March 29, 2011

It's Spring, and many of you are thinking about your next home improvement project. Thinking of redoing that dated guest bedroom? Did the family dog ruin your TV table? Before you go out and purchase all new furniture and accessories, think of how you can redo your house AND be good to the environment. 



Try to find manufacturers as close to your geographical location as possible. Buying local products cuts down on the energy required to get the item to your house. It is also a good way to support your local artists, furniture makers, and craftspeople.


Check your local newspaper for garage and estate sales happening in your area. Many times, furniture and other objects that is no longer useful for someone else could be the perfect addition to your home. There are endless possibilities to rehabbing an already existing piece of furniture into something new and useful for your own family. Wood pieces can easily be sanded, repaired and refinished. A bureau from a garage sale can look like new with a fresh coat of eco-friendly paint. Find new hardware from a local flea market (or polish the existing set!) and see the difference.

Changing the artwork in a room, or finding different photo frames can also create a new feel. No matter the design idea, you have a brand new look from an already existing piece of furniture. You have helped conserve energy, repurposed already existing materials, and done your part for a more sustainable world.


Did you have your windows redone recently? Redoing a banister or front porch? Don't throw the posts or frames in the trash! Many of these items can be repurposed into completely new, functional parts of your household. Take banister or porch posts and use them as table legs. Take two window frames and stack them one on top of the other as the table top. Use the space in between the glass as a shadow box to put interesting items, or for a cleaner look leave it empty. A creative idea, a few repairs, and paint can make these separate parts into a beautiful piece of furniture. Tired fabric on your dining room chairs? Reupholster them for a completely new look and feel. Have an old dining room table? Take the leaves, saw off the pegs, and convert them into bookshelves.

Are you redoing your kitchen? Instead of throwing the old cabinets in this week's trash pile, repurpose them! Install them in your basement for additional storage. Configure them to create a bar area, and add a recycled glass tile countertop. Take a larger cabinet and redo a pedestal sink to add storage in your bathroom. For a new look, refinish or repaint the cabinet.

Do you have an awkward medicine cabinet in one of your bathrooms? Take the door off, use wood filler to fill in the screw holes, and give the frame a fresh coat of eco-friendly paint. Use the existing shelves to display decorative items.


There are plenty of ways to use natural materials for your home decorating project. There are many varieties of stone that can be used for a new countertop. Examples include granite, limestone, soapstone, or even quartz. Using a naturally occurring stone creates a beautiful look and is friendly to the environment.

Sustainable woods such as eucalyptus or bamboo can be used for flooring or cabinetry. Both are great products to use that are sustainable.

Recycled glass tiles can be found in every shape and size for backsplash, countertop, or any other place in your house you are looking to add a creative touch.

Recycled tire flooring, like we have at Avanti in the Murphy Telegraph building and Taylor Distribution Center, is durable and stylish. Use this at home in a kids playroom or basement area that has a lot of traffic. This material will last a long time and clean up easily.

Sustainable décor can be accomplished in many ways. Reuse furniture and various objects to slow down the growth of landfills. Find natural materials for your next home renovation project. Be creative! Your home can be unique and interesting with some innovative projects inspired by conserving the environment.


Thanks, and live green!  

Athena Karageorgos, ext 8627

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