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Serendipity- Happen' Hats
Les fetes de musique
Recipe Salad Nicoise
A chance to live in France!
Serendipity- Happen' Hats
Don't certain words just make you smile?  Serendipity is one of them for me. And the experience that goes along with serendipity is something I very much associate with my love of France.  
Serendipity happens when you aren't even looking for something and you simply discover it.  Such was the case for Nan and I when we were in Uzes last month, hunting for a new property in Provence.
  Our car took an unexpected turn into an alleyway which simply beckoned to us.   Precariously parked, we peered down some cobblestone streets and we both thought "All work and no play makes a dull day" or something frivolous to that effect. 
Sure that something special would be around the next bend, off we went.  And it was!  An old-fashioned hat/millinery shop called Petit Beguin was poised just next to Le Jardin Medieval.
Inside this atelier were one of a kind creations not for the faint-hearted; chapeaux, capes, purses, lamps, lovely women's jackets, all crafted by Martine Pech and family, and with the colors and sunlight of the south of France woven into them. Before long, we couldn't resist trying on some creations. What do you think?   

 Les Fetes de Musique  by Ginny Blackwell

Les fetes de musique-Languedoc
 An owner of
Maison Bleue has shared a website she found called "What's On in Herault". A quick glance makes us want to be in the Languedoc again this summer: 
Beginning with a July 3rd fete called the  ABBAYE ALMAGNE  SUMMER FESTIVAL and ending with MUSIC ON THE CANAL DU MIDI -  Who can resist?  This reminds me of our 2006 family trip to France where we spent a lively 2 weeks onboard a peniche on the Canal du Midi.  Have you tried this yet? Call our friends, JACK AND HANSON from Bend, Oregon at Canal Barge Cruises- they are zee best!
Summer Salad Recipe
Don't you just pine for this salad spoon and fork from a shop in Uzes, near Avignon?    A treat to myself, they make me smile each time I make a summer salad... 
Silly Salad Spoon
Salade Nicoise is a French composed salad and a gift from the treasures in Nice France. Some history buffs suggest choreographer George Balanchine was instrumental in its development, while others credit the housewives of the Nice area. Legendary female chef Julia Child made it popular in America, her version containing controversial lettuce leaves and potatoes. It is a perfect summer lunch dish but is very flavorful and is wonderful any time of year.
Mandatory ingredients for the salad call for Tuna, Tomatoes, Beans (green beans, fava or white beans), hard boiled eggs, capers, anchovy and a garlicky Dijon mustard dressing. The potatoes and bed of lettuce leaves on the bottom are a matter of choice or regional interpretations.
Speaking of UZES, I will let the cat out of the bag and tell you a secret- our Fall property share will be there!  Interested?  
Opportunity Knocks!
A chance to live in France 3 months each year
Dans le Jardin
One of you is going to read this and realize that owning a 135m2, 3 bedroom, 2 bath remodeled home in the Lot valley of France  is a dream come true.
Noisette LLC- 1/4 shares only
32,500 euros (plus closing costs)
Call: 585 905-0849
Email:  fpshares@gmail.com 
ulie Houck- Plein Air Artist from Hawaii & France was contracted to create this wonderful painting for one of our home shares.   
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