A Frenchman reminds us that hope drives us to achieve our dreams...

Capitalist Manifesto

Dear readers,

If you're anything like me, these days you tip toe out of bed, before heading to the television to see what tales of woe await us from the political/economic/global hemisphere in order to guage how to react today. It feels a bit like I'm holding my breath, for the first time that I can remember, questioning the foundation we exist upon for our future. Is this house on solid ground... or quicksand?

Who would have guessed that it would take a Frenchman to remind us that hope is the limitless source of power that drives the human spirit to create, to improve, to achieve its dreams; it is the greatest civilizing influence in our culture.

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If you know and love the Languedoc region, its 300 days of sunshine, fine wine and food, and of course, its history, then Quarante ( where our new house is located ) and the region near the Canal du Midi,  is a wonderful place to land. You are only 30 minutes to Narbonne plage and 45 minutes to Carcassonne, with easy connecting flights to London.

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