earth week
April 22, 2010
It's Earth Day, and Avanti is celebrating the 40th anniversary of this event with daily contests, films and educational messages.  We're also issuing a company-wide challenge today to reinforce our focus on sustainability all year long!
We have an opportunity as a company to make a real and measurable reduction to our environmental impact. As a company in 2009, we used 204 lbs of office copy paper, enough to almost completely fill our creative/production office wing in downtown Detroit! 
This picture shows about 1/4 of the paper used by Avanti in 2009
In 2010, our company goal is to reduce copy paper by another 10% or 21 cases.  That is equal to 1,000 lbs of paper.
How will we do it? The Sustainability Committee will focus on tips, tricks and reminders to help us achieve our goal, but really it comes down to you. Stop using so much paper! By bringing focus and attention to your work habits, avoiding unnecessary printing, and scanning and e-mailing instead of faxing, you can make our reduction a reality. Updates will be provided throughout the year as we seek to REDUCE just as much as we recycle!
Earth Week Events
Jeannie Sorrell swaps her old bulbs for some new CFLs.
cfl swap
Every time you picked up the phone this week, it seemed like a new sustainability message was playing. Fact-based posters were everywhere in the office. Films played daily, and we also took advantage of the great light bulb swap and won prizes for testing our sustainability knowledge. 

earth week events


Our daily lunch room quizes have been fun and informative, but not everybody was around to participate. Click the link below to try your hand at the Avanti Sustainability Quiz - just 5 questions (one for every day). Spoiler Alert: you'll see tomorrow's question!
Stay green,
dave p 
Dave Phipps, ext. 103 
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                     OUR MISSION 
Our mission is to promote, support and measure sustainability throughout Avanti and Omnigraphics and to insure that each strategic decision takes into account its current and future impact on our environment.