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January, 2010

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Executive Message
Missy Pic
Melissa Eason
Executive Director, GWRRA
New Year!

Welcome to the New Year! We begin once again with a fresh, clean slate defining our goals, hopes, and dreams for the year. I hope this new year brings every Member an abundance of health, happiness, and prosperity.
This year we are concentrating on "Building Relationships" old and new, within GWRRA. Let's make an effort to step outside of our comfort zones a little and strike up a conversation with someone new. We may see some familiar faces each week at our Chapter gatherings but have we ever really taken the time to sit down and get to know these folks? The next time we attend a meeting or rally, let's purposely look for folks we've never spent much time with and extend the hand of friendship. And Wing Ding will contain a sea of people to walk up
 to and greet! You can never have too many friends.
The old saying, "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and one is gold" holds true. There's no one that knows us better than those we've maintained a relationship with for years. We are more comfortable with them for they've known us through the good and bad times. Let's make it a point to let these friends know how much they mean to us and not take it for granted that they already know. At the same time, who better to introduce our new friends to than the old ones who we know will make them feel a part of the family.
In this age of technology, we have grown further and further away from personal contact. Instead of picking up the phone, we send an email. Instead of a handwritten note, we send an email. Instead of dropping by in person, we send an email. We even update our daily tasks and happenings on Twitter and Facebook. Once in awhile, let's remember the joy of those old but personalized ways of communicating, and pick up the phone to say hello, or just stop by to visit a friend for no reason other than to let them know you're thinking of them.  
Always remember to enjoy the ride and "Building Relationships
is our theme for 2010!! 
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"Did You Know?" 
"Did You Know?"
Check your GWRRA history knowledge and see if you know the answers to these questions?
 1-How many Chapters does GWRRA have?  
2-What city hosted the second largest attended Wing Ding and what year was it?
3-How many Volunteer Officers does GWRRA have? 
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Des Moines & Iowa Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about Des Moines this month.
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 has a winner of the "Name the Spirit Contest"
 Jack Diamond, from Buffalo, Michigan,
MI-S, has won the $50 cash with the winning name of
"Sharon DaFun"
Home Office Reminders
Reminders from Member Services:
Did you know that GWRRA sells Gift Certificates? So, if you would like to buy a gift membership for someone special or a gift of Official GWRRA Merchandise or even just give the gift of a Gift Certificate, call Member Services and ask them how! Just call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix.
NOW, for the first time, when you register for Wing Ding 32, you can also pick the day and specific Rider Ed class you wish to take. (Based on availability.) So register early for your preferences.
Regsiter here for Wing Ding 32 in Des Moines, Iowa!

2010 already....it is hard to believe! Another decade in the new millennium...what will it bring? First, let me wish everyone a very happy, healthy and synergistic New Year!  
I look back at 2009 and see how so many entities, including businesses, governments and people have gone through changes, attempted changes, some intentional, some not. Many of the changes have been reactions to the economy, to business, to what might be and many to what they hope will be. Many changes and reactions may have happened due to fear. Some may have happened due to reality, like layoffs, foreclosures, divorce or positive changes like marriage, new home purchase or career change. How many have planned for what happened or what might have happened?
The interesting part to me is that some people, organizations and governments are thriving through these changes. And I ask myself why? Why do some people and businesses thrive through tough times and change? Some would say luck; some say opportunities. I think it has to due with attitude, willingness and intention.
Sometimes, life throws you a curve. If you have the attitude..."OK, life just threw me a curve, I will learn to handle curves..." then you are better able to handle life than if you just curl up in a ball and give up! Or, throw in the towel, so to speak, and start the pity party and complain all the time.
If you have a great attitude and combine that with a willingness to move forward, look for resources to solve whatever the issue is and then have the intention to fix it and move forward....you will! There is nothing like human desire, willingness, attitude and intention to solve any problem. I am a firm believer that we as individuals are incredible; but as a group, a team, we are unstoppable. So, if you have an issue, a problem, in GWRRA or outside of GWRRA, use your attitude, willingness and intention to resolve it, especially if we seek out our family and friends to help us!
This organization has so many incredible people, from every walk of life, to use as a resource....! Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. We have all needed it at one time or another. As an individual, as an organization, as a government, pull together, let your voice be heard and understand the word SYNERGY! The sum of its parts is greater than the individual parts separately! So, let's pull together in 2010 and vow to help each other more, help our organizations better and let our voices be heard to make our lives better....for each other, individually and collectively! You are not alone!
What's my point here and how does it relate to GWRRA? Well, I believe that people come first and there are Members in GWRRA that have lost their jobs, their homes and their businesses. They need our help. They need their friends...the friends they found in GWRRA! Instead of donating to outside charities this year, let's take that money and pay the dues for our friends that can't afford to stay in GWRRA this year...as a thought! I always believed that charity starts at home. Maybe, a Jobs Board for GWRRA Members from those of you who own businesses...just another thought!
Let me know other ideas you have on helping our Members and what you or your Chapter is already doing to help. Send me your stories here!
Have a great New Year, and make it a year of intentional choices and not reactions.

Happy New Year,
Ed Price
Marketing Director, GWRRA

Featured Associate at Home Office
Deena Pic
Deena Shaw
Operations Technical Assistant
I joined the GWRRA staff a little over 5 years ago working in my current position.   I enjoy my job because there is always plenty to learn and do.  Everyday I get to work with the nicest group of people.  Some of my job duties include: internal membership reporting, membership mailings, internal help desk issues, database management, and AP/AR accounting.   My favorite job duty is to give a tour to Members who visit the Home Office.  We meet GWRRA Members from all over the world who are traveling through Phoenix or someone who just wants to meet the person they talk to on the phone.
My very bright 9 year-old daughter is in the 4th grade and her energetic 3 year-old brother enjoy taking up a majority of my personal time.  We love to travel whenever we can get our schedules to coincide.  We also enjoy spending holidays with our extended family on the Navajo reservation.  Although I've lived in Arizona a majority of my life, there are always new places to explore on our trips up north.
If I can ever assist you, please let me know.
GWRRA Officer Profile
Canadian National  
Ron & Carol Hodgson
Carol and I joined GWRRA in late 1996 after purchasing a 1984 1200 Gold Wing Aspencade in which the previous owner had left a Wing World Magazine! Our daughter was now married, and we felt the need to expand our horizons. After being in the Innisfail Chapter AB-C for about 1- years, we were asked to step forward and become Chapter Directors with no previous Officer experience! Needless to say, it was a baptism by fire, but with Carol's organizational skills and our combined determination we succeeded and enjoyed the experience greatly. At an Alberta District Learn and Burn, the late Larry Sagusteun "Twisted our arms," and we stepped up to the Alberta District Directors position just before Wing Ding 2000 at Billings. This position lasted for a little over 2 years at which time we again moved up the ladder, so to speak, and became Region J Directors. 
Region J "The Great Northwest Region" is very large, and we set out to cover most of it including "Alaska" which we accomplished. Of course, along the way, we held Chapter, District and Region Rallies which we greatly enjoyed. They provided us with many opportunities to meet and make new friends. In late 2006, we decided it was time for a change and we stepped down as Region J Directors only to be offered the Canadian National Directorship, which we still hold. Carol is currently our Chapter AB-C Newsletter editor, and I am a Rider Educator Instructor teaching ARC, Trailering and Trike courses. We thoroughly enjoy all aspects of GWRRA life and wish our fiends many years of enjoyable friendship within our extended family.

P.S. The attached picture is from our trip to West Wing 1 in Las Vegas in April 2009 and is taken on our trip through the Valley of Fire.
How GWRRA Positively Affected My Life! 
Riding With FL2-E
Larry (broabe) Rogers  

I started riding rather late in life.  I was 40.  I loved it and traveled over 20,000 miles each year for the first 4 or 5 years of riding.  I became an MSF instructor and did that for 7 or 8 years.  I even rode with an all-makes independent club.  The friends I made and what they taught me about life opened up my rather closed life to the joy I had missed.  I learned how to "kick it." 
But as 50 approached the uniqueness of a motorcycle life began to fade.  My trips were shorter and my complaints about rain and temperature increased.  My last bike before my Wing was a Suzuki Cavalcade.  I put 89,000 miles on it before I blew the engine. 
I had already been looking at the Wing before that happened so it seemed the natural thing to do was to buy a Wing.  So I plunked down $14,100 for a used (1789 miles) SE and I dressed it up nice. At that point I knew that if I wanted to ride long trips again I would need to be with other riders of this magnificent machine.
I joined FL2-E in Miami, FL.  What a great bunch of ridin' fools these were.  The Wanderer is an example. They typically took 20 bikes from Miami to Jacksonville for an overnight ride just to deliver it.  A few of the Members did various Iron Butt rides, and others typically did more than 30,000 miles a year, going to every rally they could find.  It's a long trip to get anywhere from Miami.
But the best thing about these people was their unconditional acceptance of me as one of them.  That to me was worth more than Gold.  I am 63 now and my Wing has 113,000 miles.  But the best part of my Wing are the friends that tag along as I ride it.
One Member's Story! (A series)
The Saga of Our Gold Wing
By Jim Ege
Chapter C-2 Michigan

The saga begins on the day my wife and I purchased our 2003 Gold Wing in May of 2003 in Dubuque, Iowa, after "totaling" a 2003 Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Electra Glide. I mention the Harley Davidson simply because it seems to begin the pattern that reoccurs regarding motorcycle dealers throughout this saga. With an insurance settlement check in hand, we went back to the Harley dealership where I had purchased it to get another Anniversary Electra Glide. I was told there were none, and they would not work with me to find another. I did like the Honda Gold Wing so I informed them there were other better bikes out there. We lived in Illinois but the Harley was in Iowa after the accident; so we found ourselves in a Honda dealership there and the price and dealer were both excellent.
At the Honda dealership, we found our new bike--a new 2003 Honda Gold Wing painted Illusion Red. Money exchanged hands; and we decided to get the extended warranty, which would be in effect until 2010. Little did we know the portent of that decision then. In the first couple of years the bike had a couple of factory recalls and a gasket failure, both were covered by the warranty. In the meantime, we had relocated to Michigan and retired.
The first strange thing to occur was a frame weld which was quite a controversy at the time. The dealership had never handled anything like this before. I was the first customer to ask about having the weld done at their dealership. In hindsight I should have looked for another Honda dealer or gotten another Gold Wing. The Honda dealership was certified and supported by a Honda factory rep, so I felt that Honda would help them along during the process. The dealership found a welder and all proceeded as it should with the factory rep supporting them. I was satisfied, and the bike did not seem to go down the road in any fashion but straight. The issue was not the quality of the job but the paperwork. The dealership never turned the repair in to Honda that the weld was done. Honda had no record, and the dealership apparently never got paid for the recall work. The welder, an independent, told me later that my Gold Wing was not the only one that this issue happened to with the dealership on this recall. 
In June of 2007, I took the bike in for the 38,000-mile scheduled maintenance work. I told the dealership that I did not want them to change the oil. I normally did that work, and felt more confident when I did it. The dealership did the oil change without my authorization. I agreed that was okay because the work was already completed. With less than 3,000 miles on the bike, my wife and I completed our summer riding and stored the bike for the winter. 
In April of 2008, my wife and I headed out for our first ride of the season. The ride took us near the Honda dealership that completed the 38,000-mile work. At a stop sign seven miles away from the dealership, the bike began a horrendous metal-on-metal banging. Since we were near the Honda dealership, we headed there hoping the bike would hold together.
It was a Monday and the dealership was open, but the mechanics were not working. The personnel that were working listened to the bike and told us to come back on Tuesday. Our home was 40 miles away to the west. Very nervous, but trusting the people at the Honda dealership and knowing we had an extended warranty, we headed home. We did make it home, but the engine sounds were horrible. On Tuesday, I loaded the Gold Wing on a trailer and took it back to the dealership and dropped it off. After three days, the dealership called and said it was the cam chain tensioners. They had been replaced and we should come and pick up the bike. It rained the entire trip there and back. I got to the dealership and started the bike and it sounded just the same as before I brought it in. I questioned the mechanic. He listened to it and said yes it did still sound the same and suggested that I take it to another Honda dealer 40 miles south. The mechanic there had 28 years experience. I rode the bike home, 40 miles, listening to the banging all of the way. I was still confident because I had that extended warranty. I figured if the engine imploded all would still be okay.
(Stay tuned to next month as Jim's saga continues.)
JOKE of the MONTH!rose
This joke came from: 
Bill Burt
TN-H - Franklin, TN
A bank robber jumps out of his car and runs into a bank.
He remembers he hadn't put on his ski mask. - After he puts it on, he asks the first guy he sees, 
"Did you see my face before I put on my mask?" 
The guy says "Yes"-- BANG the robber shot him dead.
The robber turns to a lady teller and asks, "Did you see my face before I put on the mask, "YYYYeeesss" - BANG he shot her dead.
He then turns to an elderly couple and asks the same question. 
The old man said, "I didn't see you...
but SHE did!!!" 
Thank You! 
Hi to all,
Coming into the end of the year and riding season, I though it would be a good time to thank all the Regions, Districts and Chapters for their support and orders for your special event pins and patches. In these economic times, it was very rewarding to get all the positive feedback from Members who we helped and got to know with our service and pricing.
As a division of GWRRA, it has been my mission to provide the best pricing and personal service to our Members as possible. We have also had the privilege of providing pins and patches to other organizations other than GWRRA. Among others, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundations "Ride For Kids" has been very special to us as it is to many of you who spend your time and money in fund raising activity for a wonderful cause.
When I was given the opportunity to take over management of GW Pin and Patch I was very excited to meet the challenges of Customer Service and support GWRRA's membership. That excitement and drive is still there, but I need your help. It came to my attention this last year, that we are only supporting 15% of the Chapters with their custom pin and patch needs. As we are here to support you and help you save expenses, you are also supporting GWRRA when you order from us. Keeping in mind that there are approximately 810 Chapters and that all the Chapters are not big enough to support the expense of custom pins and patches or just don't have a need for them, I understand. I have been getting requests from newly formed Chapters to help with creating their Chapter logo to create pins and patches from. This has been very rewarding and I look forward to more of that.
However, I am disappointed in the 15% figure and want to ask all the Chapter, District and Region Officers to consider us as a reliable source, and give us the opportunity to at least provide a quote for your pins, patches or other special event items. If our pricing and service do not meet your expectations please, let us know.
Dennis (Denny) Baumann
GW Pin and Patch
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Answers to "Did You Know?"
                 2-Wing Ding 28, Nashville, TN - 2006 (13,603) 
                 3-Over 4,000 
Answers to "Des Moines Trivia"----
                  Insurance, Financial Services and Publishing
                  May, 1843, when Captain james Allen helped with the construction of Fort Des Moines on the site where the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers merge. 
Offer Expires: 1/31/10. Mention code  "New Year e-news"