September 28, 2012 
Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Chuck attended a very successful NAMA Fall Conference this week in Minneapolis.  (Photos Here) Attendance was up significantly with almost 200 people registering.  Next year we'll be looking to the St. Louis area for this newly formatted industry event.  Hope you can make it.

Looking ahead Chuck gets back on the road late this weekend to head to World Dairy Expo with his coverage being sponsored by New Holland.  You'll be able to see most of his coverage on World Dairy starting on Tuesday.  Looking even further ahead to 2013, most of our sponsors have already locked in sponsorships.  But that doesn't mean there are not a lot of opportunities to have the ZimmComm team attend your event or work with you and your company on a project.  We do all kinds of work and would love to talk with you about how we can help out.  Just give Chuck or Dave Larson a call.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, "Have high fuel prices had an impact on your farm/business?"  Our poll results: Sixty-four percent said Yes, big impact on our budget; fourteen percent said Yes, minimal impact on our budget; twelve percent said No, not yet; and ten percent said No, don't expect any. 

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, "What grade would you give the new student lunch program?" Tell us why with a comment."  New government nutrition standards, which went into effect this year in a bid to combat childhood obesity, require schools to serve more variety and larger portions of fruits and vegetables. What do you think - are these new lunches a good thing or will students just toss more food in the trash can?

Here are some interviews you might have missed this week:
Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:
 AgWired  AgWired     

New NAMA Fall Conference Big Success

The new National Agri-Marketing Association Fall Conference is a big success. Almost 200 people registered and attended! That's a big increase over the Trends in Agriculture conference. So congratulations to the committee who put this program together.  MORE

2012 NAMA Professional Development Awards

The National Agri-Marketing Association presented its 2012 Professional Development Awards of Excellence today. These awards honor NAMA members with hands-on responsibility in marketing and communications, public relations, product/species management and sales.    MORE


Podcast 2

Podcast 3

Podcast 4

Never Give Up

The founder of the Rainforest Cafe, Steven Schussler, Schussler Creative, opened the new NAMA Fall Conference as keynote speaker. He was here to talk on "It's a Jungle in There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring." His is a great story. Steven is also the author of the bestselling book, "It's a Jungle in There.".   MORE


2012 NAMA Passing of the Gavel

The NAMA Fall Conference is all about celebrating leadership. We got a dose of that this afternoon when we had the passing of the gavel from 2012 NAMA President, Beth Burgy, Broadhead, when she passed the gavel to 2013 NAMA President, Paul Redhage, FMC. Paul will actually take the reins in January but this new conference offered a great opportunity to showcase the transition. Paul welcomed all the "leaders" attending the new NAMA Fall Conference and recognized the new leaders and committee members who put together this new conference format. He says that if you wonder where the Fall Conference will be just look to whoever is President that year. Since Paul lives near St. Louis as a Gateway Chapter member it will be in St. Louis in 2013.  MORE  



DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel  

Disconnect Between Biofuel Mandates & Demand?

A new study, Global Biofuels Outlook to 2025, authored by Hart Energy, finds a disconnect between mandates established in the U.S. Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and Renewable Energy Directive in the European Union, and actual market demand. While many have speculated this to be the case, it has not been highly discussed.  MORE
E15 sales in Iowa are proving to be strong right out of the pump. This may be a poor metaphor, but the good news is that Linn Co-op Oil Company, the first retailer to officially sell E15 in Iowa, has seen sales soar to more than 30 percent of the day's sales after an open house event on Friday, September 21, 2012. The ethanol fuel blend is the most tested fuel blend in the history of the U.S. and is approved for drivers of owning a 2001 or new vehicle, SUV or light-duty truck.  MORE

Presidential Candidates Support RFS 

Both President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney say they support maintaining the Renewable Fuel Standard in answers to an American Farm Bureau Federation questionnaire on agricultural issuesMORE
PPMark  Precision Pays
About 40% of corn and nearly a quarter of the soybean crop have already been harvested nationwide which is well ahead of normal for this time of year and record setting in some areas. The five year average for corn harvest by this date is less than 15%, soybeans less than 10%.

New Larger Display from Raven Industries 

The Envizio Pro XL is what was new with Raven at the Farm Progress Show. In the tent to show it off was Ryan Molitor, Marketing Manager. Ryan says the new display is larger and easier to use according to customers. The product can be used for all seasons of field work.  MORE   

No Farm Bill Impacts Conservation Programs 

Congress went home to hit the campaign trail last week without taking any action on a new farm bill and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says that means some programs will expire at the end of this month. MORE 

World Dairy Diary    

Q3 Global Dairy Industry Report 

Rabobank has published a new report looking at the global dairy industry in Q3 2012, particularly examining supply, demand and pricing developments in key markets around the world.  MORE    


Accelerated Genetics Seeks Interns 

Accelerated Genetics is seeking three 2013 summer interns in the areas of Communications, Genetics and Sales. Applications for these internships are due November 15, 2012.  MORE  

Cheese Waste Product Powers Utah State Dragster

A team of engineering students from Utah State University has set a new land speed record using a car that burns a new form of sustainable biofuel made from a waste product of the cheese manufacturing process. MORE  

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