA TRIVIA this month.
1-Did you know IOWA is the home to the World's largest STRAWBERRY. Where is it located?
2-Ripley's Believe It Or Not claims Iowa has the most crooked street in the world. Where is it located?
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Chapter Profile
NC, Y-2
Rocky River Wings
Monroe, North Carolina 
Mike & Joanne Brown, CD's
While far from being an older Chapter, NC-Y2 has established itself as an active and growing group. In 2005 a group of Gold Wing owners got together at the calling of David and Kathy Orr. In March of 2006 GWRRA Chapter NC Y2 was chartered. David wanted a "riding" Chapter and wasted no time in organizing a trip to Americade in June in Lake George, NY. Members still tell Americade stories today.
In 2007, David and Kathy had made such a mark that they were appointed National Leadership Training Directors and the CD torch was passed to Rick and Theresa Lambert. Under Rick and Theresa's leadership, membership grew as did the miles on Rocky River Wingers Gold Wings.
In the summer of 2008 we did an eight-day tour of all the New England states including two nights in Bar Harbor, Maine. Rocky River Wingers put on 3000 miles that week. Many other day trips and a Chapter Motorcycle Safety Foundation ERC made up our schedule. Charles and Celine Bermen, our Chapter Couple, had their picture taken with our mascot, Ted E. Behr, with every Chapter Director in North Carolina as they made visits representing Rocky River Wings.
We are fortunate enough to be about half way between the mountains and the beach and we have made much of that good fortune. Day trips and overnight rides to Maggie Valley and Myrtle Beach are plentiful. On one such trip we started with breakfast at the Chapter gathering in Hendersonville, NC, and then rode on to spend the midday in and around Maggie Valley. From there we moved on to Boone, NC, for dinner at the Daniel Boone Inn. During dinner the skies opened up and frogs were seen hitch hiking for higher ground. The rain lasted for the whole ride home. On another ride in 2008, a few of our Members went to Clarksdale, Mississippi, the home of the blues. We soaked up some history in Vicksburg and blues in Clarksdale. In addition, we did a tour of Graceland and some great ribs in Memphis.
Y2 continued its reputation in 2009 going to Daytona Bike Week and Biketoberfest and a trip to Wing Ding in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by way of Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. All in all, Chapter Members have been able to color in thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia. We also had a food concession at the North Carolina District Rally, Wings Over the Smokies.
Our Chapter activities for 2009 were culminated with our Assistant District Directors, Tom and Terry Pennoni, presenting Former patches to Rick and Theresa Lambert and Chapter Director patches to Mike and Joanne Brown. The year was ended with a trip to The J Iverson Riddle Center for developmentally disabled people to bring them some Christmas cheer and present them with donations from fundraising efforts from all the Western North Carolina chapters.
We have a great contributing membership and it is a sure thing that Rock River Wings will continue our reputation of fun, safety and knowledge for our membership. We have women riders, single riders and riders from their thirties to their seventies. All riders are welcome to become Rocky River Wingers.

Not being one to shy away from difficult subjects or occasional controversy, and being the editor of this e-Newsletter, I'd like to take this opportunity to express myself on a subject that may upset some folks. Having been a Member since 1980 and having held many volunteer Officer positions in this great organization, and also being privileged enough to "work" at the Home Office in many positions, I have seen this organization from every level. I even had the opportunity to become exposed to GWRRA as a non-Member when I volunteered for Wing Ding I here in Phoenix. And the truth be told, that is where I fell in love with GWRRA...because of the people in it. Within 7 months I found myself living in Aurora, Colorado, owning a Gold Wing and joining. Thus started my current journey as a Life Member.

My current upset has to do with some folks. I must apologize, because I am generally a very positive person who hates to draw attention away from all the good things that are happening, but there seems to be some who constantly look for the negative in any situation and seem to have a very large voice about it. GWRRA, and I mean all the folks at the Home Office, works very hard to come up with Member Benefits, cost-cutting measures to keep our dues low, (by the way, we have not had a dues increase in over 10 years), keep improving and providing more for your dues (like the Free Wingin' It and the Facebook pages, new and improved Message Boards, etc.) and programs.
Yes, I must admit, sometimes we make mistakes and put out a program that does not work so well or a Member Benefit that does not fit everyone. We are all human. But the issue is INTENT! We all intend to do good for our Members! We never intend to do harm. We never intend to hurt anyone or try to disrespect anyone. Our goal is to provide our Members the most benefits for the dollars you spend with us. That is the Association way. Paul started GWRRA with the INTENT to save lives, and that is his INTENT today. He and many, many people along the way have done a pretty good job at it, I'd say.

He has had much help. Our Officers have put in millions of volunteer hours since GWRRA started back in 1977. Their INTENT has been to help as well. To add their mark, to add their expertise, and to learn what GWRRA can teach them about volunteer leadership, Rider Education, Leadership Training, etc. To them we say an eternal Thank You! Past and present!

To that end, you may have heard about our new Officer Certification Program (OCP). This is a new program whereby GWRRA and its Leadership Training Division have developed a certification process so all our Officers from Chapter Directors to District, Region and National Directors shall be trained to better serve our Members. This will create better trained and knowledgeable Officers and provide consistency in our Officer ranks. The Home Office has received too many complaints from Members about issues with their Officers over the past few years. So, this program is Member driven, and we have taken your lead to do something about it.

Those who look for the negatives in everything are using this and other things that we try to do to make GWRRA better, to toot their own horn, so to speak. GWRRA's INTENT, again, is to make things better for our Members period. Our desire is to have better trained, dedicated Officers who want to SERVE our Members with correct information and do so with PRIDE and the proper INTENT, not from a place of ego or self-service. The training is geared toward GWRRA's Handbook and anyone interested in taking the training, with an idea of becoming an Officer, is welcome to take it. The OCP is free to anyone willing to take it!

So, again, I know I am going to upset a few people and I may get many e-mails. GWRRA has been around for 33 years. It has saved many lives and has created life-changing relationships. The only thing I ask is, "How has GWRRA changed your life?" If it has been a positive, good experience for you, then this is good for you and good for GWRRA! If you are one who looks at the negative all the time and has the intent to disrupt, bring people down, or are not happy with GWRRA....then I ask, why stay? (Is GWRRA really for you?) But, if you have something constructive to add or you have a suggestion to make GWRRA better, then by all means, send it to me here, and we will always entertain ways to make GWRRA better. That is how we have survived for 33 years. Thank you for listening and if you agree with me, let me know that too!
Ed Price
Marketing Director, GWRRA

Featured Associate at Home Office
Deena Pic
Dennis Baumann
GW Pin & Patch
I'm Dennis (Denny) Baumann. I am the General Manager of GW Pin and Patch, and have been with GWRRA for almost 2 years. My mission here at GWRRA is to provide you with personal service for your "custom" pin and patch needs for any of your Special Events, Rallies or Shows. I can provide excellent pricing and no minimum order. I truly enjoy being a part of making your event a success.
My wife Diane and I are from Minnesota and look forward to getting back there some day with family and friends. As much as I like Gold Wings, my real interest is in Classic cars. (However, I did have a Honda 50cc in 1965 but I guess that doesn't count as a motorcycle.) I am currently building a 1941 Willy's coupe and enjoy going to car shows.
I hope you have a safe riding season, and I look forward to helping out with anything I can.
GWRRA Officer Profile
or "Where are they Now?"
Nick Hoppner,
CD, CO-Q: 
Wing World Editor 1991-2007 
"Just a Member"

Ask anybody, who has served the membership of GWRRA as an Officer or Educator, what it's like to be but "Just a Member" and you'll probably get many different replies.

For some who've served many years in increasingly responsible positions, I'm sure it's a let-down. Our most dedicated leaders have always devoted untold hours, untotaled mileage, and uncounted dollars to their roles. Such is the dedication to service that GWRRA seems to bring out in many top-caliber people. For these, I'm sure it's a hollow feeling to have an open calendar, a silent telephone, and fewer pressures to perform.

For some who have secretly reveled in the attention that comes with being a Chapter Director with the microphone in hand, or an Educator-in-Charge on a parking lot practice field, or a Leadership Trainer giving a seminar to an expectant roomful, not having the spotlight trained on them can be abruptly lonely.

I'll admit there has been some of both of those feelings in my retirement from the keyboard as editor of Wing World. I miss the hustle and bustle of publication, the access to folks in the industry and fellow editors, the pride of production whenever another colorful, interesting and people-centered issue would roll off the presses. I miss the camaraderie of the folks I worked with at the Home Office and GWRRA people in the field. And I miss the respect and recognition from the many people I'd meet from across the nation and around the world who were familiar with my face and my writing.

I always said my years at Wing World were the best and that my job was the best one in the world for me. I loved it, yet I also knew when it was best to step down. After 16 years, I knew it was the right time for me to retire, and I knew I could leave the work behind in capable hands and depart with the pride of accomplishment as well as sincere gratitude for having been given the opportunity to do what I loved.

So how is life today for Nick Hoppner-"Just a Member"? In a word busy!

Ginny and I are very busy retired folk indeed! We live close enough to Telluride Ski Resort for me to ski around 30 days each winter. We have great motorcycle roads all around us for when the roads are dry. We're both involved in leadership in our church; and during the past two years, we've become involved in our local community theater. Ginny is a stage and play director, and I've been doing some acting. Oh, yes, and I've stepped up to be Chapter Director of our little GWRRA Chapter in Montrose-Colorado Q.

I still am riding my 2004 white GL1800 on two wheels-sometimes with white Bushtec attached, and my '98 Honda VFR Interceptor for variety. Ginny's newest thrill is a 2009 black and yellow CanAm Spyder SE5 that will open new vistas ahead for her this spring. Ginny's mother is in an adult care center about one mile away, so we can keep tabs on her. She's in her mid 90s and is still quite fit physically.

Ginny and I are both blessed to be in excellent health in our mid-60s. Ginny's yoga practice and small appetite keeps her slim and trim; and when skiing isn't burning my calories, I try to maintain a reasonable schedule at a local fitness club. (Although, like most Wingers, I have a weakness for ice cream!)

We have a great little Chapter here in Montrose, and we host an enjoyable Chapter event, our "Porker Run" in August. We conduct some escorted rides into the nearby San Juan Mountains, "roll the pigs" for chances to win, enjoy a pork barbecue supper together, and wear home a Porker Run pin and year hanger bars. It's a lot of fun, and folks have come from near and far to attend. We had our good buddies from Arizona and New Mexico visit us, and surprise Jim Louden rode out all the way from Iowa to be with us last year! If you've never ridden your Wing on the Western Slope of the Rockies, we hope you'll come and see us this summer. Our event is modest, heartfelt and unique.

When you come to see us, look for me. I'll be the one with the big grin, thoroughly enjoying my time as "Just A Member." 
How GWRRA Positively Affected My Life! 

Bill McIlrath, Life Member
Lyn and I were married in 2000.  Motorcycling has been part of our lives since early on.  Although we had attended other rallys much closer to our Connecticut home, I was anxious for the opportunity to show her what Wing Ding was all about. 
Wing Ding-25 in Madison, Wisconsin, was to be the destination.  This was much further / longer than any bike trip she had ever experienced.  I Winged it to Chicago, and she caught up to me there on different wings.  (The trip home would be 2-up).  Around the time we got to the Wisconsin Visitors Center, I was informed that this was too far for a motorcycle trip and it was a one-shot deal.  Shortly after arriving at the Residence Inn in Madison, four other Wings arrived from Chapter B-2 in Marion, Indiana. 
Among the group were Bob and Diana Wilson.  Upon finding out we were there "alone," we were immediately adopted by their chapter and expected to go with them everywhere they went for the next 5 days, including their chapter dinner near the end of the event.  At no time did we feel like we were outsiders.  By the time we were ready to head home, Lyn couldn't wait for the next Wing Ding. 
Two years later it was closer to home...their home.  We rode 2-up to Fort Wayne.  Again, on the way there, I was informed  it was "too far" and "never again".  Many tears flowed when we arrived at the registration desk and there, on the other side of the tables, were Bob and Diana. 
Now we are the Eastern Division of IN-B2, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  It's easy to spot us at an event, our vests say "CONNECTICUT and INDIANA" on the back.
One Member's Story! (A series)
The Saga of Our Gold Wing
By Jim Ege
Chapter C-2 Michigan

Chapter Three
I found another Honda dealer that has a great reputation eighty miles away. This is my third Honda dealership! We will call him Dealer #3. The service manager listened to the bike and ascertained that the Gold Wing did indeed have a higher than normal whine. He told me to return for the Honda factory rep to listen to the bike and its noise. I return home and return to the dealership a week later for the factory representative, who is the very same factory rep that worked with the other two dealerships.
The factory rep agrees with the service manager that the whine is caused by the alternator. I make another appointment and agree to wait at the dealership while they replace the alternator with a new one. The mechanic takes off the alternator and runs the engine without it to see if this is truly the problem. The mechanic says the whine does not emanate from the alternator but from the engine. The mechanic believes it is the alternator drive that is causing the noise. The service manager and mechanic decide I should leave the bike so they can pull the engine and explore further. Meanwhile I need a ride eighty miles back home.

The service manager decides to give me a loaner. I am thinking now this is a dealership! Never once did the other dealerships offer a loaner, and Honda Customer Service told me Honda does not authorize loaner bikes. It is up to each Honda dealer to give loaners if they want to. The service manager and I head off twenty-five miles to his home, and he loans me a Yamaha Z-1, 900cc, Crotch Rocket that has no title but has a dealer plate. Apparently the bike was repaired and the owner never came to pick it up and took off with the insurance money. I take the bike! It is a ride! It is not a Gold Wing, and I think this will be a short problem and I will bring it back in a week.
Understand it is now mid-September. In the Midwest warm days are getting shorter and fewer between. The ride home is warm and beautiful and my saga seems to be easing.

The problem though is not the alternator drive; and while re-assembling the Gold Wing, the mechanic at dealership #3 finds a clutch part put in backwards by the mechanic at dealership #2. The mechanic at dealership #3 does not believe this is causing the whine. The service manager calls in the Honda factory rep again. Now, remember, since the $5500 problem was never turned in to Honda for reimbursement, the work was never recognized as being done under warranty by Honda even though the factory rep knows it has been done.
October 10th--It has been a month. I get a call from the dealership #3 service manager who says the factory rep has gone to the Honda Regional Manager, and they have decided that they will replace whatever it takes to get rid of the noise. Parts will be delivered and work will begin, and I can hope to expect the bike to be done in two weeks. The work will amount to a new alternator drive, new bearings, new pistons, new rings, connecting rods, bearings, seals and all of the other sundry parts to put this all right.
October 27th--I receive an update call from the service manager. The engine has been put together and installed on the bike and run, to check for the engine noise. It is still there! The service manager has a call in to the Honda factory rep to see where to proceed.

October 30th--I receive another update call from the service manager. He says he has been authorized to pull the engine again and replace the Primary Drive Gears and the Drive Gears. They will proceed on this course of action next week. 
I have pulled my shop manual on the bike and looked up the troubleshooting area on engine noise. Honda is proceeding on each item in the manual as to a cause of the problem. I requested that Honda take the bike, palletize it, and send it to Marysville, Ohio, for the factory engineers to look at. Understand, at this point thousands of dollars have been spent to remedy the problem. Honda refuses to go to this step.

First week of November--The service manager has decided to replace the Alternator Drive again. It seems there was a difference of 10,000th of an inch between the new set of gears and the other. It seems that this was enough to eliminate the whine that began this problem. I get a call and the bike is back together, and I can pick it up.
So after two and a half months, 44 hours of labor, removing the engine twice, replacing the crankshaft bearings, the pistons, rings and the alternator drive twice, the third dealership and Honda has corrected the whining problem that was reported three days after having the engine rebuilt at the second dealership and being told by the mechanic there that the engine was "tight' and the "whining' would go away after a few miles.
To summarize, I have been through three Honda dealerships in the last year and lost five-and-one-half months of riding during prime Midwest riding time. One Honda dealership and Honda Certified Mechanic, who caused the original problem by running the engine without oil, who then sent me to another Honda dealership where another Honda Certified Mechanic, with 28 years experience, had to correct the original problem created by the first mechanic but created other problems when he rebuilt the engine. That Honda dealership never turned in the warranty work so it never went on record with Honda who then subsequently went out of business.
One year and 16,000 miles later, Shawmutt Hills Honda in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Denny Boulen, head of the Service Department; their Honda Certified Mechanic, Josh; and Phil Clark, the Honda factory representative who took the "bull by the horns," tackled the problem "head on" until it was resolved. In hindsight, I am very thankful that I purchased the Honda extended warranty. With unlimited mileage and bumper-to-bumper protection at 60,000 miles and a year to go, at $350 it has been a tremendous help. Where would the bike be today with no warranty and $12,000 in repair costs that I would have had to pay for? I suppose in the yard with flower pots on it. Honda Yard Art! Today the 2003 Gold Wing is quiet and has a new engine at 60,000 miles. This makes me a smiling Honda owner. Hopefully the end of the saga.
Travelog    (a series)
by Deborah Nielsen
Traveling to Wing Ding -

I rode my Yamaha FJR1300. In addition to the stock hard side cases, I used a Chicane tank bag and tail rack bag. I strapped a Tour Master tail bag/duffle to the passenger seat that contained digital camera equipment and a bag containing my tire repair and first-aid kits. Also in that tail bag were an extra face shield, small road atlas and my reading and journaling materials. In the tank bag I keep a microfiber towel to clean my face shield, windscreen, and headlights while on the road, a water bottle, lip balm, sunscreen, paperback, small LED flashlight, pen, small notepad and extra pair of riding gloves. A current map goes in the map window. In the rack bag, I kept my road maps, liner to my mesh jacket and a Frogg Togg jacket, lightweight fleece jacket that can be used as an extra layer under my touring jacket or as a sweater, purse, tea making supplies and extra water bottle. I packed my clothing in the side cases. I can pack a week's worth of clothing easily including one or two pairs of shoes. For longer trips I find a laundromat or use the laundry facilities at the motel if available. I pack small bottles of laundry detergent and Woolite along with fabric softener sheets in my toiletry bag. I can wash lingerie in the hotel sink at night and it's dry by morning. Because I motel, I don't need to carry a blow dryer.

I wore a Tour Master mesh riding jacket and First Gear waterproof overpants.

I prefer the back roads to interstate and plan my routes to take in historic forts/sites, interesting architecture, scenic views/routes. My route to Tulsa took me meandering from one Frank Lloyd Wright home to another.

Leaving Cheyenne where I live, I took I-80 to Chappell NE. Leaving the interstate at Chappell, I took Hwy 385 south to Holyoke CO; then Hwy 6 east to McCook NE. Located the Sutton House. Took a few photos of the exterior of the home. Took Hwy 83 south from McCook to Oberlin KS. Then east on Hwy 36 to Phillipsburg where I turned south on Hwy 183 past the Kirwin NWR to Hays. Stayed in Hays that night.

The next morning I spent some time exploring Old Fort Hays before getting on the road. Continued south on Hwy 183 to Rush Center then turned east on Hwy 96 to Great Bend then south on Hwy 281 to Pratt, then east on Hwy 54/400 to Wichita. I stopped in Wichita to look at a couple of Wright buildings, the Allen House and the Corbin Education Center. From Wichita I took Hwy 400 east to Augusta, then turned south on Hwy 77 to Arkansas City. Spent the night.

The following morning I headed south on Hwy 77 to Ponca City, OK where I took Hwy 60 east to Bartlesville. Spent some time in Bartlesville going through the Price Tower, another Frank Lloyd Wright building, and taking photos. Also explored the ConocoPhillips museum and used the public computers at the library to check my e-mails while waiting for the next tour time for the Price Tower. Leaving Bartlesville I took Hwy 75 into Tulsa.

While in Tulsa I explored the Gilcrease and Philbrook museums and looked at another house built by Mr Wright for his cousin, the Richard Lloyd Jones House.
Leaving Tulsa I headed west to Texas on Hwy 51 through Stillwater to Hennessey and on to its intersection with Hwy 270/281 where I turned northwest to Seiling then west again on Hwy 60 into Texas. I stayed on Hwy 60 to Canadian. A few miles south of Canadian I turned southwest to Pampa and on into Amarillo. In Amarillo I missed a turn somewhere and had to stop for directions to find the way to get to Canyon. After getting on the right road to take me to I-27, I made it into Canyon late in the afternoon. Stopped at a local ice cream eatery and asked a local gentleman there if there were any motels other than a mom-and-pop place that didn't look too inspiring to me. He directed me to a couple of very nice chain motels on the east side of town on the way to the Palo Duro Canyon.

The next morning I rode out to the Palo Duro Canyon and spent several hours riding through the canyon and taking photographs. Also stopped at the visitors' center where I chatted with the lady manning the cash register who was very knowledgeable about the canyon, and who also told me about the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon. Returning to Canyon, I went to a Mexican restaurant that was recommended by the hotel's desk clerk and spent the majority of the afternoon at the museum.

The following morning I left Canyon and headed back to Amarillo and on north on Hwy 287 through Dumas to Oklahoma. Stayed on Hwy 287 through the Oklahoma panhandle to Colorado. Entering Colorado I stayed on Hwy 287 to Lamar and up to Eads where I took Hwy 59 to Kit Carson then northwest on Hwy 40/287 to Limon. Made it into Limon before the afternoon thunderstorms blew up and stopped for the day.

The next morning I took Hwy 71 north from Limon to Brush, then the old highway west to Fort Morgan where I jumped on I-76 to Wiggins. At Wiggins I took Hwy 34 to Greeley, then Hwy 85 north to Cheyenne.

Somehow I managed not to run into any bad weather on the road or major road construction. I do watch the late local news and the Weather Channel for weather conditions in the areas I'm traveling toward.

Living in southeast Wyoming I'm all too well aware of the severe thunderstorms that can pop up over the eastern plains of Colorado in the afternoons in summer and wanted to be off the road for the day before I encountered any, so I kind of pushed to get as far as Limon before stopping for the day.
The only problem I had with the bike was a minor tip-over in a parking lot coming into Tulsa which was not the bike's fault. I pulled into a Cooper Tire parking lot to look at a Tulsa street map to figure out where I needed to go to find my hotel. The parking lot was very sloping, and in trying to turn the bike around I turned the front wheel all the way to the left trying to make a sharp left turn on a slope with a fully loaded bike. I was kind of tired and a bit frazzled with the traffic by that time so didn't listen to that little voice in the back of my mind saying you should back up a little more first . . . Luckily the only damage were a few scratches on the side case and the mirror housing. Three guys came running out of the store when they saw the bike go down and me with it, so I had plenty of help to get it back up on its wheels. A couple of them said they rode so knew how to pick up a bike. I felt so embarrassed at doing such a dumb move. But they gave me directions to my hotel.

I encountered a few more tight situations on the trip and handled those with no problems. The only good reason I can come up with for mishandling that situation was fatigue and frustration. Another lesson learned. 
(The series with Deborah will continue next month.)
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Items #4081006-40811005-4081001.
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Answers to "Did You Know?"
                 2-Wing Ding 28, Nashville, TN - 2006 (Prior year was WD XXVII) 
Answers to "IOWA Trivia"----
                  1-Strawberry Point, Iowa
                  2-Burlington, Iowa's...Snake Alley 
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