A Kaleidoscope of Color                                         May 2011



 Holland 5

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A kaleidoscope of color
Trip to Cerbere- the time of our lives
Select rentals in S. France
What's Mine is Yours
A Kaleidoscope of color
Holland 9 

The Dutch landscape in May is a kaleidoscope of color as the tulips burst into life. The bulbs are planted in late October and early November.

More than three billion tulips are grown each year & two-thirds of the vibrant blooms are exported, mostly to the U.S. and Germany.


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Holland 17
The tulip fields of northern Netherlands
Holland 13
Friends of ours are here right now!


A Trip to Cerbere- the time of our lives- written by a

first time Canadian traveler to France

Serpentine coast near Cerbere
Coastal route near Cerbere

 Our experience in France was nothing short of extraordinary! The 2 bedroom villa was all that we had imagined and more with its brightly coloured décor, comfortable setting and fabulous view. (See Catalonia ) Some of our best memories in France include; a road trip through the Pyrénées  to the tiny country of Andorra, an unforgettable day at Carcassonne in the Cathar region, browsing through les Ateliers in the charming town of Coullioure, an incredible drive through Les Gorges de Galamus and two whirlwind days in Paris. The people, the  weather, the countryside, the Mediterranean, the food & wine.. it was all an unforgettable experience! Vive la France! And to think it all started with a silent Auction!   
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Cerbere boulongerie
Cerbere Boulangerie
les bateaux
Collioure- a feast for the eyes



trip to Carcassonne

Visiting nearby Carcassonne 
The Eiffel Tower
Two wonderful days in Paris



 Select rentals in the south of France 



   Clients often inquire about where to book lodging for their time in southern France, often en route to visit one of our fractional ownership properties in Cerbere, Quarante, of near Uzes. Do feel free to contact me for house rental details in any of these select locations and be sure to say that I sent you!


Vers rental 1

Rental near Uzes

Vers rental 2

Easy to visit our fractional in Vers

For many of us in the French Property Shares community, we feel a similar calling to be socially conscious by this choice we've made to share a home in France together. Granted, some nationalities and individuals find it difficult if not impossible to collectively share ownership in a home, feeling that some one else's "footprint" may not be their own. For me it was interesting to note that one of our Danish owners listed "being socially responsible in sharing our resources" as a key component of their decision to own a FPS home share. We're getting there...  Ginny


What's Mine is Yours- the rise of collaborative consumption                                       by Rachel Botsman        


What's Mine is YoursWe live in a consumer culture in the most literal sense of that word. We aren't just making purchases. We are consuming. And more than just consuming, we are obliterating our world's resources at an alarming rate. We've become accustomed--and hungry for--changing styles with the change of seasons. But what we must do now is change not clothing, nor electronics, nor cars. We must change our culture. The hardest change of all. And that's what Rachel Bostman and Roo Rogers' What's Mine Is Yours is about.

The book is like a GPS mapping to a culture of the future, with a reassuring glow showing how far you've already driven. They call this culture "collaborative consumption." Put simply, it's a vision of a world in which rather than value owning the latest model of car, we value ZipCar membership. Instead of collecting dust on a Blockbuster-sized collection of DVDs (and VHS--you still have some, don't you?), we join Netflix. And we don't feel deprived. We feel rewarded and proud.



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