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November, 2009

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Executive Message
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Melissa Eason
Executive Director, GWRRA
This month we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. It will bring many of our families together for a well-prepared meal with all the trimmings. I'm sure many of you have established your special traditions, whether it's going for an afternoon ride; keeping warm indoors and watching football; or going to the theater to see that "just-released" movie. For me, this holiday brings not only the promise of a wonderful meal shared with family but the reminder of how much I have to be thankful for.
Most of us can list, without much thought, numerous things for which we are grateful. I am sure somewhere on that list is your health; your home and family; the freedom you enjoy as an American and your GWRRA friends. GWRRA and the Members are so remarkable and have enriched not only my life but also the lives of countless others along the way. How many of you have needed a hand and turned to the Gold Book for help to find that, within an hour or even minutes, a GWRRA Member was there to assist you? I'm sure some of you have experienced the words of encouragement after surgery along with prepared meals so you wouldn't have to worry about cooking while you recuperated.  
Was there a time you couldn't quite figure out the problem with your Wing, and a Member arrived with the knowledge and a set of tools to fix it? We have been there for each other through births, deaths, and all the happenings in between. I am so grateful to be a part of this organization.
To all the Members of GWRRA, I would like to thank you for making us the great Association we are and to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Always remember to ride safe and "Every Member Matters!" 
How GWRRA Has Positively Affected My Life? 
Remember, I am still looking for stories about how joining GWRRA has positively affected your life. Please send your stories to me here.
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"Did You Know?" 
"Did You Know?"
Check your GWRRA history knowledge and see if you know the answers to these questions?
1-What countries were represented first in GWRRA, by their Members, after Canada and what year was it?  
2-What city hosted Wing Ding with the highest elevation and what was the year?
3-Who was the Executive Director during the Wing Ding in question #2 and how many people were there? 
(Answers in coupon block below.) 
Name the Spirit
Contest Extended!
Our Executive Director,
 Melissa Eason, has extended the deadline for the "Name the Spirit Contest."
The new deadline is now December 31, 2009. According to Melissa, "We have not found just the right name for our mascot, plus we were still getting some entries from our overseas Members, like our Military Members." So, please keep sending those entries, up to 5 per person to "Contest@GWRRA.Org
Remember, the winner will receive $50 cash!
Good Luck!! 
Des Moines & Iowa Trivia Feature
Let's see how much you know about IOWA this month.
(Answers to be found in the coupon block below.) 
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 Just a reminder, in case you haven't heard the news, RECRUIT two (2) new households and you will receive a $5 gift certificate from GWRRA.
The $5 gift certificate can be used for anything from Official Products to Membership Renewals to Wing Ding Registrations.
For more information, call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix.

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Remember to sign up for Rescue PLUS! It will add more miles and more vehicles to your standard FREE Rescue towing package from GWRRA. PLUS, it only costs $25 per year to upgrade the entire family!! Sign up now by calling
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Last month my article had to do with why we don't accept the younger riders, the female riders, etc. Well, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this month about the many positive responses countering the article that I received from younger riders and from females. In the following article, Cathy Church shares her experience with Chapter Y-2 in North Carolina.
It is that time of year when we should be more grateful for what we have, especially the people in our lives! Yes, it's nice to have all the toys, but it's the people, the family...the friends that make life worthwhile....RIGHT! I, for one, am very fortunate and have a loving family and many, many GWRRA friends around the country. I could pick up the phone today or take a trip and have a place to stay in many places in this great country and no doubt, a few places around the world! Unreal, when you really think about it. All because we joined this motorcycle organization.
Not only has GWRRA saved my life because of what I learned from our Rider Ed Program, but I also made LIFE LONG friends. Someone wrote me about the "Pay It Forward" (PIF) organizations that are out there, and I had to scratch my head. Pretty cool! And don't get me wrong, these folks are doing an awesome job and have many events and are doing some incredible things for many people. I admire how far they have come so quickly!
And, GWRRA has been doing that same concept, "paying it forward", if you will, for 32 plus years. All our Rider Ed Educators, all our GWRRA Volunteer Officers, from ACD's to CD's to DD's to RD's, MEC's, COY's and all the LTD folks, have been "paying it forward" for as long as GWRRA has been around. We get knowledge and pass it on. We learn safety and pass it on. We get friendship and pass it on. Pretty awesome I say!
So, in this month of Thanksgiving, I am grateful to all those who have ever volunteered for this organization in any capacity. I am grateful to all the Volunteers who are currently keeping us going...Thank You! And, I am especially grateful to Paul and Shirley for starting GWRRA way back in 1977!
Now, I have a challenge to all who read this....go out and get others to share this with and Pay It Forward....the Gift of GWRRA!
Thanks & ride safe, Ed
Ed Price
Marketing Director, GWRRA

"EveryMember Matters"
Featured Associate at Home Office
Abel Pic
Abel Gallardo
VP Operations 
I began with GWRRA a little over 11 years ago working in Member Services.  Shortly thereafter an opening for an accounting position became available.  Being that my education was in Business Information Systems, I was granted the opportunity to take the position along with the administration of the national database.  Eleven years later I find myself in the same office enjoying my position just as much as I did the first day I got it. 
Some of my job duties include: internal financial/operational reporting, network administration, database administration, and financial/retail operations management at Wing Ding. 
I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 7 years and have a 5 year-old son.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, music production, golf, and bowling.

I'm here to help; and if I can ever assist you, please let me know.
GWRRA COY Profilemckinneys
Arkansas District     
Couple of the Year: 
Greg & Tina McKinney
Greg and Tina are awesome representatives of the Couple of the Year (COY) Program and are incredible recruiters as well. If you follow them on Facebook, you get tired just following them on their travels!
Here is an example of what they do to represent GWRRA in their community. Greg and Tina have gone to Honda dealers, Sunrise Honda of Searcy, Arkansas, and Shawnee Honda of Shawnee, Oklahoma, and gotten them to join GWRRA and Sponsor "Gold Wing Appreciation Days" in Searcy, Arkansas. The event includes free food, vendors, bike games, and lots of FUN!
We also found out that the owner of both dealerships, Ricky Floyd, joined GWRRA, as well as his Parts Manager, Sondra; Service Manager, Melissa; and Phil his Marketing Director! Sunrise Honda just celebrated its 11th anniversary and is the nation's number four Honda dealership. Shawnee Honda, a Honda Powerhouse dealership opened in January 2007, is number two in the nation. Ricky says, they value the partnership with GWRRA and appreciate it very much. They do whatever they can to help you. They've learned that whatever is good for GWRRA is good for Sunrise Honda and Shawnee Honda.
Not only that, but Sunrise Honda sponsored a GWRRA Membership Drive. Greg and Tina gave away a Free Family Upgrade or a Free First Aid kit for every GWRRA Membership sold. Their theme was "ARKANSAS ROCKS!" It was a very successful event and fun was had by all who attended!
Congratulations Greg and Tina for showing us how it's done in Arkansas! And thanks, Sunrise Honda and Shawnee Honda for showing us how GWRRA and Honda dealers can really work together!

New York, NY- (July 27, 2009)- The Purple Peddlers tricycle drill team, of GWRRA fame, will be in for the thrill of a lifetime when they travel to New York City and join the line-up of the 2009 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade®. Every year as the spectacular event steps off at the sound of Let's Have a Parade, specialty groups create the fun-filled frenzy down the streets of Manhattan for more than 3.5 million spectators.
A surefire crowd-pleaser, the Purple Peddlers made up of performers with an average age of 60, will join the coveted line-up of giant balloons, fantastic floats, clowns and America's best Marching Bands in the holiday spectacular. "We are thrilled the Purple Peddlers will be joining the Macy's Parade family," said Bill Schermerhorn, director of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. "They have shown us that they are a precision drill team capable of amazing tricks and we are sure that they will be a hit with millions of Parade spectators."
"When the invitation was announced to the Ohio Purple Peddler team members they were truly excited," said Gary Every, Team Coach. "The Team has given over 150 performances in the last 10 years and this invitation will bring about a memory that will live with them forever. We are honored and look forward to representing our Gold Wing Road Riders Association with this wonderful opportunity.
"The Purple Peddlers are one of 10 special performance groups selected for the 2009 Parade out of more than 50 applicants nationwide. Their superior ability will see them step into the line of march on Thursday, November 26, 2009 and into the history books of Parade stars. With more than 50 million viewers across the country and more than 3.5 million spectators that line up along the streets of New York City each year, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a national icon that has grown into a world-famous holiday event.
For more than 80 years, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has marked the official start of the holiday season. Growing in size and scale, the Parade proudly marches down a 2.5-mile route in New York City with more than 8,000 participants in tow including Macy's employees, their families, celebrities, athletes, clowns and dance groups spreading holiday cheer. The Parade also features America's best marching bands, fabulous floats and Macy's signature giant helium character balloons.
For more information on the Macy's Parade please visit www.macysparade.com or call the Parade hotline at (212) 494-4495.

(This is a reprint of the official press release as shared by the Purple Peddlers...Ed)
How GWRRA Affected My Life!: Cathy Church
At the beginning of the summer, one of my best friends, Rick Lambert, introduced me to several Members of what has now become my local Chapter, the Rocky River Wings, Chapter Y-2 in North Carolina. Rick was the Director of Y-2 and invited me on several rides they had planned.
I was finally able to make one of the rides and had a great time with the group. It was like I had known them my whole life. In July, the Chapter put on an Experienced Rider Course and invited me to that event. During the class, one of the Members asked me if I had ever ridden a Gold Wing. When I told her that I had not, she insisted that I ride her Gold Wing after class. Well, that was all it took! I rode her Gold Wing that afternoon and within the month was the proud owner of a new Gold Wing and a new Chapter Member.
Even before purchasing my Gold Wing, my Chapter welcomed me with open arms and open hearts. Everyone in the Chapter accepted me for me...with or without a Gold Wing. Since purchasing a Gold Wing, the Chapter Members have encouraged me, complimented my new bike, and offered assistance with the bike any way I need it. We have gone on group rides to familiar and unfamiliar places and have shared more laughs and love than I can write about. I look forward to hearing where we are venturing off to on our next ride or where we are going to meet to have a shared meal or just simple fellowship. I cannot say anything negative about my Chapter and in today's world that is hard to find.
Ed Price mentioned that he received a few emails from Members questioning why single riders or female riders are allowed in the GWRRA. I'm so thankful that my fellow Chapter Members do not feel that way and are so accepting of anyone that wants to join. What I have not mentioned is that I am single and a female. I have also been assisting with taking care of my mother who is undergoing chemotherapy from breast cancer. So, yes, it has been a rough summer, but the time I spend with my Rocky River Wings family lifts me up and takes me away from any worries or problems I am facing. I am so grateful for the GWRRA and the joy it has brought into my life. My only regret is that I didn't find you guys sooner!
(Thanks for sharing your story, Cathy! BTW, Cathy has another cool secret, if she wants to share it, I'll let you know in the next issue of Wingin' It! Let me know, Cathy...Ed)
Member Travel Story
Laura Roberts, Jacksonville, Floridadoug&laura
Riding With My Son! 

After having seen a good part of the world in my younger years, I have a new appreciation for all of it now that I am seeing it from a Gold Wing. There is something about riding with my son, Doug, that makes the machine and I feel like one being. It is a unique sensation that transports me to a free and almost weightless place. The wind rushing by feels delicious, awakens my senses, and lifts my spirits. Moving through the countryside on a quiet, comfortable Gold Wing with no barrier between me and my surroundings makes everything seem more real, alive, and within easy reach. I become a part of the world around me rather than merely passing it by.
We have ridden from the sultry, steaming jungles of the tropics to the snow-blanketed mountain tops of Alaska, and the world is a far more beautiful and memorable place on a Gold Wing. Add to that the amazingly warm, welcoming, wonderful family that is GWRRA's worldwide membership. It is a winning combination unrivaled in any other travel experience. And every single time the wheels stop turning, the Wing makes friends everywhere it goes. Even a jog to the grocery store becomes a great adventure as new people gather around the beautiful bike to ask questions and offer their approval.
Thank you, son, for this joyful experience and for making each day on the Gold Wing something to look forward to. After 120,000 miles in just over 2 years, this ranks with my most treasured lifetime experiences. 
(Please join me in putting Doug and Laura in our thoughts as several months ago she resumed her 4-year fight with lung cancer, Ed)
What can we do to increase excitement and, at the same time, create friendly competition among Chapters during our off-season? A Chapter Recruiting Contest! There are three ways to win. Please see the rules below.

Former Member Recruitment
The Chapter that brings back the most FORMER MEMBERS of GWRRA by December 15, 2009, will receive:
  • Their Chapter Charter fee will be paid for 2010.
  • Each Member of the winning Chapter will receive a $10 discount on their Wing Ding registration. If your Chapter is the winning Chapter and you have already registered for Wing Ding, you will be issued either a $10 refund or a $10 credit on Official Products or toward the purchase of Wing Ding tickets.
A Former Member is considered a Member who is expired for 30 days or more. Both the Family memberships or Individual memberships count as one recruitment credit.
New Member Recruitment
The Chapter that brings in the most NEW MEMBERS by December 15, 2009, will receive:
  • Their Chapter Charter fee will be paid for 2010.
  • Each Member of the winning Chapter will receive $10 off Wing Ding registration.
New Member Year-long Recruitment
The Chapter that has recruited the most NEW MEMBERS by November 1, 2010, will receive:
  • Their Chapter Charter fee will be paid for 2011.
  • Each Chapter Member will receive 50% off their Wing Ding registration for Wing Ding 2011.
  • The winning Chapter will receive the traveling trophy cup with engraved Chapter name plate for one year.
JOKE of the MONTH!Bird & parachute
This joke came from: 
Tom & Lisa McDowall
Laurel, MT
While riding our Wing (named Serenity) over to North Dakota to vist my Dad, we encountered many hazards, least of which were numerous pheasants. While rounding a curve at 65, one of these birds flew up and hit our windshield. At the time we had a Tulsa tall on the Wing, so fortunately, the bird slid right up and over  us, not even scratching the windshield. Unfortunately, it hit the windshield of the oncoming car (which just happened to be a highway patrol) shattering it. Well, to make a long story short, this patrolman turns around, pursues us with lights flashing and pulls us over and proceeds to write us a ticket.
What for you ask?
for flipping him the bird!
Reminders from Member Services:
NOW, for the first time, when you register for Wing Ding 32, you can also pick the day and specific Rider Ed class you wish to take. (Based on availability.) So register early for your preferences.
Regsiter here for Wing Ding 32in Des Moines, Iowa!
For all our Military Members or those Members who are stationed or traveling overseas, remember to take your latest issue of Wing World and a Gold Book with you. You can participate in any local group activities as a current Member of GWRRA...just have your membership card with you!
We have representatives in countries such as Denmark, England, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama and Israel. If you are there, just call one of our folks in the back of the Wing World and find out what's happening!
 *Here is another "Did You Know?" Did you know that GWRRA sells Gift Certificates? So, if you would like to buy a gift membership for someone special or a gift of Official GWRRA Merchandise or even just give the gift of a Gift Certificate, call Member Services and ask them how! Just call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 in Phoenix. 
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Here are links to some GWRRA Discount Programs.
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If these Discount Programs may be of interest to you, just click on the link or call 800-843-9460 or 623-581-2500 (in Phoenix) for more information.
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Answers to "Did You Know?"
                            1-Countries = New Zealand, France & Australia-2/1979  
                            2-Wing Ding X, Snowmass Village, CO (8,810') 
                            3-Chuck Westphal, 1988 
Answers to "IOWA Trivia"----IOWA RESIDENT = IOWAN
                                        IOWA'S STATE FORESTS = 10-(43,917 ACRES) 
Offer Expires: 11/30/09. Mention code  e-news