November 4, 2011
Hello ZimmComm Fans:
The ZimmComm team is getting ready for Kansas City week.  There's a lot going on.  First up will be the annual meeting of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance followed by the NAMA Trends in Agriculture conference.  Then it's on to the NAFB convention.  We'll have full coverage on AgWired.  To make it easy get the AgWired smartphone app (iPhone and Android)!  If you are attending the NAFB convention and want to know more about using your smartphone for broadcasting purposes, plan to sit in on Chuck's session on Wednesday at 3:15pm.

Our latest ZimmPoll didn't excite too many people judging by the response. Thanks to all of you who did take the poll though. We asked the question, "How do you view the new free trade agreements for U.S. ag?" The majority view the agreements as Positive at 54%, while 28% view them as Negative and 18% as Neutral. I guess we'll see what happens. You know that time will tell!
Our new ZimmPoll is now live. We're asking the question, "What is the cause of obesity?" It seems like we read about this "crisis" all the time. Is this something we should look to the government to fix? Or is this something that people need to take personal responsibility for? Do we blame someone else or look in the mirror? Are efforts like the USDA's Choose My Plate having any affect on obesity? What do you think? Let us know and thank you.
Here are some interviews you might have missed this week:
Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:
AgWired  AgWired   

I recently got to judge a part of the competition for the National Beef Ambassadors. Sure wish I could have been at the event in Ohio. We've got a great new crew that will be representing beef producers everywhere and I can't wait to meet them. MORE


Thank you ZimmComm
Thank you ZimmComm

Preview of NAMA Trends in Agriculture

Let's look ahead to the 2011 National Agri-Marketing Association's Trends in Agriculture conference. It precedes the NAFB Convention and AgWired will be there covering all the action. Our sponsor for coverage of both meetings this year is BASFMORE


Last Month of New Holland Boomer 555 Contest

It's the last month of the New Holland Boomer 555 Contest, a social media driven promotion. Entries have poured in from all over the United States and Canada. Contest entries can be in the form of a written essay, uploaded photo or link to a YouTube video. All forms of entries have been received. I've posted a video entry below as an example. ZimmComm has had the pleasure to work with New Holland on this project which includes a blog and associated social networking accounts.  MORE

New holland boomer_0002.wmv
New holland boomer_0002.wmv
DomesticFuel  Domestic Fuel 

GROWMARK Watches Energy Markets

One of the benefits of membership in the GROWMARK cooperative system is daily information about the energy markets and recommendations on contracting fuel at different times of the year.  MORE 

Contract Awarded for Florida Waste to Fuel Plant 

Vogelbusch USA has been awarded a contract to supply the ethanol distillation and dehydration equipment for the INEOS Bio waste-to-bioenergy facility near Vero Beach, Florida.  MORE  
PPMark  Precision Pays 

Precision Pays: Technology in cranberry harvest

Holiday season is rapidly approaching with just a few short weeks from Thanksgiving and only 55 days until Christmas.  We oftentimes forget about what it takes to get the food to our table.  In this Precision Pays Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology we sit down with Trenton Beemis, a Wisconsin cranberry farmer and recently the National FFA Organizations Proficiency Award winner in Fruit Production to examine just how that beautiful red fruit makes it from the bogs in Wisconsin (or any of the other bogs in the United States) to your holiday dinner table.  MORE


Have you lost your marbles? 

Being in the business of agriculture public relations and communications, I get to attend numerous trade shows throughout the year and visit with producers across the country. It's always gratifying to me to hear their stories, be able to share my story, and connect with those who raise the food my family eats.. MORE

World Dairy Diary    

Hy-Point Dairy Farms is in talks to buy Lewes Dairy in a deal that would preserve the Lewes' brand name but probably prompt some layoffs there, said Jay Meany, Hy-Point's president. MORE  

On the Newly Proposed Child Labor Laws  


Good editorial article by Stu Ellis, FarmGate on the newly proposed Child Labor laws. How do you think they might affect your farm and your children's future in agriculture? Have you submitted a comment to the U.S. Department of Labor yet?MORE  
Two New Member of the Research Board


Congratulations to Kenneth E. Meyers and Giovanna Vita, the two newly appointed members to the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board. Meyers and Vita will represent the dairy importers on the board, and Meyers will serve a three-year term ending Oct. 31, 2014, while Vitawill serve a two-year term ending Oct. 31, 2013MORE

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