What's next? Living in France 3 months per year...

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Noisette LLC- Your Home in Lot, France for 3 months each year

There are TWO parties headed to visit the house this summer and ONE BUYER from Portland, Oregon who is considering buying without a visit.
CONSIDERATIONS- Since you have learned about this very affordable way to own a deeded share of Noisette LLC, I have received SEVENTY-NINE inquiries (there are a lot of you who would like to spend extended time in France each year!) Below is a guide to help you decide if this is the right property at the right price in the right location.
Think about whether the financial aspect makes sense to you. The expenses I envision include (factor the euro/dollar at $1.40/euro)

Cost of ¼ share                        32500 E*
Closing costs                              2275
Furnishing                                   2500              Total start up around  37275 E

Annual expenses- I would tend to budget between 4-5000 euros or 1250 apiece
*I believe that we can negotiate some of the current furnishings at this price so the 2500 Euros for furnishings may indeed be on the high side. 

2. Location- 
Decide if a small village with all the amenities and larger market towns about a 10 minute drive away appeals to you. Cancon is a nice town. It's not glitzy but it IS nice. The Lot/Dordogne area is wonderful. You can access it by car from Toulouse ( 2 hours ) Bordeaux ( 1 ½ ) or Bergerac ( 25 minutes ) 7 Sarlat ( 20 minutes)
3.Details of Management & Time Usage 
The division of times, management and the décor will be a group decision, certainly facilitated by me, but not my decision. I believe we need to first locate the four best suited owners and then, perhaps, set up a conference call to see what best meets everyone's needs. If #1 and #2 above do not meet your needs, then #3 will not pertain to you.
4. Time constraints- 
For a couple of reasons I have decided to limit this offering to the next 90 days; #1-  For me, this house embodies all of the ingredients for a perfect 2nd home in France (quality of refurbishment, location,  very affordable price)  #2- I don't think it will actually work to put four buyers together over the course of more than a 90 day period. Since I do not personally   own the property, all four owners will need to make commitments right around the same time and put a non-refundable deposit on the house in order to secure it. So, your question is: "Am I ready to physically own my own place in France this year?" As a group you'll be required to put a 20% non-refundable deposit on the property when we decide to move ahead.
I think you need to decide if you need/want to visit the property or can make a leap of faith by viewing the photos, speaking with me, and/or possibly talking with Jack and Sandy, the current owners. With my other home shares, about 1/3rd of the buyers DO decide without viewing the property. Oui?  Non?

6.    My role will be to assist you in putting together four owners, creation of a LLC to purchase the home, facilitating the purchase with a French notaire, crafting  an Operating Agreement for your group and helping set up a payment system for your bills. My fee for this will be 10,000 euros which is included in your per share purchase price.
7. Still interested?  Let's schedule a time to talk on the phone...
Contact: Ginny Blackwell
Email: fpshares@gmail.com
Tel: 585 905-0849


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