Ten reasons why a home share in France makes more sense than ever!

Maison Bleue meal


1.    A Fraction of the price


OK- You've dreamed of having your own place in France ever since that first travel vacation when you and your family rented a house in a small hill town near Avignon. You remember the lazy days exploring pottery in those small Provencal villages, the delight of discovering that meals lasted 2 and hours, the charm of markets where fresh oysters abound for Sunday shoppers. And now the sadness of realizing that our dollar doesn't stretch nearly as far as it used to.


DO not despair- Our prices start at 52,500 euros.  That's a big difference from the whole ownership price of 400,000 euros that you might spend for a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with an outside terrace in the sunny Languedoc region of France. Why pay for more than you can use?



      2.  Hassle free- we do the work 


Our job is to find the ideal property at an affordableprice, handle the multiple requirements for foreign ownership, and provide you with a turn-key property to use and to enjoy.



3. No need to rent out


Yes, you can shop for your very own place in France but how often will you typically use it? And who maintains it?  My guess is that you may feel the need to cover some of your ongoing costs by renting it out.  Our fractionals are typically owner occupied for most of the year. The ongoing maintenance costs are VERY low when split by 10 owners- in the range of 50-75 euros/month!



4.   Pride of ownership


Jack R., one of the owners of our Cerbere French house near Spain, says "One of my favorite things about owning Catalonia SCI is the bragging rights- telling my friends about MY home in France!"



5.  Euro based asset


 Have your cake and eat it too!  What could be more fun (and profitable) than investing in an appreciating asset which you can use year after year, in FRANCE?  You diversify your portfolio at home; shouldn't you do so abroad as well? Since 2000, US equities have appreciated 2% annually while the euro has outperformed the dollar by over 60%. 



5.     Affordable vacations in Europe


With travel costs on the rise, we are all watching our wallets more carefully. What if you had a free place to stay, your own car, and place to cook while in France?



6.     Ease of resale 


There are relatively few quality F/O properties for sale in France.  Starting with our first Bordeaux property in 1998, no one has resold their shares for less than they paid. French Property Shares is able to assist in this marketing for a fee.



7.     Appreciating real estate in France


Since 2000, the average price/ square meter of homes in France has risen by about 10% per year and this upward trend is still continuing, although less vigorously. Someone once explained to me why France continues to be the most sought after of European vacation destinations. Geographically, smack in the middle of the continent, it is reachable by car for virtually all sun seeking European travelers. Additionally, if you throw in the history, culture, food, and prices, it is still a bargain.


My hunch is that price pressure will continue. A recent poll of the British indicated that a full 50% of them would like to own a vacation or retirement home in France. For many in the UK, French prices still seem a huge bargain compared to their home soil.



8.     Upscale properties-the charm of the old with all the modern amenities


We seek properties with character, charm, convenient to village markets and services, but with all the conveniences you take for granted at home; washer/dryer, DVD, fully equipped kitchen, completely furnished.



      9.   The Peter Mayle factor- after all- this IS France!


 Need we say more?  We just finished watching "A Year in Provence"- Part 1 and Part 2.  If you haven't rented this DVD, treat yourself this weekend and bon voyage!




Ask how you can own Maison Bleue at YESTERDAY'S prices


 A SAVINGS OF $10,000!



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Ginny & Ron toastingGinny & Ron toasting

If you know and love the Languedoc region, its 300 days of sunshine, fine wine and food, and of course, its history, then Quarante ( where our new house is located ) and the region near the Canal du Midi,  is a wonderful place to land. You are only 30 minutes to Narbonne plage and 45 minutes to Carcassonne, with easy connecting flights to London.

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