2011 French Property Shares   

Dream a Little Dream      January 2011

crazy hair womanOnce upon a time a woman of modest means and monumental vision took a leap of faith and bought one of my home shares in France, just like that!

This seemed to be hugely counter-intuitive as she appeared to be a very detail-oriented self-sufficient woman who typically planned things to the nth degree.  She assured me that she'd done her due diligence and, well, this just fit into her dream.


As we got to know one another and became truly close friends (P.S. this often happens among my FPS owners), I learned that this single mid-fifties gal had carried this little dream in her head for some time; "When I retire in 15 months", she'd say, "I plan to spend the year in France." We would compare notes, ooh and aah, and sigh in a sympatica way about "la vie en France". Dream of France










Dream a little dream... 



telephoneJust after Christmas, I treated myself to a nice long phone call to France with my "Dreamer Friend" at her fractional ownership home in the Languedoc.


"How are things going?" I inquired a bit jealously, realizing that my now retired world nomad had  JUST DONE IT  and spent her first 3 months solo on French soil.


"J'aime mes amis" 


 I could feel the smile beams vibrating trans-Atlantically as she said  "I wasn't sure how I would like being here on my own for this long but guess what? I'm busier here than I ever was back home with markets to visit with one friend and  new friends next door who have invited me to watch Les Miserables this evening. Oh yes, and I'm planning a soiree for sixteen chez moi for New Year's Eve".  





Dream a little dream... 

 "I can't wait to come back and stay longer in 2011!"

Cartoon Dream of France
My life in France...  

Brilliant idea
What shall I do when I retire?



2011 Calendar







The Magical Mediterranean- Catalonia SCI- $62900/6 week share

Fantastic Fleur d'Uzes- le Muguet LLC- $63900/ 4 week share

Lovely Languedoc La Placette LLC- $58900/8 week share



Christmas bird See you in France!

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