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Much of my  enthusiasm for France is fueled by the way this country embraces the art of living well; an abundance of colorful markets which lend themselves to long slow fulfilling meals & conversation. This beauty is something I try to embody in each of my newsletters. In this issue I feature an award-winning local NY artist, Chris Kogut. Her travels have also taken her to France and Italy as well as to Burma. I hope you are moved by the way Chris has captured a forgotten people, still completely dominated by a lawless regime.




Chris Kogut orphan
Burmese orphan


Our sleepy burg of Canandaigua surprises us with

some welcome art events and it was at just such an opening at Finger Lakes Gallery and Frame that I was riveted by the work of Chris Kogut, a photographer from nearby Pittsford.  Wandering from one exhibit to the next, nursing a cool glass of Finger Lakes chardonnay, I found myself immensely drawn to the Burmese exhibit of Chris' photography.  "Burma desperately needs tourism money" Chris remarked and for this reason she donates the proceeds of her Burmese photography back to the people of Burma. 


From a distance of a few feet I sensed the playful juxtaposition of a shade of red fabric I could only describe as hauntingly richly red against an elaborate milky white faįade of carved columns. Closer up, her title summarized it perfectly: "Monkeying Around"- Thirteen similarly attired boys, dressed in red robes, frolicking, playing, monkeying around. 


Oh to have a gallery of this journey to Burma gracing my office, where I could turn away from my computer screen and be transported to a place so very far away physically and spiritually. Later on I had a chance to speak directly to Chris about her impressions of this forgotten frontier and the upcoming Fall 2011 Burma tour they will lead.



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Monkeying Around
Monkeying Around
Chris Kogut 2
Leap of Faith
 Fabulous France


  • PHOTO TOUR- enjoy visiting Fabulous France! 
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