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Colorful dresses Mexican artmist over manzanillo
June 2009
We are still  talking about our magical Easter stay at our newest oceanfront property share in Mexico-
Casa Manzanillo.  With hopes for some complete "unwind" time, sans work, emails, or telephone calls, we had to decide which pool to sit by and who was going to be serving the margaritas. A hard job, but somebody had to do it!

You'll find yourself unprepared for the constant feeling of living in a fairy tale setting- high above the misty blue Pacific and the sound of breakers softly rolling in. We are looking forward to what several locals have described as their favorite season - June through October, after the tourists depart and the jungle greens return.  

 Care to join us in owning Casa Manzanillo?  Available time periods include April, May, June, October and December.   
More photos : Colors of Colima 

Kahlo and Diego 

Our introduction to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo ( 1907-1954) was in the Spring of 2008 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibition as they celebrated the hundred anniversary Kahlo's life. Her art mirrored so much of her passionate and tragic life with paintings vividly capturing those  painful and difficult periods.   
As Frida said "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best."  Born in Coyoacan,outside of Mexico City, Kahlo and her husband well known muralist Diego Rivera, were part of a cosmopolitan circle of artist and intellectuals who made a point of defying bourgeois traditions.
Throughout her artistic career, Kahlo actively expressed her responses to a difficult marriage and her inability to have children in self-portraits and still-life paintings. I recall our fascination with the intensely personal statements these paintings offered. Additionally it marveled me to witness Frida's seemingly fierce compulsion to express herself in painted matter.
For those unfamiliar with her work and its blend of cosmos, earth, and body, it is all somehow merged with Mexico's history.  Treat yourself to a  moment and find out more about Frida online or at your local library.




When you think of Spanish/Mexican food, don't your thoughts often turn to paella?  It's one of our favorite dishes featuring rice cooked in broth, and often, chicken, mussels or chorizo. How well we know and love this dish with a flare for the flamboyant, served in a large circular paella pan and ideally cooked over an open fire.
Whether you're landing at Manzanillo airport, PSRT Catering in San Jose,CA  or in Spain, searching for the Perfect Paella is worth it!

Perfect Paella Recipe
The secret to preparing the perfect paella is to make it your own!
1. The rice.

Select a type of rice that you are comfortable using. Feel free to experiment but know that paella contains a lot of ingredients and if you are unhappy with the end result with a particular type of rice, you might end up with a lot of waste. Basmati, brown or a mix with wild rice can add great taste and texture. Follow the instructions on the package with regards to washing and cooking the rice. Finely chop some onion, garlic and tomato. Heat a saucepan and add olive oil once the saucepan is hot (make sure that the oil does not start smoking. Burnt olive oil is carcinogenic and quite unhealthy). Once the oil is hot, throw in the uncooked rice. Frying uncooked rice gives it a nutty taste. Let the rice fry in the saucepan for a minute or so. Add the chopped onion, garlic and tomato until they soften, mixing constantly. Spice with saffron, salt and pepper. Feel free to experiment. Cumin, Cayenne various fine herbs or even a bit cinnamon or cloves can easily be added for a flavoring of your own. This mixture should not be on the stove for more that three to five minutes. At high heat with constant mixing, none of the ingredients should stick but they should mix well together and soften. Once all the ingredients are combined, remove the saucepan from the burner and mix in some frozen peas. Add enough peas to make a well balanced mixture.

2. The meat.

In a frying pan at high heat, brown some pieces of chicken. Upper thighs, drumsticks,'s all good. Do not cook the meat completely but brown the outside. Once browned, set the meat aside. Lamb can also add great flavor to your paella.
3.  Combining it all.

Cover the bottom of the paella pan with the uncooked rice mixture. Add the browned chicken pieces on top. Add uncooked Merguez (spicy lamb sausages) and small fish filets rolled up and fastened with a toothpick or string. Use any type of fish but make sure that its flesh will hold well together. Pour some chicken broth on top (if the broth is warm the cooking time will reduce). Note that you can also add wine for more flavor. Cover the paella dish and cook for about 45 minutes at 350F or until the rice is cooked. At this point you can add raw shrimp or muscles and cook uncovered for another five minutes.


Casa Manzanillo facade


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