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Christmas Letter     Dec. 2010

Noel Provence
Provence Christmas Festival 
Christmas bulbs   

 Ho Ho Ho Humbug!  Even  though tis the season to be jolly, kind-spirited, & in fellowship with one and all- gosh, it sure is hard not to play the Grinch when someone blighthly announces their plans to toast in the New Year in ...Vienna, Austria.  Meanwhile some of us are sitting here debating which is better; a New Year's bowling party or feet up in front of the telly.    Know what I mean? 


Humbug!  Then I began to think "Why let their spontaneous jolly fun ruin ours?  Let's take a look at (and act upon) those enticing notices which land in my email "in box" every couple of days- even one for a round trip Rochester, NY-Paris for only $460. That'll show 'em!


Eiffel TowerSpeaking of Paris, I can now confirm interest from some of Steve Navaro's owner group in Paris, Villa Monceau LLC,    in our F/O exchange program.  What does this mean?  As  an owner in a French Property Shares our F/O exchange program, you could trade time with interested owners in the Paris Home Share network. Imagine, 1 week in Paris, 3 more in southern France.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too!



Better yet, why not head for your OWN FPS fractional for all of January and February??? There are any number of cold snowy brisk icycled below- zero places in Canada and the US from which to escape-   Ontario, CA, Missoula Montana, and Minneapolis, MN to name a few!


It's not too late to thumb our noses and hang up those shovels forever: Lifetime ownership is available in  FPS  fractionals starting at $59900. With easy access from Barcelona, Paris, or Avignon, start packing your bags and explore the rest of Europe from your home base in France next year!
Catalonia entryway
Catalonia SCI


Catalonia view
Charming Cerbere- 4 km from Spain 
Ginny at La P
Lovely La Placette 
View of Montouliers
Montouliers- 45 minutes from Carcassonne
le M exterior
Fabulous Fleur d'Uzes- le Muguet- near Avignon
Fleur short bed 2
Chambre de Princesse


The Magical Mediterranean- Catalonia SCI- $62900/6 week share

Fantastic Fleur d'Uzes- le Muguet LLC- $63900/ 4 week share

Lovely Languedoc La Placette LLC- $58900/8 week share


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