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Palazzo Berti-Marini 
Possible NEW shares of historic Palazzo Berti-Marini
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Todi grand piano


 Foyer Palazzo Berti -Marini

 Palazzo Berti-Marini lies on a quiet Medieval street within steps of the city's main piazza, in the desirable historic center of Todi, the prettiest of Umbria's storied hill towns in the 'Green Heart of Italy'. This unbelievable renovation was recently featured in the New York Times.

Catalonia patiothe village of Vers

Catalonia patioMuget from across the square

     Medieval stairway                            Palazzo Berti-Marini salon with Cassetoni ceiling  
Are you still dreaming of a place to call "home" in Italy in 2010?  If so, let me know~ soon!
Finding an affordable move-in ready 3 bedroom, 2 bath home anywhere in Italy has been a goal of mine for some time now. Who know why but  prices in Italy seem to be at a premium over similar places in France. Well... hold onto your hat because my traveling partner and I stumbled on the most exquisitely beautiful palazzo (townhouse) in Umbria that one could possibly imagine.
It is large (!) 220m2, superbly attired (!) although keep in mind that many of these possessions are generation old Italian treasures and will need to be replaced with our own things, historic, with ruins from Roman foundations, and, as you will see by the article in the New York Times, one of a kind.
NOW, the question I pose you is this: I'm working on the feasibilty of putting together a fractional at Palazzo Berti-Marino.The sellers are quite motivated and want to move ahead quickly. Are you interested in being a part of this??   Yes, I am. 
There are two scenarios I foresee:
  • Offering 13 four-week shares at a price in dollars of $79900 each. As such, your usage month would rotate forward by 3 months each year. For example, if you had January in 2010, you've have April in 2011, July in 2012, October in 2013, etc.
  • The second option would be to find 4 equal owners, each of whom owned a quarter share of the finished apartment. IN that case, the cost per quarter share would run around 150K euros for lifetime ownership. As far as time usage is concerned, I would suggest that each quarter share have the use of two prime time months (April-November ) and then one rotational winter month (from December - March).  Right now with the today's rate, you'd be looking at roughly $210K.
  • This is the kind of high end place that should rent out for between $400-500/night and that may be something to explore as well.
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Pont du Gard



Nimes and amphitheatre



There are five fireplaces, three fully functional, a fourth utilized for a kitchen wood-burning stove, and the fifth outfitted with an antique English 'electric fire'. Three of the fire surrounds are antique marble, one is handmade terra cotta and the last - in the kitchen - features a stone mantle and Tuscan cap.

Also note the stone sink and 18th century tiles.


 Todi will enchant you. I know it did me! About half way between Florence and Rome, Todi is a short drive from Pisa. A hilltop town which we accessed via an tram from the main parking lot, the city was alight with Christmas attire, including a lovely ferris wheel and merry-go-round.

Ginny in Uzes

 So what happens next?

If there is sufficient interest in co-ownership in this incredible home in Umbria, I will go to bat to make it a reality. If not, kindly let me know your parameters and I'll keep searching!



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