October 26, 2011

Beyond the general advice and useful day to day suggestions delivered by this newsletter over the past three years, the changes to which we are committing ourselves are changes of lifestyle. 


Small steps such as those outlined in these pages can (and do) add up to big changes. We're all consumers, buying and selling products for our survival. Consumerism as a lifestyle is deeply ingrained around the world, however consumerism as an economic engine carries hefty environmental implications. If we care about our environment it is up to us to change our consumption habits. As a company, Avanti is composed of people who care enough to integrate environmental concerns into our corporate policies. We appreciate the consumer's intelligence and encourage them to purchase our product knowing the value it brings into their lives. This value is both explicit in the high quality of our cards, and also implicit in the care we put into bringing our cards to market.

Spend Wisely

Consumers have both a right and an obligation to make intelligent decisions when they spend; in this respect each of us votes with our money. When our monetary resources are limited, it makes even more sense to spend wisely.

David Suzuki recently provided a compelling summary of what might be the biggest dilemma of our times:
"Why does our economic system place a higher value on disposable and often unnecessary goods and services than on the things we really need to survive and be healthy, like clean air, clean water, and productive soil? ...This is not just about making personal changes and sacrifices; it's about questioning our place on this planet."

One might argue that greeting cards are not vital to our survival as a species; however with great respect to the basics outlined by Mr. Suzuki, I would argue that they definitely help us cope. Humanity has a need to reach out emotionally. Without human care and human touch, our shared existence loses balance and we suffer. In this respect, environmental degradation can be seen as a natural byproduct of a society that lacks sympathy for it's fellow citizens.

A Statement of Caring


What we do and how we do it matters globally. The statement being made by sending a greeting card is in every case, a statement of caring. Behind every card is an intention of positive reinforcement. The extra bump of light hearted humor for which Avanti cards are known, is just icing on the cake.

Real Communication vs. Virtual Communication


We all need to communicate to our fellows in a way that is tactile and meaningful. This is why despite the digital revolution which caused much global communication to become virtual, the Greeting Card industry still has strong legs. To receive and open an Avanti card is above all, a thrill and a smile.


This is the end result of an inclusive creative process completed only when the recipient opens the card. A card is an old-school interactive product: a real, tactile object representing a temporal event fixed in a way you can touch, display and share. It's something tangible, made by people and sent from a person, to a person.


 An Avanti greeting card is not just a story of paper and ink and mass production but one of focused, individualized, caring communication. The card, once received, is appreciated not only for the product as purchased, but for the time and care involved in the selection and sending of it. And each time you open it the emotion is renewed.

A Great Way to Send a Smile


From tree to recycling facility, the production of Avanti cards is managed with this kind of thought process in mind, by people who care about our product and the overall impact of our industry. Avanti is proud of our position in the industry and the care with which our customers select our products. We care about what we are doing and how we are doing it, and appreciate the opportunity to enrich the lives of our customers. Buying greeting cards isn't a selfish act; at Avanti, neither is producing them. And that's a great way to send a smile.


Take care and stay green!

 robert wright 

Robert Wright, ext. 8639 



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                     OUR MISSION 
Our mission is to promote, support and measure sustainability throughout Avanti and Omnigraphics and to insure that each strategic decision takes into account its current and future impact on our environment.