June 21, 2011

Summer is here, we're half way through 2011 and there's lots of activity at Avanti! The Sustainability Committee sponsored another successful Earth Day celebration with a week full of activities in April. Since then, many staffers are enjoying their new re-useable Avanti shopping bags, watching their bulbs turn into blooms, seeing their Sustainability Suggestions become reality and noticing other changes around the office. Some initiatives conceived during Earth Week are ongoing, and there are others still to come that will be revealed in the coming months.



The CFL light bulb exchange is continuing while supplies last and our effort to collect eyeglasses and cell phones is continuing indefinitely. That's right - you can still trade your incandescent bulb for a CFL bulb, no questions asked! We sent 15 pairs of eyeglasses to the local Lions Club and 18 cell phones to Cell Phones For Soldiers after the initial Earth Week collection. It's really a win-win. Your junk drawers are made lighter and instead of those items adding to landfills, they go on to continue their usefulness to people in need.


There were many great suggestions offered up during Earth Week through the Sustainability Suggestion Box. Some have been implemented already while others will be considered in the weeks and months ahead. The winners of the Suggestion Contest were Mark Charlebois in the Taylor Center of Fulfillment, Marc Rampulla in the New York Office of Creativity and Sharon Trigilio in the Detroit Branch. Congratulations Winners!


Some changes at Avanti you may have noticed are happening in the kitchen. Reusable, metal flatware is replacing the disposable flatware. Also coming soon will be a change to new plates, bowls and mugs and away from the single-use items.

There is wide (as in world-wide-web) debate on this topic. The math will make your head swim, unless you are a math-y person who likes that kind of thing, but it seems going with re-useable kitchenware is the right choice for Avanti at this time given the volume we use. To more effectively commit to using washable kitchen items, a new Energy Star dishwasher has been installed in the Detroit office.


Also in the kitchen, you'll find the recycling area reorganized with clearly marked collection bins. This is the go-to spot for depositing items Avanti currently sends out for recycling or donation -- paper, plastic, aluminum, waxed paper milk cartons, glass bottles, batteries and aerosol cans, plus eyeglasses and cell phones. We continue to partner with two great companies that are local leaders in the recycling industry, Royal Oak Recycling and RecycleHere! Detroit.  It is important for us to mind the rules of what goes into our collection bins so we don't spoil the batch or cause costly errors at those processing facilities. If you have any questions about these changes in the office or about recycling, ask a member of the Sustainability Committee.


As for members, the Committee is about to have its first new members since it began in 2008!  There will soon be new inductees. On July 1, we will announce our three new members and also the three members who will be completing their terms. Also, I can confirm the Committee is planning another Community Service Day for this summer.  Additional details will be coming soon so stay tuned for that announcement and more from the Sustainability Committee.

Happy summer, everyone!


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Our mission is to promote, support and measure sustainability throughout Avanti and Omnigraphics and to insure that each strategic decision takes into account its current and future impact on our environment.