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 Have you ever been overwhelmed by the beauty of a place like Casa Manzanillo? We adored this land of sunshine, a home to truly relax in with our family, the soothing view of unending water stretching across to Hawaii.   We realized that we needed to give something back to this southern neighbor of ours.

Casa Hogar

 Orphanage in Manzanillo Mexico
Marge Tyler is the onsite property manager extraordinaire for Casa Manzaillo.  During the month of January, she often mentioned a big fundraiser that she and many others in Vida del Mar were organizing. Later, I learned about Casa Hogar and The Children's Foundation  which financially supports the orphanage.  

"Many hands make light work" is what they say. I might also add that "Other hands work tirelessly and silently to make good things happen".* 

From my perspective, this is what inspired us to donate a week's stay at our new co-ownership home in France  for the fundraiser benefitting Casa Hagar. 


More about Casa Hogar click to see video

orphanage boy

The children that live at Casa Hogar are often from extreme poverty, abandoned or orphaned and many times from abusive and extremely distressed circumstances.  They range in age from birth to 18 years of age.  

As evidenced by the abundant hugs, kisses and smiles passed out like sweet candy among the volunteers and house mothers,  the kids receive true loving care in a safe atmosphere that builds self esteem, and sets guidelines for strong spiritual and moral foundations. 

Casa Hogar Los Angelitos ("Little Angels") also had a "Soup Kitchen" which served free lunches to any child in the neighborhood who was hungry, whether or not they were in the foster care program. It has been closed down due to lack of funding and volunteers. They are struggling to get the funding to open it again.



The Children's Foundation - 888-934-3733 


 Web site: 
Write: Founder, Nancy Nystrom at 

 Based in Loveland Colorado and providing financial support for Casa Hogar los Angelito, is the Children's Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Through their child sponsor program you can help provide the daily physical, educational, medical, emotional and spiritual needs of the children.
The child sponsor program is $40 per month per child and through this sponsorship program you can build a connection with all the children of the Casa Hogar and your specific child through email, cards and visits. Will you consider sponsoring a child?

"I go there because I love these children, and I go because it is there that God speaks very clearly to me."

This letter from a Children's Foundation volunteer really touched me:
One day several years ago, my son came out of Sunday School class and asked me "Dad, what do you do to make the world a better place?" I did not have an answer, at least not a good one.  That question stayed on my mind for a long time. About 6 years ago someone at church asked me to go on a Mission Trip to Mexico.
They explained that a lady in our church had created an orphanage in Manzanillo and they were going down to help with some building maintenance.  My first response was "no" and I had a variety of valid excuses.  But with some reluctance, I accepted the offer and went to visit Casa Hogar Los Angelitos for the first time. 
That visit changed my life.  I learned that, although I had very little to offer these children, God sent me to them so that He could speak to me in a more direct way.  Through these children, God showed me that I COULD make the world a better place by serving Him there.  I learned that by serving "the least of these", God plants a joy in our hearts that never fades.
 My next visit to Casa Hogar will be my sixth. I go there because I love these children and I go because it is there that God speaks very clearly to me. 



*The real stars in this venture are the folks behind the scenes. Please allow me to mention the ones I personally knew of, knowing all the while that many more worked  diligently to financially assist this orphanage.


Marge Tyler, who is one of the most organized and "can do" spirited women I've met in Manzanillo. I believe she is chairing next year's auction.   Janice Morgan and  Jack Babcock spent countless hours chairing this year's event.  

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