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In this quarterly issue of Bernstein Law Firm's client advisory, our attorneys keep you current on a number of issues vital to the health of many businesses through our blog. The articles in this advisory focus on the benefits of obtaining a judgement, Federal Court replevin actions and how to improve payments from risky customers. We encourage you to share these advisories with others who might benefit from the information.

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Holly E. DiCesare, Esq. 
The Benefits of Obtaining a Judgment - Post Judgment Collection
attorneyOften times, when we as attorneys send suit requirements, clients are conflicted as to whether they should file suit. With the downturn of our economy, it is often stressful to think of spending upwards of $300.00 on suit costs; some clients have compared this to throwing good money after bad. While spending the extra costs on suit may not seem worthwhile, obtaining a judgment against a Debtor can certainly provide the client with leverage, ultimately resulting in collection.
Shawn P. McClure, Esq. 
Federal Court Replevin Actions: Making Use of a Valuable but Often Overlooked Tool
attorneySo you've met with an attorney and you have been informed that you have a "strong" case. Of course you instruct your attorney to immediately run to the nearest courthouse and file a writ, summons, complaint or whatever legal document is necessary in order to immediately get the ball rolling. In the words of a certain sports broadcaster on crisp fall mornings, "Not so fast my friend!"1
Nicholas D. Krawec, Esq. 
How to Improve Your Chances of Receiving Payment From a Risky Customer

attorneyWhile granting credit to customers is a necessity for doing business, it is always a risk. You, as a small business owner, must look for ways to minimize that risk and improve the likelihood of receiving payment from customers. The methods detailed here are the most common ones on the road to payment.

Get P.A.I.D.:  A Guide to Getting Paid Faster and What to do if You Don't!
Bob Bernstein, a nationally recognized lawyer and specialist in collection and creditors' rights, has seen the costly effects of credit.  In this seminal book, he provides a solution, The Get P.A.I.D.TM System, that can transform a business by increasing profit, enhancing the relationship with the customer and reducing overall marketing costs. To read more about The Get P.A.I.D.TM System visit:

Meet the Members of Bernstein Law Firm 
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Alex Bernstein
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