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Asparagus Festival in Vers-
Feb 18, 2010
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Fete d'Asperges   
  Sunday letter from le Muguet
La Fete d'Asperges -How to describe this wonderful little event??  Classy. Fun. Uncomplicated. Traditionally French?

I watched the woman organizer from the bedroom window this morning at 7 pm as she  rushed about on the Place de la Fontaine depositing handfuls of flour from a  sack to mark out the places for the various stalls. (Clever idea using flour!) And   then they began to arrive in their "camions" and set up their stalls.

I went to a brocante in a little village called Gaujac 20 km north of here, and then to the Sunday puce at Uzes. As usual, I returned with the car loaded with  goodies that may as well been given to me as presents as the prices were so low.

I had Arcadio with me and as we'd left so early in the a.m. (about 7:45) we had plenty of time for me to stop at a little rest area on a country lane between Vers and Colliers for him to have a long walk in the country- chasing moles in the fields.

When we returned to Vers the place was crammed - but not too crammed. It was lunch time (about 12:30) and people were seated at the long tables covered with white  real linen cloths (civilized!) and listening to an accordion player as he  strolled through the tables with old French favorites like Mon Amant de St Jean and La Mer. The various restaurants had booths and I bought a slice of quiche, salad with blanched white asparagus and smoked salmon, and a dessert of ginger bread with orange confit. Then a bottle of the mayor's white wine.
 Asparagus Fete my lunchTo amuse myself  (and everyone else in the village) I set your little table and chairs out on  the front terrace of le Muguet , covered with the lavender 6 euro table linen I bought this morning   in Uzes, and set with your Limoges china, lovely crystal, and old battered  silver. What a feast - and I was toasted by the folks 'below the salt' who took  pics of me and waved and yelled 'bon appetite.'

Of course the fete is still in progress. It looks like they will have some dancing   It is supposed to last until 8 p.m. All in our front yard...

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Asperges and olives


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