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In this quarterly issue of Bernstein Law Firm's Client Advisory, our attorneys teach about a number of issues.  The articles in this Advisory focus on key terms in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the right to eject someone who possesses land that you own, and the benefits of Board-certification for attorneys.  We encourage you to share these advisories with others who might benefit from the information.


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Ten Key Terms to Understand Regarding Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings

Maribeth ThomasAdequate protection refers to the protection offered to creditors of a failing business to ensure payment to a creditor through the use of business assets, essentially as collateral.  Specifically, Section 361 of the Bankruptcy Code defines adequate protection as cash payments, replacement or additional liens, or administrative expense claims or the indubitable equivalent.  Each type of adequate protection must be sufficient to compensate the secured lender for the loss of value to its cash collateral caused by its use by the debtor.



(To find out more bankruptcy terms check out Bernstein's Bankruptcy Dictionary of Terminology)


Do you Have the Right to Possess Land that Someone Else is Currently Possessing and Will Not Leave? Eject Them!
Art ZamoskyIn Pennsylvania, ejectment is an action by a party who does not possess certain land but has a right to do so.  The action is brought against a defendant who has actual possession of the land.  An ejectment action can also be used to determine a question of title to real property.  Such an action can be distinguished from a quiet title action because an ejectment is used to determine the immediate rights between and Plaintiff and Defendant while a quiet title action is used to determine the relative and respective rights of all potential titleholders.
Kirk B. Burkley

Why Every Young Lawyer Should Strive for Board Certification


kbbIn today's competitive legal market, it is important to stand out from the crowd.  Everywhere you turn, young lawyers are looking for skills that make them more marketable to clients and employers.  It seems tht there are more and more specializations within specializations.  Even though you might be a bankruptcy attorney, are you a business or consumer bankruptcy attorney?  If you are a business bankruptcy attorney, do you represent debtors, banks or unsecured creditors' committees?  I'm sure you can see where this is going! 



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Meet the Members of the Bernstein Law Firm 


 Every advisory we will be featuring a member of our firm. you'll be able to get to know a little more about who we are!
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Bernstein Law Firm Hires New Associate


We Welcome

 Ray Wendolowski

to our firm!  



 to Kirk Burkley. He was recently admitted to the West Virginia bar
.  He joins Bob Bernstein and Arthur Zamosky who are also licensed to practice in West Virginia. 



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