The Markets of Provence

aix market
Marché Aix en Provence

 If my family were heading to le Muguet, our fractional property near Uzes, I'd be planning ahead the same way that Anna Marie, an owner from California, is doing- find several markets to visit and enjoy the sights, sounds and joyful energy surrounding them.  With that in mind, this newsletter will talk about that most traditional of French pastimes, strolling throught the colorful marketplaces of France.

When I was student in the '70's, we were enchanted by the markets we stumbled upon in our weekly outings in and around Paris. With seldom more than a few francs between us we always seemed to have enough for a classic "pique nique" in a park; baguette, brie, des pommes, and cheap bottle of wine. Life was (and is!) good. 

Imagine my delight upon learning about the variety of markets that exist; those with birds and small animals, flower stalls, des puces (flea markets), antique markets, and fresh produce. By my way of thinking, this is living breathing entertainment and  free for the taking. You've heard me mention the fabulous Saturday market of Uzes, one of the best in France- lucky us!  Don't forget to sit in one of the cafes next to a market and while away your morning.  Learn more... 



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le M exterior 

Here's a note from an American couple who just returned from a Le Moog visit:  


 "We were very impressed with this property.  The house itself is astonishingly beautiful; in fact, it left us nearly speechless.  Second, while Vers is very small, we still found it appealing because of its old stone buildings, quaint little squares and the lovely surrounding countryside, with its countless vineyards.  Third, we also loved Uzes, which, as you well know, is very close by.  We liked Uzes so much that we extended our stay at the Maison de la Bourgade and used it as our base for several days of sightseeing in the region. Although it rained almost every day while we were there, we still enjoyed walking the town, exploring the Duchy castle and churches, shopping in the many shops, good dining,  - and of course the Wednesday market in the Place aux Herbes.  We can see that it is a vibrant, livable and charming locale even during the off-season.  Le Muguet seems like a very definite possibility for us."


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 Spring Recipe

  Salade Nicoise


One of those recipes that generate much debate over the correct ingredients, my favorite version of this recipe was shared around the table at an annual owners meeting in Portland, Oregon. Tomatoes, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, olives and basic are essential. Escoffier added tuna fish in oil. Green beans or artichoke hearts and green peppers are typical but after that you're on your own. A really fruity olive oil to dress the salad is essential. Some may prefer vinaigrette dressing.




1 crisp lettuce shredded

Crushed clove of garlic

4 firm tomatoes, peeled and quartered (deseeded)


2 hard-boiled eggs, quartered


6-8 anchovy fillets

8-10 sweet black olives

Handful lighted cooked green beans








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