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Fall grapes

In this issue of my newsletter, I'd like to introduce the The Languedoc Select Wine Club, whose debut a year ago, is a welcome addition to our region. I spoke with Dominick George, the promoter/entrepreneur behind this venture, explaining that we would have the pleasure of attending their first WINE FAIR  on March 29th at the Chateau Abbaye de Cassan in Roujan, not far from Maison Bleue. There will be over 300 wines to taste from 60 wineries from every region of the Languedoc (and I intend to try every one of them!)

With an entry fee of only 8 euros for two of us (this includes your souvenir glass) and the chance to save 10% on all purchases made at the fair, it is no wonder that we love France.
Chateau de Cassan

Languedoc is the world's largest wine region and one of the most exciting wine producing areas of France. The region stretches from Nimes in the east to the Spanish border in the west, a plain sandwiched between the mountains and the Mediterranean.

Traditional indigenous grape varieties such as Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan are grown alongside less traditional ones such as Syrah, Chardonnay and Merlot offering a great diversity of styles and flavours.


Le  Chateau Perroterie

  la Perroterie house  viewla Perroterie aerial view

You know how you learn some things through the grape vine?  Well, this is one of them...

Our friends, Nan & Robert Mosely, from Texas, happened to be travelling through Duras, France a few years back and ended up sitting for tea at the neighborhood café, the one my family used to go to after the Friday morning market.  As luck would have it, they starting chatting with the folks at the table next to them, John and Karen Lamb, the new owners of Chateau Perroterie, just 2 km from Duras, a lovely corner of the world about an hour's drive east of Bordeaux and 15km from our first home share, La Bruyere. Read on...





       FOOD AND WINE can also be enjoyed much closer to home.  Why not try the Wall Street Journal Wine Discovery Club offer and receive 12 bottles of wine for $69.99 plus shipping ( $19.99) and see what your think?  We noticed two nice French reds in their lineup- a 2005 Bordeaux and a gold Medal Syral from Jerome Portal. Go to: wsjwine.com/25002 or call 877-975-9463.


Ginny & Ron toasting 





Now that our Maison Bleue ownership is sold out , I am fondly looking forward to finding our next home share. So far, our first choice is in the lovely Aveyron area, between Bordeaux and Provence.   Who could resist with a gorgeous house that looks like this?

Maison Colette

With 148 of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France",  the Aveyron region definitely qualifies for a closer "look see".  As one blogger so nicely put it:

There is too much variety in Aveyron for a tidy itinerary. But whatever it may lack in dramatic unity it compensates for in pleasure. It really doesn't matter where you begin or end your journey. What matters is the waterfall or the Gothic monastery; the 2,000-year-old bridge or the megalithic tomb where two dusty roads meet; the moment when, at the top of a deserted mountain road, there's a shack with a sign reading Chez Pierre. Just around the next bend, there's a little old hotel; you decide to spend the night. Dinner is served on a cliffside terrace. If you can get yourself to lean over the edge, you'll see the river hundreds of feet below, a few kayaks floating downstream like flowers. You eat side by side with mountain climbers, medievalists, and botanists, and maybe a few glam cosmopolites who stay at the table and talk until very late, drinking local wine. Sometimes laughter drifts up from the river. Sometimes, as if by plan, the diners pause in their various conversations and gaze out at the mountaintops, or down into the irresistible void.

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