December 16, 2011
Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Cindy was thinking to herself one day, "I wish there was a calendar that had all the ag events for the year on it." We've never seen such a thing, so she decided to make one.
It was not an easy task, taking her about a month to get it the way she wanted it, including photos from events throughout this past year and getting as many dates for the major ag events included. Not sure how it would actually look in person, we ordered a limited quantity to give as Christmas gifts to some of our clients.  We think they actually came out pretty sweet and now we are wondering if there is any interest among ZimmComm/AgWired fans to get their very own copy.  The cost is $20 each plus $2 shipping/handling.
If you'd like to purchase your copy please visit this link: Purchase 2012 ZimmComm Ag Events Calendar
Gadgets - 28%, are tops on the Christmas gift list according to our latest ZimmPoll, followed closely by Paying Bills - 25%. Those choices were followed by Clothes, 19%; Other, 14%; Farm Equipment, 9% and Tools, 5%. It's very interesting that no one chose Food! Wow. Food makes a great gift don't you think? Maybe we're all so well fed that our focus has turned to other things? What do you think?

Our new ZimmPoll is now live. We're asking the question, "Is Ethanol production good for ALL of Agriculture?" There's a huge amount of on-going rhetoric about this subject and it seems to be a very divisive issue within the ag community. Let's put it this way, the most heated arguments/debates We've heard or participated in this year were on this subject! What do you think?

Here are some interviews from this week that you might have missed:

Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:
AgWired  AgWired   

Patrick Delaney Joins ASA As Communications Director

Here is Patrick Delaney in action prior to joining the American Soybean Association as Communications Director. Patrick will be based in ASA's Washington Policy Representative Office of Gordley Associates in Washington, DC. MORE  

Utah State University Holiday Greetings

IIt's holiday greeting time. It's also Christmas time too you know. MORE 

AgChat Foundation Hires Executive Director

Big news from the AgChat Foundation today! Welcome Emily Zweber as the first Executive Director. It seems like it has been a long time coming to some of us board members but really, it hasn't been. In fact, the AgChat Foundation is less than two years old.  MORE


DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel  

Researchers Find More Pollution from Sugarcane Ethanol

University researchers from California, Iowa and Chile have found that sugarcane ethanol production creates up to seven times more air pollutants than previously estimated, according to
Congress Urged to Extend Biodiesel Tax Incentive

Representatives of the U.S. biodiesel industry are urging Congress to pass a seamless extension of the biodiesel tax incentive. The $1-per-gallon biodiesel tax credit is slated to expire on Dec. 31. Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate to extend it for three years. Proponents of the bill testified this week in a hearing on alternative energy tax incentives, held by the Senate Finance Committee's Subcommittee on energy, natural resources and infrastructure.  MORE 

Ethanol and the Corn Supply-Demand Picture
According to USDA, global corn production for 2011/12 is projected at a new record high of 867.5 million tons, despite a smaller crop here in the U.S.  MORE 
PPMark  Precision Pays 

USDA Incorporates 4R Nutrient Stewardship in New Nutrient Management Standard

TFI Fertilizer Institute (TFI) commended the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for embracing 4R nutrient stewardship (the right nutrient source at the right rate, the right time, and in the right place) at the national level with its December 13 release of the national conservation practice standard for nutrient management.  MORE 

Ag Aviators Facing Unnecessary Regulations

Like all of agriculture, aerial applicators are facing potentially onerous regulations that could ground them if they are allowed to continue.  MORE


Soybean Seed Treatment Growing

Seed treatment can be classified as a precision application for growers because it allows crop protection to be used more precisely right at planting within the seed itself.  MORE


World Dairy Diary      

Missouri dairy farmers and allied industry members are invited to attend the Missouri Dairy Forum and Trade Show, January 27-28, 2012 in Springfield, Mo.   MORE 

Balance Amino Acids for Improved Production 


For many dairy nutritionists and farmers, the next step to higher milk protein content is balancing amino acid levels in the herd's rations.  MORE        

Alltech's Global 500 Conference a Success

Alltech's Global 500 conference saw nearly 700 dairy and beef producers from 32 countries!   MORE        
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