Earth Day 2011

April 15, 2011


Next week is Earth Week, and Avanti is celebrating this event with awareness initiatives to help you reduce, reuse, recycle, restore and replenish. To get ready for the week ahead, how about some Spring Cleaning?


With spring upon us it is a good idea to survey your household for any hazardous waste materials. Some hazardous waste comes in the form of cleaners, solvents, paints, oils, batteries, pesticides and any other corrosive, toxic, or otherwise reactive agents. Usually any products that have a label with the words 'poison', 'danger', 'warning' or 'caution' is considered hazardous waste. Often some of these types of waste are stored away in our garages or basements. It is extremely important that we take the time to clean our households of these products to protect our families and to keep our environment safe.  When handling hazardous products please be sure to follow all your local guidelines for the proper disposal procedures. Look for a Haz-Mat facility in or around your area.


Spring cleaning here we come! Start with your medicine cabinet.  Toss out any expired medicines or cosmetics. Check your local health regulations for instructions on removing medications (don't flush them). Once your cabinet is clean, stock up on spring/summertime remedies such as calamine lotion, insect repellent, and allergy pills. Check out all doors and windows. Clean the tracks on sliding patio doors and spray them with WD-40 to get out all the accumulated dirt. Take a walk around the house and garden, keeping an eye out for any bug infestations, bee and wasp nests, or termites and carpenter ants.


One of our Earth Week initiatives will be to collect old cell phones and eye glasses for donation and reuse. The charities that we have chosen are Cell Phones for Soldiers and Lions Club will receive our donated glasses.  If you have either of these two items just collecting dust around your home please bring them in to donate. This will be a continuing ongoing company-wide project.  We will remind you and update you throughout the year about this effort.

Earth Week Events
cfl swap
Jeannie Sorrell swaps her old bulbs for some new CFLs during Earth Week
last year.


We hope you enjoy our Earth Week activities.  Our goal for Avanti and for you personally is to identify ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, and replenish anywhere and everything we can.
Stay green,

Charlotte Hill ext. 8611

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Our mission is to promote, support and measure sustainability throughout Avanti and Omnigraphics and to insure that each strategic decision takes into account its current and future impact on our environment.