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In this quarterly issue of Bernstein Law Firm's client advisory, our attorneys keep you current on a number of issues vital to the health of many businesses through our blog. The articles in this advisory focus on what important things to include in a contract, information on clawback litigation and building and expanding your business network in a tight economy. We encourage you to share these advisories with others who might benefit from the information.

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Robert S.Bernstein 
Five Essential Contracts for Small Businesses
attorneyWhile the agreements discussed in  this article could impact most businesses, for small to medium-sized businesses, maintaining an up-to-date and well-tailored form of these contracts can be crucial.  Although no contract can be guaranteed to prevent a dispute with a major customer, vendor, or even an employee or co-owner, have these agreements in place could avoid or minimize the damage. 
Nicholas D.Krawec
Building and Expanding Your Business Network and Relationships in a Tight Economy
attorneyThere are local businesses and local organizations (Chambers of Commerce, industry and trade groups, etc.) that can be leveraged to expand your personal and business contacts to bring you a regular supply of new business.  After all, that's what networking is all about.  Allow me to share some of the things I recently have learned about networking, and the importance of improving our networking skills, to keep a steady flow of business coming to us, especially in these difficult economic times.  
Jillian L. Nolan
Investor Beware! What Everyone Should Know About Clawback Litigation
attorneyIn light of the recent Madoff Scandal, an area of law commonly referred to as "Clawback Litigation" is becoming a hot topic among investors. Bernard Madoff masterminded the largest Ponzi scheme in American history.  Madoff's scheme has created a financial frenzy for some investors who had redeemed their initial investments and may have made a profit.  
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Mary Ellen Keaney
We are still reeling from the much-too-early passing of our long time secretary/assistant, Mary Ellen Keaney.  Mary Ellen, a valued staff member for more than 23 years, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at the office on September 4.  She never recovered.  We will miss her terribly.  After all these years, so many of our friends and clients knew her (at least by voice), that we felt it was appropriate to share the news of her passing with you.