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   October 2007
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Europe on Sale - $209 & up
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Don't Miss This Fall Exhibit
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$209 & up- Europe on sale from 40+ U.S. Cities

Here in Canandaigua, NY, it's that time of the year again. We've just exited a first class, 4 star, sunny spell, and now, that first nippy overcast fall day has arrived, the kind where you debate whether to start a fire or get a warm sweater. Transition time again. And so it is with my Fall newsletter to you- a time to update on doings and goings-on in Europe, to take a look at the Euro-dollar trend, see what's on the horizon for my FPS home shares, and other tidbits of Franco-related information.


How's this for starters?


 209 & up -- Europe on sale from 40+ U.S. cities   read on...

The Euro/Dollar Effect
by Ginny Blackwell
Everyone seems to be writing about the euro/dollar shift, from the Wall Street Journal, to our area   newspapers. It wouldn't surprise me if you'd heard something like the following from the International Herald Tribune:
In afternoon European trading the euro bought US$1.4081, down from US$1.4142 in late New York trading on Friday. The euro hit an all-time high of US$1.4284 on Oct. 1 on continued concerns about the U.S. trade and budget deficits, and speculation of new U.S. interest rate cuts on the horizon .Learn more...
Does Your Husband Do This?
Veronique's chateau
Sometimes guys can be pretty cute. Dale brought home this eggplant from our local summer marketplace announcing that he'd found Cyrano de Bergerac. Isn't that a hoot!
   Read on for Fall recipe

For a Little Fun- Buy 5 VHS French films for $10 each
videos in French
I'm never too sure how many of you read and/or speak French but why not consider this good deal?  For example,  l'Arc-en-plume (541 341-5304) out of Quebec, has this amusing  film called La Chevre starring Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard:

La chèvre. Une comédie par excellence avec Gérard Depardieu et Pierre Richard. La malchance, ça existe. Depuis sa naissance, la fille du grand PDG Bens va de catastrophe en catastrophe. Lorsqu' elle disparaît au Mexique, son père engage sur les conseils d' un psychologue d'entreprise un type aussi malchanceux qu'elle, François Perrin, et un véritable détective, Campana, pour lui servir d'ange gardien. DVD en français

Don't Miss This Fall Exhibit- through November 4th
miro 3

Maeght Fondation
Saint Paul, Frnace

The traditional Fall 2007 exhibit at the Maeght Fondation is  dedicated to Barcelona as a cradle of modern art. It ranges from Joan Miró, whose first show in Paris was at the Galerie Maeght in 1947, to young Catalan artists of today.   Learn more...

Pay It Forward
La Tulipe I want to thank those of you who share your triumphs, passings ( my condolences go out to the family of Tom Baker), and uplifting messages. Here is one received today, absolutely uplifting, and which I pay forward to you. Watch this to the end and then click  Part II: http://www.maniacworld.com:80/Phone-Salesman-Amazes-Crowd.html
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