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December, 2009

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Executive Message
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Melissa Eason
Executive Director, GWRRA
Looking Back!
Can you believe this year is drawing to an end? It's been a wonderful, whirlwind of activity. We have worked hard this year to bring you more benefits for your membership in these tough economic times. Rescue Plus towing was increased from 50 miles to 100 miles; a split payment plan was implemented to ease the burden of paying membership dues in one lump sum by allowing dues to be paid in two equal monthly payments.
Ameriplan health coverage program was added, as well as the OfficeMax discount. And last, but not least, we've been offering discounts on a featured Official Product every month.
We are still offering the $5 discount, per person, when you pre-register for Wing Ding in groups of 10 or more. And, of course, you will still receive a $5 gift certificate for every two new Members you recruit.
And contests! This year, we've held a quarterly drawing for the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes just by renewing your membership.
Now, in full swing, is the Chapter Recruiting Contest, and we've just extended the deadline for the "Name the Spirit of GWRRA" contest. Of course, we will continue to research more benefits in the coming year to offer even more value to your membership.
If there is a benefit you'd like to see added, please let us know.
I hope this holiday season brings you much love, health and happiness.  
Always remember to ride safe and "Every Member Matters!" 
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How GWRRA Has Positively Affected My Life? 
Remember, I am still looking for stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life. Please send your stories to me here.
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"Did You Know?" 
"Did You Know?"
Check your GWRRA history knowledge and see if you know the answers to these questions?
1-Who was the editor of Wing World magazine from August, 1987 to his last issue of November, 1989?  
2-What city hosted the
most southern Wing Ding and what was the year?
3-Who was the Region Director during the Wing Ding in question #2? 
(Answers in coupon block below.) 
Des Moines & Iowa Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about IOWA this month.
(Answers to be found in the coupon block below.) 
COY Packet 
 GWRRA Regions, Districts and Chapter directors can now get the Couple of the Year recognition packets from the National Headquarters. The packets consist of ; 2 name badges with the couples name engraved, 2 COY pins with hanger bars, 1 certificate of recognition w/holder and 2 medallions with the neck lanyards.
These are a great way to give special recognition to your couple for their efforts in support of their Chapter, District, Region and GWRRA. Cost is $35.00 plus shipping. Please allow
3 -4 weeks minimum delivery time. Contact Member Services @ 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix. 

Follow Up-
Cathy's Secret!
Remember, I told you last month if I had Cathy Church's permission I would reveal a cool secret about her. Well, she got back to me and said it was OK to tell all her GWRRA friends...Cathy is a Member of NC-Y2. 
Cathy is a 20-year veteran of the Charlotte-Mechlenburg Police Department in North Carolina. Hard to beleive, eh? Thanks, Cathy for keeping all the folks safe! 
New Feature Articles Needed 
goldwing back
We would like to start a new feature in Wingin' It in January.  Members' Travelog.
This would not be your typical, I went on a ride with my Chapter or friends to ?? and we stopped to see ?? and saw ?? and ate at ?? and visited with my friends??.
This will be more of a technical article where you tell us the route you took, how you packed for the trip, and yes, where you went and if your bike/trike had any issues. Plus, if you used the Gold Book or had a Honda dealer or Rescue Plus assist you along the way.
We want this Travelog to be more technical in nature, if that makes sense. Send them to me here, please.
Travel Now
Friendly REMINDER!!
Another one of GWRRA's Member benefits is your access to the extensive network of Travel Now. This Travel Site has over 44,000 hotels, airline reservations, tours (both for goups and individuals), cruises, and anything else you may want as far as travel is concerned. Check it out to see if the benefits are right for your needs. Click here Travel Now
Webmaster Patch
 Just a reminder, in case you haven't heard the news, RECRUIT two (2) new households and you will receive a $5 gift certificate from GWRRA.
The $5 gift certificate can be used for anything from Official Products to Membership Renewals to Wing Ding Registrations.
For more information, call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix.

Rescue PLUS!
Remember to sign up for Rescue PLUS! It will add more miles and more vehicles to your standard FREE Rescue towing package from GWRRA. PLUS, it only costs $25 per year to upgrade the entire family!! Sign up now by calling
Name the Spirit
Contest Extended!
Our Executive Director,
 Melissa Eason, has extended the deadline for the "Name the Spirit Contest."
The new deadline is now December 31, 2009. According to Melissa, "We have not found just the right name for our mascot, plus we were still getting some entries from our overseas Members, like our Military Members." So, please keep sending those entries, up to 5 per person to "Contest@GWRRA.Org"
Remember, the winner will receive $50 cash!
Good Luck!! 

It is my honor to relinquish the editorial space this month to our Founder, Paul Hildebrand. Thank you Paul for still having the passion and purpose you had for GWRRA 32 plus years ago and sharing it with us almost every day, even though you say you are semi-retired :) Ed
A long, long time ago (33 years) in a galaxy far, far away (Phoenix, Arizona), I was a much younger man. I had all my hair and it was mostly brownish, if you can believe that. Anyway, 6 other good people and I started GWRRA in a local "Denny's'' restaurant. The purpose was to bring together folks that rode Gold Wings and wanted to learn more about them and have fun doing it. We rode all day ... whenever we could, and had a great time. And, believe it or not, we hardly ever rode to a Dairy Queen.

I look back on those days with a great deal of fondness. Everyone had a passion for this "way of life," and we were all proud of what GWRRA was, and could become. Back then, motorcycle safety wasn't part of discussions any "knowledgeable" biker had. We were, however, very interested in the Skills thereof ... even though a few of us felt we knew everything there was to know about skillful riding. After all, we had been riding since we were born.
Someone came up with Bike Games at our first Wing Ding and lo and behold, there was a LOT of stuff about skill-full riding that we hadn't learned! And, as is usual today, it took the "kids" to show us our ignorance. About that time, the MSF was founded and we, as an organization, jumped on their bandwagon with both wheels. And thus was born the concept of a Rider Education Division of GWRRA ... a Division that became the envy of many biking organizations today.
Thinking of those early days, reminds me how important it was for us to be the best we could be ... and when we learned how to share our experiences and skills with others, we really started clicking as a group. And boy did we grow! Personally and as an organization! 
Now, I look around and see that we are in 52 countries and have over 74,000 Members in this organization, and I wonder ...

Do these Members today still feel the way we did? Do they still want to learn and become all they can with their motorcycle? Do they still have pride in what GWRRA has accomplished, because of themselves? Do they still enjoy sharing with others? Are they still learning from the "kids"? Do they still have the passion ............ ?

GWRRA has always been about the people. The bikes just brought us together. And a finer bunch of people can't be found. Now the questions are, have you hugged your bike today? Have you shared your GWRRA experience with another? Have your accomplishments within GWRRA given you pride? Hasn't that pride made a better organization? 
The legacy of GWRRA, that you and I leave behind, is all about us and our efforts. People won't know it unless we tell them, unless we share, and thereby grow the legacy.

If you want to leave behind a good legacy for your children and your friends that you've yet to meet, just share GWRRA with them. You, and they, will be glad you did.
Ride safely and well.
Paul HildebrandPaul
Founder, GWRRA

"EveryMember Matters"
Featured Associate at Home Office
Abel Pic
Edward Price
Marketing Director 
My history with GWRRA began way back at Wing Ding 1, when they were looking for volunteers. I volunteered for the off-bike games and helped folks change in and out of rain gear along 16th street at the Point Hilton during the first Wing Ding in 1979. That's when I got to meet Paul and Shirley (GWRRA's Founders) and the best people from around the country who drove these huge motorcycles called Gold Wings.
The very next year I found myself in Denver, owning a Gold Wing and the first Area Rep for Colorado; proceeded to become the state director there and later GWRRA's Executive Director from 1991-1996.
After a short leave, returning to college to get my degree in Business Management Systems and doing a few other things, I returned to GWRRA in 2001, as its Event Manager and now serve as its Marketing Director.
Some of my job duties include: searching/managing Member benefits, marketing GWRRA internally and externally, finding/negotiating Wing Ding sites, publishing the Wingin' It e-Newsletter, as well other social media, and assisting in some operational aspects of GWRRA. 
I am currently divorced and have two grown sons, Danny and David. One has my three grandchildren--Mackenzie, 10; Nolan, 6; and Landon, almost 2! In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, dancing, cooking, and music.

I'm here to help; and if I can ever assist you, please let me know.
GWRRA Officer Profile
Mississippi District  
Greg & Pat Harbison
Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a bit about ourselves. We've been married forty-seven years and have two children and four grandchildren. We've been GWRRA Members since 1989 and have ridden in 48 states and seven Canadian Provinces. We've held Chapter positions as Assistant Area Representative, Newsletter Editor, Secretary and Chapter Director. We've also held positions on the Mississippi District Staff as MEC, Newsletter Editor, Vendor Coordinator, Public Relations and as Assistant District Director. Pat later served, once again, as Chapter Director for our home Chapter, and I was the Rider Educator on her staff. We've served as Chapter, District and Region Couple of the Year and have attended nine Wing Ding's. We're also Level Four Grand Master and Senior Master, Certified Bike Show Judges, Certified LTD Instructors and Rider Education and Safety Certified Seminar Presenters. At present, we are serving our third year as Mississippi District Directors. We've learned quite a lot about our Association by staying busy and becoming involved and participating in the Chapter and District activities. We really enjoy just hanging out with the Members. We like to say: The more you participate, the more fun you'll have in GWRRA!
We're fortunate to have a great slate of Chapter Directors who continue to keep our Members happy by providing a Chapter environment that reflects what GWRRA is all about. These guys and gals are very good at their jobs, and we're proud of all of them. One of our biggest honors is being the home state of the GWRRA "International Chapter of the Year". This official designation and the ensuing awards were presented to Mississippi Chapter 'O' from Picayune, MS, at Wing Ding 31 in Tulsa, Oklahoma this year. Under the direction and leadership of Patsy Kutcha, the Cheeri-O's are the epitome of what a Chapter should be. They have a wonderful Chapter life, are extremely active and travel together throughout the year to many other Chapter, District and Region events, always having fun where ever they go. Everyone in the Chapter is a friend to one another and it shows. Thanks Chapter 'O' for making Mississippi look good!
The many accolades we've received for our accomplishments in Mississippi are certainly appreciated, and we thank you. But regardless of what Pat and I may have received credit for as District Directors, those words of praise must be shared with the people who help make it all happen, for it is only with the help of Ronnie and Debra Baldwin, Nick and Linda Brocato, Bobby and Lori Bryant, Doug and Wanda Moak, Bobby and Rosemary Patterson, Ruth Ann and Lomax Rosamond, Karl and Carolyn Scott, Eldon "Buddy" Shirley, Bob and Cathy Singley, Ken and Betty Tarver and Horace and Wanda Thompson that we've been able to accomplish anything at all. These are the members that make up the very best District Staff in the entire Association. Thank you, Team!
How GWRRA Affected My Life!: 
Excited About GWRRA!!! 
Reginald and Kimberly Seymour  TN-N
We were introduced to GWRRA in the spring of this year. We were looking for a Gold Wing to trike and met Mr. Mullins. He searched high and low until he came across the perfect Gold Wing for us. It is the perfect color, Illusion Blue. It is also both of our favorite colors. Depending on how the sun hits it, it can be blue or it can be purple. Mr. Mullins also added the Hannigan trike conversion kit. 
Once our trike was ready, he suggested that we join GWRRA. He informed us that this was a great way to learn rider safety and to have fun while doing it. This was also a way to join a great association and ride with fellow Gold Wingers. We did and we are so glad we did.

Since then, we have joined Chapter N in Jackson, TN - Forked Deer. In reading the GWRRA monthly magazine (Wing World), there have been numerous stories of how fellow Gold Wingers have come to the rescue of one another. We can honestly say this is true indeed. We have not been stranded where we have had to rely on the kindness of other GWRRA Members. However, we have experienced the same genuine kindness

Due to a diagnosis of breast cancer in March and a back injury in June, we have not been able to ride as much as we would have liked this year. We have also been unable to attend all of the monthly meetings. Nevertheless, this has not stopped our Chapter from embracing us. They have showered us with prayers, get-well cards, and love. We could not be any more enthused than we are about such a wonderful organization as GWRRA. 
Another Member Story
Evelyn Hicks, VA-K

Jim and I joined GWRRA in 1989. We were part of the first chapter in this area, Roanoke, VA. We were the second Area Reps of Chapter K. Over the years we traveled in every state in the U.S. and Nova Scotia, even went in Mexico. We got out of their faster than we went in. 
This organization has been my second family and still is. Jim passed away in 2008, and I still participate. We held many positions and loved every minute of it. We also competed in the National Couple Selection in 1995. We did not win, but we had a ball. We made friends with the couples and still contact them. Art and Ada Carnes became very good friends.  

JOKE of the MONTH!rose
This joke came from: 
Jim Gray
Nashville, IN
Chapter W - Columbus, IN
Two older couples are walking in the park, the two ladies in front and the gentlemen following.
One gentleman says to the other, "We had a great dinner last night at a new restaurant in town."
The other fellow says, "What is the name of the restaurant?"
The first fellow thinks for a moment, then says, "What is that flower, you know, it has beautiful blooms, and it has thorns."
His friend says, "A rose?"
And then the other fellow, looking toward his wife says, "Hey Rose, what was the name of the restaurant we ate at last night?"
Feature Article-
[But] It's Too Hot To Wear A Helmet!
By Gene & Rae Ellsworth, GWRRA #66861 & 01, Life Grand Master #490 & #489,
Current AZ Educator Emeritus, Phoenix, Arizona
Before we get into the topic of a common complaint we still hear-"It's too hot to wear a helmet," let us first give you some information on our Rider Education background.

Several years ago--1990 to be more precise--I purchased a 1986 GL1200 Gold Wing and was introduced to the then-Editor of Wing World magazine, Nick Hoppner. He became my mentor and close friend. Nick is now retired and a Chapter Director in Montrose, Colorado. (But, just so you know Nick, this is all your fault.)
My wife Rae and I got involved almost immediately in Rider Education, signing up for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. By the end of 1991, we received our Master's and, around this time, we became Assistant District Educators for Arizona (under Steven Potter). Over the next 15 years, we held the District Educator position three times and Region F Educator position once for two years.
During those years, there was one thing that bothered me as an Educator. After talking to Members in seminars and in just everyday conversation, we still could not convince some to wear proper riding gear. They often informed us that "a person has the right to wear whatever they please," and we "could not dictate what they wore". To us, what we had to say was an encouragement for safety, not a dictate. But I guess we looked at it from a safety standpoint and not from the viewpoint that "people have a choice". Okay, enough of the soapbox...let's get on with the subject at hand.
Living here in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, I and many other riders have done our share of hot weather riding. And I will be the first to admit that it is not the most fun one can have on a bike. As mentioned, over the years the one thing we heard a lot was, "It's too hot to wear a helmet." Well, being an Educator, I had to find out for myself if that was really true or not.
About 1985, we had one of the hottest seven-day periods in history out here, with one day setting an all-time high of 122 degrees F. Planes could not even take off from the airports! I had a 17-mile one-way trip to and from work and, by 6 a.m., temperatures had already climbed to over 100 degrees F.
Now, I had a digital temperature gauge with a sensor on my bike, so one afternoon--when it was 117 degrees F--I took the sensor from the fresh air vent and placed it inside my helmet. To my surprise, it only got up to 103 degrees F. That convinced me to continue wearing a helmet in hot weather, but I knew it would not be enough to convince the masses. (As an aside, I remember handing a bottle of water to a couple on a bike that day who were caught in slow traffic. They had the bare minimum of clothing on, and they took the water and poured it on their bare heads before drinking any. I thought, I understand and you're welcome.)
Years later, the subject of it being "too hot to wear a helmet" came up again. So, this past spring, I decided to do a more in-depth study. I purchased two sets of temperature gauges and sensors from an auto supply store and proceeded to demonstrate the idea at a Chapter meeting (AZ-S). I placed a sensor inside a helmet and one on the outside also, taped to the top. I then placed a heat lamp close to the helmet. Temperatures got to 145 degrees F outside the helmet but only 89 degrees F inside it.
Next, I asked for volunteers to take the gauges and sensors to do some real on-bike statistics. Bud and Dot Kapp, Arizona District's Couple of the Year and AZ-R Assistant Chapter Directors, took the kits on the road to Wing Ding 31 in Oklahoma. They returned home through Texas and New Mexico, and the numbers they came back with were as expected (see chart).
We then passed the kits to Bill and Susan Trask, former AZ-R Chapter Directors and former Arizona Assistant District Directors. They took a Chapter ride, which included Bud and Dot Kapp, up into the cool climate of Alpine, Arizona, (elevation 8,850 ft.; snow country in the winter) and came back with some surprising figures. (See chart at end of article) (Believe it or not this ride was on 8/1, 8/2, and 8/3/09, so it just goes to show that we have some pretty smart people here in Arizona who know where to go in the summer. It was 115 degrees F in Phoenix on those same days!) This was a great summertime comparison because of the high altitudes and then their return to the Valley's highs.
So there you have it. Considering that temperatures on the top of a head directly exposed to the sun can reach 145 degrees F but can be reduced to body temperature and cooler when a helmet is worn, I think without question that it pays to wear one in any temperature. Also remember the factor of dehydration, which is greatly reduced if the head, as well as the skin, is covered.
Our appreciation and thanks to Bud and Dot and to Bill and Susan. On behalf of all GWRRA Members, we'd like to add: "Stay cool, and keep the lid on!"
Outside Versus Inside Temperatures (Outside helmet / Inside helmet)
Bud and Dot's Readings Bill and Susan's Readings
101 / 99.7                  88 / 82.4
103 / 99.1                  88 / 90.9
107 / 99.6                  91 / 91.3
104 / 99.6                  90 / 86.9
109 / 97.9                  54 / 78.7
108 / 98.6                  77 / 81.2
111 / 97.8                  82 / 92.3
114 / 98.3                  79 / 94.5
102 / 98.3                  52 / 89.2
113 / 98                     95 / 91.7
112 / 95.5
Reminders from Member Services:
Rescue Plus also includes Rescue International. It is a reimbursement program that covers ONLY the main rider and their motorcycle overseas.
**It covers a MAX of $50 USD per disablement with a max of two claims per year.
**Locksmith services are up to $25 USD per disablement.
**Auto Rental Reimbursement with max of $25 USD per day up to 5 days, 1 claim per year.
**Emergency Trip Interruption with max $50 USD up to 3 days, $150 max per contract period.
**Accidental Death & Dismemberment Travel Benefit of $1,000 USD for business or pleasure travel. 
NOW, for the first time, when you register for Wing Ding 32, you can also pick the day and specific Rider Ed classes you wish to take. (Based on availability.) So register early for your preferences.
Register here for Wing Ding 32 in Des Moines, Iowa!
For all our Military Members or those Members who are stationed or traveling overseas, remember to take your latest issue of Wing World and a Gold Book with you. You can participate in any local group activities as a current Member of GWRRA...just have your membership card with you!
We have representatives in countries such as Denmark, England, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama and Israel. If you are there, just call one of our folks in the back of the Wing World and find out what's happening!
 *Did you know that GWRRA sells Gift Certificates? So, if you would like to buy a gift membership for someone special or a gift of Official GWRRA Merchandise or even just give the gift of a Gift Certificate, call Member Services and ask them how! Just call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix. 
What can we do to increase excitement and, at the same time, create friendly competition among Chapters during our off-season? A Chapter Recruiting Contest! There are three ways to win. Please see the rules below.

Former Member Recruitment
The Chapter that brings back the most FORMER MEMBERS of GWRRA by December 15, 2009, will receive:
  • Their Chapter Charter fee will be paid for 2010.
  • Each Member of the winning Chapter will receive a $10 discount on their Wing Ding registration. If your Chapter is the winning Chapter and you have already registered for Wing Ding, you will be issued either a $10 refund or a $10 credit on Official Products or toward the purchase of Wing Ding tickets.
A Former Member is considered a Member who is expired for 30 days or more. Both the Family memberships or Individual memberships count as one recruitment credit.
New Member Recruitment
The Chapter that brings in the most NEW MEMBERS by December 15, 2009, will receive:
  • Their Chapter Charter fee will be paid for 2010.
  • Each Member of the winning Chapter will receive $10 off Wing Ding registration.
New Member Year-long Recruitment
The Chapter that has recruited the most NEW MEMBERS by November 1, 2010, will receive:
  • Their Chapter Charter fee will be paid for 2011.
  • Each Chapter Member will receive 50% off their Wing Ding registration for Wing Ding 2011.
  • The winning Chapter will receive the traveling trophy cup with engraved Chapter name plate for one year.
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Answers to "Did You Know?"
                 1-Wing World Editor = Fred Rau  
                 2-Wing Ding XXVI, Grapevine, TX (Southern most WD) 
                 3-Ed Nahl (RD at time of WD XXVI) 
Answers to "IOWA Trivia"----
                  First Iowa capital = Iowa City
                  IOWA'S origin=Named after the Ioway Indian tribe. 
Offer Expires: 12/31/09. Mention code  "Holiday e-news"