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November 2008

DTN/The Progressive Farmer
Greetings New Media Fans
We hope your Thanksgiving holiday went well and that you get a lot accomplished before the Christmas holiday.  This edition of ZimmNews is going out a little late because we've been a little busier than normal.  What is "normal" anyway?

You'll find some stories here about a couple of new projects that have been a lot of fun to work on and we're pretty proud of.  It seems like more and more ag companies are "getting" it when it comes to new media and social networking.  That just warms the cockles of our hearts!

New Media Tip

Since Twitter still seems to be the hot topic of most of our consultations and conversations lately we thought we'd offer some more Twitter tips.

Want to send pictures to your Twitter account?  Then use TwitPic.  You can then send pictures to your Twitter feed directly from your camera phone.

Want a customized background for your Twitter profile?  Then either use the settings, design, function to upload your own picture or go to Twitbacks and let them create one for you for free.

Want an easy app to tweet with on your computer or iPhone?  Get Twitterific.  It really is.

Remember you can have your Twitter feed update your Facebook profile and you can have your blog or other RSS feed update your Twitter account.
NAMA/NAFB Meetings Gateway NAMA Reception

November means Kansas City meetings with NAMA and NAFB.  We were there and you can read all about it on AgWired.

Like most events we go to, we took lots of pictures.  This one is from the Gateway NAMA chapter reception.  It was a relaxing time with mucho mojitos!

You can find lots of pictures from the events in our photo album.
Driving Green With John Deere

How would you like to drive a new John Deere utility tractor?  Just come on out to one of the many stops at dealers that are part of the Drive Green Utility Tractor Show.

Drive Green Utility Tractor Show

Working with BCS Communications, we've created the Show Blog and are incorporating Flickr, YouTube, Widgets, Twitter and more, into what will be a very active traveling show blog that will feature interviews, pictures and video clips as the show rolls on.

You won't find a more socially connected way to showcase your products and communicate directly with your customers!
Have you played JackPlot!™ yet?  If not, give the folks at Croplan Genetics a call to get your game on.  They just concluded the first ever JackPlot!™ National Finals competition in Las Vegas and we worked with Winfield Solutions on an event blog which is filled with pictures, interviews and video.

Now that's a fun and wise use of new media and we're happy to have been a part of the action.
Where Have We Been Lately?

November was a very busy month for ZimmComm even though we weren't at a lot of events.  Your ZimmComm event blogging pioneers attended the NAMA Trends in Agriculture Conference and the NAFB Convention.  These were attended for sponsored online event coverage which included photography, audio/video production and posting onto client or ZimmComm websites.
Where Are We Going?

We've got a lot of miles to cover before the Christmas holiday.  You'll find one of us at the John Deere Utility Tractor Show, International PRRS Symposium, JackPlot!™ National Finals, National Agricultural Aviators Association Convention and Missouri Cattlemen's Association Convention.
Best of the ZimmCast ZimmCast
Alliance For Abundant Food & Energy:
This program features an interview with Mark Kornblau, Executive Director, who explains their mission.
Idyllic Lifestyle Seekers:  Chuck interviews Dan Duffy, CEO, United Country Real Estate, about how their company markets to people who want to live a rural lifestyle.
Use New Media in Your Marketing
What better way is there to promote your company or event than by using the latest in agricultural new media and social networking?  It does not matter if you're an advertising agency, media company, agribusiness or commodity group.  You can benefit from creating online brand awareness in highly search engine optimized environments like ZimmComm blogs/podcasts.

You can do this with traditional display advertising, having us blog your event or perhaps letting us consult with you and create your own new media/social network outlets.
We can supply you with a growing number of examples of how companies like John Deere, Croplan Genetics and others are already taking advantage of new media opportunities.
Volume 1, Issue 11

DTN/The Progressive Farmer
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