March 5, 2012

It's been some time since we published our sustainability newsletter. We were trying to conserve electricity. But finally we have to relent under pressure of your numerous requests to get more Bright Ideas out there, so let's start by shedding some light on the latest luminous trends...

The New Big Thing in Lighting

While we have all been converting our homes, offices and public spaces to the compact florescent light bulb (CFL), the next and maybe last conversion in general lighting is the LED.


LED stand for Light-Emitting Diode. Introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962, early LEDs emitted low-intensity red light, but modern versions are available across the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths, with very high brightness. It is essentially a miniature light source (semiconductor) in a plastic lens. LEDs produce light when electrons inside the diode, excited by the flow of current, release energy in the form of light protons. LED lighting is ultra-compact and dramatically more efficient that traditional incandescent bulbs - up to 85% more efficient - and over 10% more efficient that compact florescent bulbs (CFLs).


The move to develop this type of lighting option for general widespread use is due to the fact that LEDs have lower energy consumption, longer life, less heat, smaller size and brighter and more consistent light.


LEDs can give off different colors of light depending upon the energy gap of the semiconductor. Blue, Green and Red are the colors we are most familiar with. Look for the potential of LED lighting in our offices in the future.


Just imagine, you could install an LED bulb in your newborn's room today, and probably not have to replace that bulb until your child is off to college. And, because LED bulbs are based on solid-state lighting technology, there is not a filament to burn out as with incandescent bulbs. Nor do they contain mercury and other toxic material.


(Source information from the HOME DEPOT website and Wikipedia)

Earth Week - April 16 through 20

 17802 earth

Earth Week is fast approaching and once again Avanti will celebrate with several events honoring our commitment to improve our environment. There will be contests, videos, maybe a hand out or two (printed on recycled paper) and prizes to all who participate. We have promoted this event each spring in order to renew our pledge to make sustainability and the improvement of our environment a deep and lasting part of the Avanti culture. We invite you to participate in the programs we will offer and become more involved than ever before in this effort. It is important for Avanti, for you and for your family.

02695 blue ribbonAnother Good Report Card for 2011


Avanti accomplished our goal of reducing our copy paper usage again in 2011. We reduced our usage by over 14% compared to 2010. You should each be proud of the part you played in helping us achieve this goal. According to Staples, we saved over 14 trees, over 6600 gallons of water, and over 32 gallons of oil by being smarter in our paper and other office supply usage. WAY TO GO AVANTI!

Members of the Sustainability Team are Angela Frazier, Liza Pulgini, Nick Tritt and Robert Wright.  Please ask these individuals about any of our programs or see them about any suggestions you might have to improve our sustainability efforts at Avanti.



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                     OUR MISSION 
Our mission is to promote, support and measure sustainability throughout Avanti and Omnigraphics and to insure that each strategic decision takes into account its current and future impact on our environment.